3 thoughts on “7 Best Online Logo Maker Tools to Create a Logo For Your Blog”

  1. Awesome list of logo maker. But what if this automatic logo generator generates the logo which is similar to your competitors’ business. It looks bad. So, personally, I avoid the use of logo maker. If you have the designing skill, then it’s good to use. Otherwise, you can approach the best Graphics Design Company or Professional Logo Design to get some quality design.

  2. Hi Istiak, you’ve collected a list of great sites for making logos, but don’t you think that many logos will be similar for many people as the sites are only offering similar things to everybody?

    So I think that, for online use (especially for a blog), it’s not recommended using automated logo maker sites or tools.

    I’m not sure though. If you can add something, that may take the thought further.

    However, thanks for your hard work to craft the in-depth post.

    Best Regards,
    SM Nuruzzaman

    1. Anyone can create a unique logo by using tools like Canva or OnlineLogoMaker. However, this post is written for those who can’t afford a logo designer.

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