Get Google Adsense Approval! 7 Things to Do That Really Work

Get Google Adsense Approval

Would you believe that I applied for Adsense with a WAP site that didn’t have any option to put Adsense codes?

Believe it or not, but it’s true. And Adsense rejected my application. Cause that application didn’t make any sense to Adsense team.

That time, I didn’t have any idea about Adsense and how it works. All I knew that website owners can make money from Adsense. So I thought why not give it a try. After all, I was a proud owner of a mobile site.

Like me, there are a lot of people  who apply for Adsense with low-quality sites. That’s why Google became more strict on approving new Adsense accounts to maintain its quality.


I believe that you have a good web site (not wap) but Google disapproved your application. Maybe, this is the reason you are reading this post.

Getting rejected by Adsense is frustrating. After a few rejections, many new bloggers get this idea in their head that they won’t get Adsense approval ever. If you are one of them, you are not alone. And you are on the right place.

In this post, I will be sharing some tips on getting Adsense accounts. Most of these tips will be helpful mainly for Bloggers. I hope you’ll get approved by Adsense after reading this post. So keep reading…

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7 Things to Do to Get Approved by Adsense

Google doesn’t reveal any hints on what basis they approve new account. All you can do is to maintain some standards before applying for Adsense. You can also consider the following tips as Google Adsense Approval Checklist.

1. Get a Top Level Domain

Gone are those days when people  would get Adsense account with free sub domains site like Blogspot, Weebly etc. Google still approves sub domains site, but you have to make sure that your site has good contents, nice design, easy navigation etc.

It’s really tough to make sub domain sites compatible with Adsense standards. Google has already banned some sub domains site like,

So I suggest you to grab a top-level domain like me (RoadToBlogging.Com). .Com, .net, .org, .in, etc are the top-level domains. Here is an example to understand the difference.

  • Free Sub domain –
  • Top Level Domain –

Go get a domain name from Godaddy. (Read: How to Buy Domain from Godaddy)

Here are some important things you should consider before buying a domain name.

  • Don’t use the words hack, crack, downloads etc on your domain name.
  • Avoid copyright violation. (You cannot use others Brand Name on your domain).
  • Don’t use any adult term.
  • Also read: How to Choose a Good Domain Name

If you are going to create a WordPress blog, don’t forget to read this post: 7 Easy Steps to Create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

2. Good Design & Easy Navigation

You may have good contents on your site. But it doesn’t guarantee Adsense approval unless you’ve good design and easy navigation on your site.

If you want to make money from your site, then you should consider investing some money on site design. WordPress user can go for Premium Themes. If your budget is low, you can grab a theme from MyThemeShop.

So make sure that your site has a professional looking design with a good navigation. And don’t forget to create a logo for your blog.

3. Submit Site on Search Engines

Whenever you launch a site, you always want that people can discover your site easily. Search Engines are the place where people you find your site easily.

All you need to do is submit your sitemap on search engines.

And also make sure that Google has indexed your site’s pages. Type in Google Search and check whether Google indexes your site or not. Sometimes Google takes one week or more to index your site. If you’ve some relevant backlinks, you pages will be indexed fast. Interlinking blog posts also helps Search Engine Bots to index your pages.

Read: How to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

4. Connect Your Site With Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Analytics and Webmaster tools are two awesome tools by Google.

Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your site. And Webmaster tools provides a detailed report on site’s pages visibility on Google.

These two tools help you improve your site performance that increase the chance of getting Adsense account.

5. Publish Fresh and Unique Contents

This is the most important part.

You have to create fresh and unique contents before applying for Adsense. Adsense doesn’t require huge contents, but quality contents. Some bloggers got Adsense account with only 20-30 posts, while some didn’t get approval with more than 100 posts.

So quality contents matter a lot. Quality contents are those which are well-developed and researched, free from copyrighted things and illegal download links, not copied from others, user-friendly and detailed.

So try to publish some quality content. Remember, Quality content is always king.

Adsense Prohibited Content: Copyrighted contents, Adult content, Hacking & Cracking related contents, Gambling/Casino/Alcohol-related contents and all illegal contents.

6. Remove Other Networks Ads

It’s not a bad idea to try some Adsense alternatives when you don’t have an Adsense account yet. But remove those Ads before applying for Adsense.

Though Google allows you to use another Ad Networks with Adsense, but it creates a bad impression to the Adsense team if your site is filled with other networks’ ads.

7. Create Important Pages

There are some pages that provide better user experience. Google always focuses on better user experience. Most of the new bloggers don’t create these pages. Having these pages creates a good impression to the Adsense team. So create the following pages before applying for Adsense.

  • About – Most of the first time visitors visit ‘About’ page. They want to know who you are behind the blog. In about page, you can write about yourself and your blog or whatever you want. Here is my about page.
  • Contact – This is the most ignored page. You will realize its important once you have it. You might have missed direct advertising because of not having contact page. Learn: How to Create Contact Page in WordPress.
  • Privacy Policy – According to Adsense TOS, you must have a privacy page that contains information about cookies, device-specific information, location information and other information stored on. So create a privacy policy page for your blog.

Other Things to Consider

  • If you’ve more the one site, then consider applying with best site.
  • Your content should be written in English or other Adsense supported languages.
  • Give your actual information while applying for Adsense account.
  • Your age must be 18 years or above to participate in Adsense Program.
  • Sometimes Google requires 6 months older domain in certain countries including China & India.
  • Avoid Paid Traffic. (Adsense doesn’t require a lot of traffic)
  • Don’t use copyrighted image, Use Images with Credits.

Finally,  Read  Adsense Terms and Conditions & AdSense Programme Policies.

Once your site is compatible with all the above facts, then apply for Adsense Account. Approval process takes 24 to 48 hours now.

Once you’ve got Adsense account, you can use Adsense ads on others site owned by you. That’s why you might have noticed that some low-quality sites contain Adsense Ads. But that is not a good idea, Always ensure that you site is compatible with Adsense policy before adding Ads. Adsense may ban your account if they find something wrong on your site.

Do let us know if you’ve any other tricks to get approved by Adsense. If you find this post useful, then don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 


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334 thoughts on “Get Google Adsense Approval! 7 Things to Do That Really Work”

  1. Your posts are always helpful. Getting an approved Google Adsense Today is very tough as you said. But i want you to clarify us if using the 3rd party service (i.e) can get one an approved adsense account. Your suggestion(s) is always welcomed.

    1. ya you are right but google visit your site and check site content if content is unike ,Six month older,if you do not have not good amount of traffic this no prob. traffic will be increase if you content is good easy to understand for visitors……i Apply for Adsens few days ago google disapprove my Account Due to some security and Illegal content but i have not publish any illegal…..You heard “Content Is King”

      Go for good artical …All Is Well
      Amit Parashar
      Latest Trick & Technology

    1. Hey Akash,
      I’ve just checked your website. I think your site is GOOD enough to get adsense. So don’t wait for 6 months and apply for an Adsense account now. Good luck.

        1. If you already have an Adsense account then you need not to apply for Adsense approval again. Just start using Adsense on other sites.

          1. Oh Sorry, I mistyped, I mean I hope I would get my account approved. And as you may know that Google AdSense is now taking two reviews for newer publishers, first in which they check for copyright contents, volume of contents etc. and my site has passed in first review, now only second review is left, it would done in 3-5 days (as of Google AdSense help page).

            1. You needn’t to have a lot of posts to get approved by adsense, just make sure you’ve quality posts.

              You can use flickr photo by giving proper credit to the image owners.

  2. Please brother check my website and give me some suggestion to get approval from Google Adsense.

    I have already applied.
    but Message received from Google Team:
    Site does not comply with google policies.

    thanks and Regards

    Zahoor Ahmed Janjua

  3. Akash Deep Satpathi

    Hi Istiak,

    Me and my friend both got approval from Google AdSense within 6 months both of us are from India, mine in 35 days (you may remember). So I think you should write that those “should” be 6 months older to get Google Adsense account, not must :D.


    1. Sir I wish to get adsense for my blog. Its nearly 3-4 months old. I am waiting for six moths to pass by. But i dont know google will approve my blog or not. I have ebooks, previous papers, iit notes like thing. Does it come under copyright voilation or something.?
      Help me i have put lot of hardwork for this blog.

      1. You have less chance to get Google Adsense with this site. Google doesn’t approve download sites. Moreover, sharing ebooks without author’s permission is illegal.

  4. Hi Istiak,

    This is the first time I’ve been here. Insightful article indeed. Adsense has become hell for newbies and heaven for pro bloggers. I always suggest newbies to look after other income sources apart from Adsense. Thanks for sharing mate.

  5. Hello IstiakI’m currently building a forum, I want to monetize it through Google Adsense, do they approve forums???

  6. Hi Istika,

    My blog is more than 7-8 months old. I use Montezuma WP template. Not sure if there is any issue with this template or the navigation. I don’t think content is an issue.. had applied to Adsense but was not approved in the 2nd round. Note: I did not have any ads when I had applied to adsense. Just cannot understand what is wrong.. What do you say ??
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello Istiak Rayhan
    Really a great post from you here. Most of the people are moved to blogging for earning money and the main thing they need is Google Adsense so to get approved for Adsense account is the main factor for the bloggers.
    Here you have done the step by step description which is really helpful. I too had an approved adsense account and now my account is disabled and site ( too.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  8. Hello,
    Please check my site give me reply comment.Is my site is ready for accepted by google for adsense? I pass first review and place ad codes on my site.

    1. I think your site is OK for Adsense. Just aware about 3 things-

      1. Don’t click your own Ads.
      2. Don’t try to generate fake traffic.
      3. Don’t add too much ad units on a page.

  9. Radhika Sachdeva

    But i think We Also Need some Visitors ?
    And clearn one thing how much Alexa Rank We should have for the Google Adsense ?

    1. Yeah, visitors are must to generate revenue.

      And you need not to care about Alexa rank. Adsense team don’t check the Alexa while approving.

  10. Hi, Istiak

    Very informative Article. Actually Google is very strict and choosy these days. But However I had applied with my blogspot domain and get approved by Google in just 3 hrs thats incredible, but my account is currently on hosted version because I had applied with blogger. But I am happy that my blog have now get some decent traffic and I am also happy with my adsense earnings. Hope that I will be able to read more informative articles on your blog.

    1. Good to know that you get approved by Adsense. One thing I would like to suggest you. That is, if possible migrate to WordPress. You will like it.

      1. Vishwajeet Kumar

        Hi, Istiak, I have got approval for hosted version and want to upgrade. As per your suggestion I have upgrade my site to wordpress. Can you please tell me that is my site is good for AdSense? My blog is Thanks!

  11. Vai Istiak I’m also from your city Chittagong, I applied for adsense last week then my site have passed first review but failed 2nd review why and now what can I do please suggest me.
    Thank you

    1. Good to know that you are also from CTG. Talking about Adsense Approval, actually I wrote everything I know on this post. So if you follow all the things that I’ve mentioned on this post, you will have a better chance to get approved by Adsense.

      BTW, Did Adsense team give any reason at the time of disapproval?

    1. Here are some suggestion for you…

      1. Get a good design. If possible, buy a premium theme.
      2. Make sure you are not publishing copied post.
      3. Try to use some h2, h3 tag on your post. If needed, use bold tag.
      4. Publish more quality posts. When I say quality posts, I mean in-depth posts.
      5. Be patient and keep blogging.

      Hope it helps. Sorry for replying so late.

    2. Sir, i must commend your effort for putting up a wonderful post online, but I think i have completed all these required steps, pls what else should i do, mind you i have used several themes since i created my site last yr.n (2013) july. could that be the reason or must i buy a premium theme if that is the case pls let me know as soon as you can … thanks. pls feel free to go through my website. once again thanks.

      1. Your design seems OK to me. I would like to suggest you to remove the free downloads from your site if you don’t have permission to distribute them for free. Adsense team hates Copyrighted contents and illegal download links. Hope it helps.

  12. Hi author, nice article. I need your help if you could for check my site if adsense ready.

    I’m a bit confuse about some of adsense policy. Since my site doesn’t comply with adsense policy, i’m now with adversal, infolinks and Komli Media ads network. But, i really want to be approved by GA. Here is some question that i’m not sure:

    – Many comment on my site written in malay (should i take it down?)
    – I have insert image from google image in some of my article but the writing’s my own.”Related to news article and SEO” (should i remove the image?)
    – My site is about “history, news, information, tips and commenting. For Healthcare is optional)

    1. – If Adsense doesn’t support the language Malay, then you should take it down.
      – It won’t be a serious problem to have images from Google Search. But I always suggest you to use stock photos from sites like
      – You are covering too much topics. It is always better to write about few topics.

      1. – I just wondering if in comment there is consideration in using various language. But now is clear. Thnks
        – It seem clear but, let say if, i get some image on google or (news topic because there is many image found if search related to news) then i modified it and put my own watermark. Is that against GA TOS? Or is better just post an article without photo, any suggestion?
        – Second similiar question, can i use SEO image that found on google image if search nothing in
        – Write many topic can affect GA request?


        1. – Glad it helped.
          – Yeah, you can use modified images. It is always better to add photo on your blog posts.
          – Same answer, use modified image. Copied image isn’t a problem until image owner make a complain to the Google.
          – Nope.

  13. Hello Istiak, I need some suggestions from you. Please review my site and suggest me if I am doing mistakes, so my Adsense approval chances increase.

  14. hey istiak i made a blog from blogger and i posted only one post nearly 100 words and i applied for the adsense i they said ur application is waiting for approval and i thought i will be informed through my gmail but they did’nt send anything to my gmail saying that ur approved .. what to do i need to place ads and make money it is saying that i have been dissaproved why what to do plzzzzzzzzzz helpp me i am in big trouble my web site is posted below check it out and solve the prblm plzz

      1. but some of them said that it will take only 24 hrs but now i have been waiting for 2 days
        do u think my blog is worth for adsense will they approve my blog?? plz reply

  15. I apply for adsense now, 1st stage is cleared now what I will do? Just for one time check my site give me some suggestions

    1. 1. Publish quality posts regularly.
      2. Don’t click your own ads and don’t ask someone to click.
      3. Don’t try to generate fake traffic.
      4. Be patient.

    1. Actually I’ve written everything what I know in this blog post. So if you ask me questions like ‘What to do to get approved by Adsense?’ I won’t be able to answer the question as I published this post to help you to get Adsense Approval. But I would appreciate if you’d ask something specific.

  16. Another Great Post from Rahyan .My Blog is just 3 months old Iam trying to post some valuable content .

    And i will follow the guide lines mentioned by the author in this post.

    Hope my adsense account will be approved soon


  17. Hello Istiak, I’m in trouble to get adsense. I applied for adsense and they approve at 1st stage but they disapprove saying site does not comply with Google policy. i dont know whats wrong with my blog. so plz take a look at my blog and advice me what to do?
    I’m using Google image but totally modified by me and all content is written by me. so plz help me


    1. Here are some suggestions for you.

      – Get a good design and logo.
      – Make your sidebar more beautiful by adding a social box.
      – Publish in-depth post.
      – And be patience.

    2. Istiak, Informative Article. Info is key in current century. Thanks for being generous again.


      Viewed your website. Your site is yet your images are in a Blog-spot server. Consider moving your images to your panel to enable them load easily in Google Engines. Google generally hate slow loading pages just like your readers do. Your pages load fast though. Just try changing this, may be it could help.

      No. 2. Remove all the download links on your page; antivirus, software, torrent browser, tools etc. Even if they lead nowhere.

      Great articles.

  18. Hi Rayhan! my blog is a sub-domain. I applied for adsense with little hope as many bloggers continuously saying that google adsense won’t approve such free domains. But I’m lucky & now I’m also a adsense publisher :)

  19. This is very nice post. I’ve applied for Google adsense. Do a little prayer for me is that my application is accepted.

  20. Hello! I have applied for google adsense for my blog.. It took 3 days for an answer saying “Difficult site navigation: During our review of your website, we found your site difficult to navigate. Potential navigation issues include: redirects, pages behind a login or restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialers, and pages under construction or not yet launched.”

    I used .tk for my domain. Maybe I should by a domain from google?

    What should i do?

    1. Do you use any Article Rewriter (Spinner) tool? If you do, stop using this. Google hates these types of posts.

  21. I’ve applied to google adsense 9 days ago. But they have neither approve it yet nor send reason for its disapproval. What can the problem be?.Analyse my site whether it has any mishap? Wait for your response.!

    1. Sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks, actually it depends on which country you from. So it’s better to wait for their response.

  22. I applied to Adsense a week
    Ago and have not heard anything. Just a red bar that says my account is under review. Is there a way to contact them to see what’s going on. I am thinking maybe I filled out something wrong in the application.

    1. Actually there is no direct way to contact with them. I would suggest you to wait for Adsense reply. If Adsense finds anything wrong they’ll let you know.

  23. Hello Istiak,
    My Site is around 1 month ago, but containing all legit stuff no copy paste, is site is now able to apply for Google Adsense or should I need to wait more? And more question how much traffic is needed before applying? Thanks

    1. You can apply for Adsense now, even if they disapprove your application you will know what to do next. And there is no regulation for traffic. Hope it helps.

  24. As salam o alikum:
    borther please have a look on my blog and guide me why i am not getting adscense aproval.
    And please share some tips how can i write unique contant like if i am going to share some facebook tips on my blog then most blogger used same tips in there blogs how can i make that post unique is there any method for posting unique and quality contant

  25. Muhammad Shakeel

    thanks admin really nice and helpfull post for all newbies that are in blogging…

    love to read this post again and again.. thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

    but i am using my brother’s adsence account, and i think we can use anyone’s adsence account on our blog/website and there is no issue from adsence team…

    you can see its working fine here .

    so if someone’s account was not approved ,, then you can use any one’s account if your friend or any family member have it. no need to worry about.

  26. HI Istiak Rayhan,

    I have applied Google adsense many times via . It is not approved for Insufficient content. I have 40 posts. Per post contains 300 to 500 words. What is Insufficient content? I have lot of content. Google is totally blind. On the other hand, My is not approved. Issues: Site does not comply with Google policies. Google is totally rubbish.

    1. Hey Mamun, I can understand your feeling on getting disapprovals. As I mentioned in the post a lot of people apply for Adsense with low quality sites, Google becomes more strict on approving new sites. But I am pretty sure that you will get approved soon if you continue your good works and follow the above tips. In the mean time you can try some Adsense alternatives.

  27. Hi Istiak Rayhan!

    Going to apply for adsense after creating privacy policy and optimizing other pages. Is there anything more to do to get approved? Please have a look at my blog and please let me know if I will be approved or not? Is the theme good or do I need to change it?

    1. Hey Tulip, I’ve just visited your site. And you’ve a nice blog. But if you want to approve by Adsense, I would recommend you to get a good looking template for your blog. As I don’t have good idea about Blogger Templates, I won’t be able to suggest you a specific one.

      If you are really serious about Blogging, I would like to suggest you to create a self hosted WordPress blog like me. And glad to know that you find my blog helpful.

  28. Awesome guide on getting adsense approval, I have shared it with my friends and they also found it useful ^_^

  29. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information…
    But what to do if Google adsense reject you by saying that you have insufficient content instead of having 65+ post…

    1. Amit, you need to build more contents. But make sure your contents are detailed. Adsense team loves detailed post.

      1. Thanks…
        I have left no choice so going for detail post…
        One more thing I want to ask that how one can add video thumbnails on Google. Plus authorship.

  30. Hi
    Let me tell you one thing, Google sometimes approves AdSense application even though the blog is live for less than 6 months. The thing is it’s difficult to analyze Google strategy, some very good and high pageview blogs are getting rejected while some blogs having no proper content are getting approved. It’s like a game

  31. Hello everyone. will you please help me. I want to know that people say that increasing traffic through robot is not valid for google adsense. I want to know that what is robot. and secondly when we submit sitemap to our blog, we will submit it on custom robots.txt. is it all right. or i have done something wrong.?

    1. Traffic through robot and robots.txt are two different things.

      Traffic through robot means generates traffic by using software or any bots. On the other hand, robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots (typically search engine bots) how to crawl and index pages on their website.

      Hope it helps.

    1. Yes, you can. But you have less chance to get approved by Adsense. Because Google loves content based sites. It seems that you are running an e-commerce site. However, I would suggest you to apply for Adsense. At least you’ll know what Adsense team says about your site.



    1. Here are some suggestions for you.

      1. Delete other networks ads.
      2. Write some detailed posts.
      3. Delete unnecessary widgets.
      4. Use 2 column design.
      5. If possible, migrate to self hosted WordPress blog.

  33. hey i love your blog and read them like 4 times a week i had to know why my site doesn’t get approve by adsense please have a look thx for any help

  34. “Those days are gone when people would get Adsense account with free sub domains site like blogspot”
    Are you sure?
    Cause I just got accepted my blogspot blog a few days ago?
    Yeah, I did read this post before applying for Adsense.
    All I did is removed the theme and posts that I thought may be about copyrighted content(and not posts that are too short).
    Yeah, one thing I agree with you.It was 6 months old.

  35. Hi, Istiak Rayhan,
    It is a hot post.. Thanks for details discuss. I think that, main factor are template design, 5-10 uniqe article and primary on page seo for adsence approval. I have approve adsence after complete 8 post.

  36. hi,
    this is a nice post. i have a query. i applied adsense for where i provide service centers information and articles about warranty procedures. i got disapproved, the message i got in the mail is “insufficient content”. in my websites pages there are addresses and i think these are not sufficient because they are not unique and many pages doesn’t have 500 words but i have seen many other sites on the net which provide the same information and all have adsense on them. please have a look on my site and tell me how can i get the adsense.

    one thing more..i have seen in my sitemap there are url of images and i read somewhere while approval process google crawler reads each and every page. so how i edit my sitemap for ranking better in search engines and doesn’t affect to get adsense approval.


    1. When they say “insuffucient content”, they actually mean the less few number of posts. If you’ve seen Adsense ads on a site with less contents, that means the site owner already have an approved Adsense account.

      And editing sitemap cannot be a problem.

      1. Hi there,
        Thanks for quick reply. one of my friend got adsense approval. he has got only 8 to 10 post and it is e-commerce site. no one can understand what google wants. please give me some suggestions.

        thanks for your response

        1. 1. Write more detailed posts.
          2. Make your homepage as your blog page.
          3. And keep updating your blog.

    1. Immer, if your site language is not supported by Infolinks, then you won’t be to get approved by Infolinks.

  37. Woah i love this post! This is master piece. I have been using adsense since 2012 in South Africa but I am back to my homeland Ghana try applying for new account. Adsense keep on sending message this website does not comply with ads policies. Please review my website and tell me the problem
    This my web

  38. Good info. Google rejected us saying lack of content. But I don’t really want to change the format of the post, since this is the format our users like most. Can you suggest where else can i make improvements to compensate this

  39. “Quotes” are almost available every where in blogs, sites and forums. It will be consider as a copyrighted material?

  40. Abhimanyu Roat

    Thanks for taking your time to write this detailed article, thanks to you I’m determined to get my adsense account approved. Thank you very much :)

  41. Hi,
    Dear Brother i face a problem. That is I have a new adsense account. So i input my adsense ads code in my blogger blog site, But ads not show in my blogger website. What can i do ? My blogsite is and when i create new ads unit there show a message that your account is hosted account and ads aren’t show in other website without partner website.

  42. Thanks a lot ..!!

    I was also rejected !!

    After making necessary corrections , was approved !!

    Thanks for your guidance :D

  43. Rahul Singh Solanki

    hey thanx for sharing such post, actually i had visited this post and then tried all thing which have been described in post and now feeling happy that by using these tips my adsense account has been approved… thanx again….

  44. Dear friend my brother’s adsense account is active and few days ago we get paid but suddenly my brother had died, all account details and bank account details with his name. So I want to change all details in my name, can I change it?
    And how can I do this?
    If u tell me in details it will be very helpful for me.
    Thank you

  45. Hi I got my application approved today.I was the first time I applied for adsense.I got my website approved within 25 days of creating .Too its not that good looking.So i want to ask that am I so lucky or is there any other reason behind it.

  46. Hey Istiak Rayhan! ;) first of all thank you Brother for sharing this great article. It was very helpful for me and all the beigners like me. I follow your all things that you describe and my adsense aproved.

  47. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing these good information about Google adsense. This blog help me a lot to understand that the reality of website approval matters.

    Thaks again.

  48. Hi dude,

    Your post is really awesome. It’s really helpful.

    Kindly check my site and let me know if there any issue with the blog for getting adsense.

  49. Nice article, I am preparing my site to apply for Google Adsense, this checklist will really help me.
    what about the country domains? I mean “” or “”?
    Will adsense approved on these domains? Thanks for consideration

  50. Could you tell me how good is my site and if I should apply or not? I did twice and they said not enough content. Do you think this is true? :/

  51. hi istiak rayhan

    dear brother if built a website using and publishing it by using my own domain like does this site gets approved by google adsense.

    please tel me brother

  52. Your article is really great and your article really have a lot of important stuffs which helped me a lot..I wanna know WHAT UNIQUE CONTENT WE CAN USE ON OUR BLOG AS I HAVE TO APPLY FOR ADSENSE IN SOME DAYS AND WANT IT TO GET APPROVED IN A FIRST CHANCE…help

  53. Please, i applied for Google Adsense and they accept me in the first stage but they disapprove me in the second stage and i don’t know the reason they dispersive me.
    I also applied for inf links and got disapprove, please check my blog and help me to identify what is wrong there.

  54. Hi all,
    I am planning to buy a domain for blogging so i can earn money from absence, so i have select a doing which is suppose – so my question is that .in is a lop level domain or not? and can i get ads on this domain? or i try something new domain name.


      1. Thanks and where i can buy a good theme with unlimited hosting. if you have any idea please suggest me and how to work on that?

            1. Good to know that your site is live now. And talking about Adsense Approval, just follow the things that I’ve mentioned in the post. You can apply for Adsense with your Gmail account, you don’t need to have any other email.

  55. Hello,Istiak Rayhan

    Please help me about my site which has disapproval so many time from google and I have just had an email saying:

    “As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your
    AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a
    result of this review, we have disapproved your account for the following


    Insufficient content

    Further detail:

    Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on
    your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists
    to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are

    I dont’t understand about it please help me

  56. You have written a well detailed article for Google Adsense Approval. I appreciate it.
    Previously it was really very simple to approve adsense account with Google. But now it
    has become a pain. You need lots of stuffs for it. A wel developed site with quality posts, tricks and bla bla.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this quality information for Adsense Account.

    Karan Sharma
    Mob: +91-9717872392

  57. Nice post! One of my brothers adsense account also has not approved yet, although it has high traffic about 200,300 viewer per day, as it is just started they may have disapproved. Also blog has not ranked yet, may he want to wait up to 6 months to being approved…?

    1. I would suggest him to apply for the Adsense account now. Even if he gets disapproval, he’ll know what to improve.

  58. Hi, I have got approved by google couple of days back. Now I need a direction to move utilize it. Could you provide some guildeings which I can follow to increase the traffic and building seo

    Thank you

  59. Please inform me, what should i do with this android blog to get approved by adsense. My blog is 6 months older, but i can not sign up with adsense. Do i continue with this blog or reject it or convert it to a top level domain? Please reply me as soon as possible.

  60. Hai Istiak Rayhan,

    great post, helps informative. recently i applied for adsense. and got rejected for the reason of insufficient content. here is my blog can u suggest me i.e,is my content good enough? am i posting relavent information?..insufficient content means insufficient posts??

  61. My blog ( has recently been approved after just 3 months and 12 posts and is now showing ads. It may be because (i) I am in the U.K. and (ii) all my posts are very nearly text-only with between 1000 and 2000 words per post.

    1. It’s really inseparable, Google gives priority for U.S and U.K people, still i am trying my best to complete Google criteria, Hope this post help me to get adsense easily.

  62. I got approval from Google Adsense within 35 days , I am from India, So i think you should write that for indian blogger, not required 6 month old blog. Only unique Content and more than 40 Post
    Thanks for Sharing!

  63. Hi,
    I never cared about Adsense because my traffic is very low. After reading this article, I am interested again.I will add content regularly and apply for AdSense.

  64. Istiyak Vai,
    I have created and running a English blog site ( for Adsense. I am naturally 18 years old. But according to my certificate, I am 17 years old. Can I apply on Adsense? I decided that I will apply for adsense by my elder brother and his info. I need one more help that please visit my english blog site and tell me, can I get adsense after few months if I run my site with present condition. Hope I will get reply and help from you.


    1. Hey Maruf, I’ve just checked your blog. You are doing good. Age doesn’t matter if you have already a bank account. If you don’t have any bank account, then apply with your brother’s account.

      Here are few suggestions for your blog:

      1. Don’t offer free download. Adsense team hates it.
      2. Pick a niche. Don’t write random posts.
      3. Publish some detailed posts. Adsense doesn’t require a lot of posts, but quality posts.

  65. I think so it is useless to get approved in adsense if you dont have enough traffic. Even by some means if you get approved , with a low traffic , then your earnings will be like 0.01, 0.05,0.23 $ etc per day which are of no use.

    Thus not getting approved in adsense = adsense with low traffic

    1. I agree with you partly. Nothing will happen overnight. It will take many years of consistent effort to make a decent income from Adsense like affiliate marketing. My first affiliate marketing income was $3.47. After good effort, it has not increased much. Just $150 per month. But its reasonable free income in India (my country). It helps me to pay my phone bills,hosting and other petty expenses.

  66. Thanks a lot. I was planning to give my website for the adsense approval thinking it was performing well.

    But surprisingly i had some prerequisites missing (as mentioned in your article). You just saved me from getting a rejection.

    Thanks Again…. :)

    1. I have no idea whether Adsense accepts TV sites or not. However, you should apply for Adsense to know the fact.

  67. Hi bro,

    I have applied for adsense but they didnt approve that..after reading this post. i did some correction. again i have applied but the result is negative. i did all the required corrections but i dont know why they are not approving….

    please bro.. visit my blog and help me with getting adsense..i am waiting for your hope full reply…

    Reply me in gmail bro EMAIL ID:



    1. Sajjadur Rahman Sagor

      Hi Prasanth.p
      I Have Looked Up At Your Blog But Hy Your Blog Post’s Are Too Small Bro.Try To Increase Your Post Words Atleast 300-400.Better Is 500..After This Reapply For Adsense.

  68. Hello

    i have recently created a blog regarding fictional stories & the contents are 100% original & unique i also have the top class domain and there are zero images all text in blog.. but there are some words in story like F*** & S**. So my question is that.. is it ok with adsense as it was just to express mood of the character in story & it does not have something to do with porn..

  69. Fresh and unique plus non-pirated content is must to get adsense. It took me almost 4 tries to get adsense. All I did was remove few posts which might be causing delay in approval.

  70. I enjoyed your tips and i summarized it for my self, kindly take a look, if anything is left please let me know.
    ” In order to approve your website for adsense you need to work on quality of the content and submit your site to “webmaster tool, “.
    – Use Google Analytics and proper navigation for your website.
    – Use a Disclaimer and provide a privacy policy and About us pages in your website or blog.
    – Adding information of your company, create header and footer.
    – Dont use too much images and videos.
    – Create a user friendly easy to navigate website.
    – Using Domain email or branded email.

  71. I have Non hosted Google Adsense account … I want use Google ad codes on my site…please some one check my website what change should i do to protect my Adsanse account …..

    I added all necessary page like contact us , privacy policy , about us ….. or i add more pages

    is any other thing to improve or no need …please guide me ….

  72. Adsense policy become harder than harder. Thanks bro such an awesome post.

    I feel proud when i see a blog which is made by bangladeshi. I am a new in blogging from bangladesh.

  73. Thanks Istiak for this great post. I am a new blogger. I have started blogging 3 month ago. I am using ( ). I have written 30-40 content for my site. Now i want to apply for adsense. If i apply with Is there any problem to get adsense approval?

  74. Thanks for your reply and i apply for adsense 10 hours ago but didn’t get any feedback yet…Now i didn’t understand what is the problem.

  75. Hi
    I have a question related to Google Adsense. I have created a blog on blogger and apply for adsense but my blog has been rejected. I have two admins on my blog. Now I got adsense account through youtube. At the moment I have my own custom domain for my blog. Now whenever I tried to re-submit my site for adsense my previous blogger url ( comes in the box and I could not change that name.
    The email id on which I got adsense for youtube is admin of the website (blog with custom domain) now should I try to get adsense from youtube account or wait for some time and again apply through the primary email id on which I have created that blog (now with custom domain).
    Will wait for your reply

    1. Istiak Rayhan

      If you already have an approved Adsense account, I’d suggest you to start using Adsense on your site.

  76. Hi
    I have a question related to Google Adsense. I received entry to google adsense and also placed google ad code on the website but how much time does it take to get approved right now I am just seeing blank ads

  77. Muhammad Hanif Nasir

    Thanks admin this is very impressive post i like your efforts.
    I also applied for the adsense account but rejected twice times.
    Can you tell me that from one account and with one site how many times we apply for the adsense approval.

    I have designed and managed Pakistani Online Dramas site
    Friends if you have have time then please visit my site check weather it fulfill all the requirements or not.

  78. ive been following up this blog for a while now till i saw this encouraging post.

    i once lost interest in the adsense program, but i guess ill have to get back to giving it a one more time shot.

  79. Hi Istiyak, I have a .info domain website. You hadn’t mention this TLD on your post. .info domain isn’t eligible for adsense? Please confirm me

  80. Yeah, I agree with you, content is the king. For google adsense traffic is not the big thing. All you have to have is fresh and unique content.

    But, a small question, what about .guru .club etc domains? are they also considered top level domain?

  81. Dear bro,
    I have tried so many times to add my site on adsence acoount but they rejected for some reason. These are

    You need to improve your site’s user experience.

    Your site is a chat site which is not compliant with our policy.

    You need to remove all content that encourages violation of Google product policies.

    Your site is dedicated to the sale and distribution of term papers.

    can you please take a look on my bloog and suggest me how can i solve it.

  82. Hi !
    My website is brand new and all of the posts are my own . Its about Tricks and Hot Deal . Can I apply for Adsesnce right now ?
    One more question , How many days will take to index my site on Alexa ? My site has been claimed 5days ago , still I cant find it on alexa .
    thank You !
    Tricks2Loot.Com please take a look and help me out !

  83. Hello
    I have already read your post.I think its help me so much to get google Adsense.I really very happy to read your post.I understand what i do now for Adsense.
    Thank you so much.

  84. Hey bro. You have a great article. Thanks for the suggestions. Can you check out my blog and see if its ready for adsense. I’ll buy a .com domain and keep adding posts.

  85. Hi,

    Thank you that’s a really useful article, you mentioned about using your best site to apply for adsense – I have several websites they are unrelated to each other though, mostly for user generated content advertising but also a online digital marketing services website.
    Does that mean I can choose the best one to apply for an adsense account and, if successful, use that single adsense account on any or all of my different websites?

    It sounds like google would have a problem with that so I’m guessing I have misunderstood?


  86. Hello, I already have an approved Ad sense account, however the site I used for that application was a personal blog I deleted ages ago. Now I have a new blog/site, should I apply again or I can put ads on it already? Thank you!

  87. there are many steps you need to follow on What to do to avoid Google AdSense rejection.

    1 wait for you site to generate genuine traffic

    2 keep your content clean and unique

    3 if rejected reapply

  88. Dear Bro,
    At first, I want to say thank you for your nice post. It’s really helpful for bloggers community. Bro I have blog site about beauty tips where have 38 post and the age of my site about 6 month. Last week I have applied for google Adsense but still now my account is getting review. At present blank ad show my site. Please sagest me what can I do in this circumstance. Again thanks bro…

  89. Thanks for this information. I started a blog last August but then read somewhere that I should wait till I have 50 to 100 post. I have about 21, do you mind taking a look? What do you think about my overall site? Thanks so much! Glad I found this post!

    1. Apply for Adsense. Even if you don’t get approved by Adsense, at least, you will know what to improve on your site.

  90. I got approval under 20 days. I don’t know how the moderators approved my application. Because before 01.01.16 I have only 3 my own unique posts, created trustable pages, XML sitemaps, 20+ affiliate links, highly customized simple theme and with less than 20 irregular traffics.
    Till now I made only $0.70 from Adsense, but got $193 from amazon because it giving free trial to everyone for 30 days which is my huge success.
    For now I’m focusing to increase my Adsense CPC which is bit low as $0.18 and my unique visitors chart also increasing everyday because of Reddit.
    If you want to check my domain ownership:
    I think I noticed the trick how to get approval within few days.

    1. Yes, you can use Adsense on other sites. But you have to make sure that other sites are compatible with Adsense guidelines.

  91. Hi admin this is really awesome article im new on blogging using I have alrready adsense account via youtube I applied for non hosted site and im rejected for 3 times would you please help me admin here is my website Its really hard to apply for adsensehere in the Philippines.

  92. Hello Istiak sir, Thanx for this great post, I want to ask you one think, I have followed all the steps which you have mentioned on your post, my blog is a micro niche blog {goodmorningsms4u(dot)com} Is there any chance to get approval on this blog? Please do check once…

  93. Hi! Thanks for sharing!

    By the way. I have a question. I’m just a newbie in blogging and i want to apply my future website to adsense. I just want to know if the niche regarding online selling like real state, condo unit, buy and sell, computer and printer parts, subscription offers, services like computer repair etc. Is that kind of niche will accept?

    Sorry for my grammar. I just want to reach you guys !

  94. Indeed a great post about Google Adsense approval.

    Google Adsense is the best advertising network and people love to place adsense ads on their websites. I don’t find any other alternative which can replace Google Adsense.

    But It is also hard to get an approved Adsense account. and I don’t think that there would any exact method by following which we can get adsense approval.

    You wouldn’t believe that I got 2 Adsense account approval with a blog:

    1. Which is few days old.
    2. Having only 8-10 posts.
    3. 0 traffic on that blog.
    4. Not having any single important page like About, Contact or any other.

    Before these 2 approvals, I tried so many times with a blog having all the things like important pages, traffic etc etc But I never get approved with that blog.

    That’s why I believe that there is no any exact method by which we can get approved Adsense account.

    BTW I appreciate your efforts and Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article with us. :D

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is true that there is no exact formula of getting approved by AdSense.

  95. Hello admin,

    This is a wonderful post. Thanks a lot for this. I just started blogging, and I would really love to use AdSense. But you said on your post that AdSense doesn’t require a lot of traffic. Please, what do you mean?

  96. This is the best AdSense implementation tips I have read so far. Also, if traffic is low, then it might not be a good idea not to place AdSense. This will scare visitors away. I was not aware of having contact details, thanks for mentioning them.

  97. Ranjeet Kashyap

    Hi Istiak,

    I am here after long time . I have bookmarked your this article for adsence approval guide and follow your all lines with carefully and now i am happy to say that i got my account approved in FIRST attempt (everyone say it is not possible) but i think it’s a phobia. Here is my site link everyone can see:

    I think work on proper guide lines and you will surely approved. Any way good luck to all reader which are walking in this road.

    I need another help , i m looking for affiliate for my another blog so can you suggest me how to earn from mythemeshop and shareasale ?? Is there any other good affiliate available in market related to home and fashion ??


  98. This is the best AdSense implementation tips I have read so far. Also, if traffic is low, then it might not be a good idea not to place AdSense. This will scare visitors away. I was not aware of having contact details, thanks for mentioning them.

  99. Just follow few thumb rules:
    1. Your domain must be the first level purchased the domain.
    2. Your domain age must be at least six months.
    3. Your website should have the good visitor. At least 100-500 per day.
    4. Must publish the unique article.
    5. The article should be related to your blog’s niche.
    6. Every article should be at least 600 minimum words and maximum unlimited.
    7. Every article should have used 4/5 times your keywords.
    8. Keywords density must 150-350-550 density.
    9. Must do SEO regularly.
    10. Must publish at least 2/3 articles per day.
    11. Please try to follow best practices of SEO.

    After that apply for Adsense, I am sure you will get approval for Adsense.

    1. The question is why do I need AdSense still if I can do all of the above? I can easily join any good affiliate program or sell ad spaces to earn 10x more than AdSense.

      AdSense is not less than a joke for me. If you are a passionate blogger and producing quality content, then the smart way to monetize the site would be affiliate marketing.

      1. Yes, AdSense requires a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount of money. It’s possible to make a good amount of money from affiliate marketing with some targetted traffic. However, as you are an affiliate marketer, I’d recommend you to check out Affiliate Marketing section. We have some awesome post.

  100. Excellent tips. My application was rejected several times, finally I got approval with WP related blog.

    Your guidance will be very helpful for new bloggers. Unlike past years, now you have lots of options even though adsense application is not approved. Adversal is my favorite among them.

    Thank you very much for this writing.
    Have a nice week ahead !

  101. Wow it was Awesome tips for me, Thank you very much i will try for my site to get approval. hope now i will get approval very quickly. Thanks friend.

  102. AdSense is a dream of blogger still affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize content. If you are a passionate blogger and producing quality content, then the smart way to monetize the site would be affiliate marketing.

  103. hi Istiak Rayhan sir,

    I have an own domain. I have applied to Google Adsense 4 times, but they rejected every time with the issue of content and user experience navigation.

    But I know my website has a good experience navigation with enough content.

    but I am getting what am not full filled the condition of Google Adsense.

    please help me to approved my website to Google Adsense.

          1. Sir,
            i applied for ADSENCE and got disapproved. i’m not having a personal domain name. Is that one of the reasons for this?
            Inspite of this,can you please tell me what are the reasons and what my website is lacking in?
            It will be a great help if you do so.
            Thank you.

  104. I have applied for Adsense twice but were rejected with an “insufficient content ” message. I’ll try and fix the issues from what you said above. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Hey Italo, I had the same problem like you. In last April 5, I applied for AdSense. Neither they did approve nor they did reject my application. Then I canceled that application and Applied from another email on June 2, 2017. I have got AdSense approval on 14th June 2017. You can visit my website

  105. Hi my name is Jiboy from india. I have developed a website and I supposed to apply for AdSense.
    From my research, I made sure that my website has the following:

    English contents
    3 years Old
    About Us page
    Contact Us page
    disclaimer page
    privacy policy page
    terms of use page
    Original images
    No hacking, gambling, adult, illegal contents
    100+ pages and 50+ user
    Top domain (i.e .com)
    Included Analytics, XML sitemap, robots.txt

    Check my website and let me know if I am eligible for adsense approval.

  106. Please i want to ask this, i applied for adsense on a blog which i got approved, its been long i removed ads from the blog and am using the adsense account on another blog, now my question is, i want to appy for another adsense for someone using that approved blog which ads are no longer on. so is it advisable? Will it affect my Active Adsense account?. I need answers please. thanks

  107. Hi, could you please check out my website and tell me what’s missing? I applied to Adsense a number of times but they keep on rejecting me.

    My website is almost a month old. I have more that 150 different articles and all of them are unique. I have a good navigation system and I’ve created a Policy page, About us page and Contact us page.

    What else should I do?

  108. I got an approves YouTube AdSense account. I tried upgrading my account with my blog… I waited for 2+ weeks before I got this disappointing response. Need youe help.

    Thank you for your interest in expanding your Google AdSense account to implement ad code on your own website. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to approve this application for the time being. Your existing AdSense account that allows you to show ads on partner sites is not affected by this disapproval.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

  109. I am running a website since last 6-7 months. I have applied for adsense for 7+ times but rejected all the time. Currently I am running my website on Blogger. Do i need to migrate onto WordPress? What are the other points that I am lacking.
    I receive the response from Google ” Your website doesn’t comply with Google Adsense Policies”.
    I have nearly 50+ stories on my website. All the news I have added are quality and unique. So, I don’t think there will be any issue of duplicate content.

  110. Getting Adsense is one problem, earning with it is another bigger problem.

    I will appreciate if you write a post on Adsense placement to earn more.

    Thank you.

  111. Hi I am Paul and i am from Philippines, and i want to share this to you. To get approved by google adsense, never forget to use your own language in your first 10 blog post. this is very effective if you are outside of an english country. Why? My blog is a multiniche and started in a tagalog language and now with english language and what happen is that i able to get approved by google adsense after 2 weeks only. Just want to share this tip.

  112. I have original content (blog posts, pictures etc) in my blog but still got disapproved by Google Adsense. The Reason was “Not in compliance with WebMaster Tools”. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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