10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 1

WordPress is the World’s best CMS for Blogging. It is used by 30% of all websites in the World.

Initially, it was used only for blogging. But with the passage of time, it has become the number one web publishing platform. From a personal blog to an eCommerce site, you can create any website with WordPress.

So what makes it so GOOD?

WordPress is an open source tool, and thousands of developers work for it. It has thousands of themes and hundreds of theme providers’ clubs. Every day we get new themes with latest trend and updates of old themes. Some of the themes are free, and the rest of them are premium.

When it comes to getting updates, supports, and compatibility with the latest technology, Premium WordPress Themes should be number one choice.

There are hundreds of WordPress theme companies that provide well-designed themes but it’s difficult to choose the right theme provider.

To make things easier, I’ll be sharing 15 Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes which are reliable and affordable.

Our top 3 recommendations

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 2

Best for websites and small business owners.

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 3

Provides best WordPress themes for bloggers.

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 4

Cheap & reliable WordPress themes provider.

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one of the best places to buy Premium WordPress Themes. It offers all of its 87 WordPress themes and four excellent plugins for just $89. That’s around $1 per theme with four plugins.

If you have a plan to create multiple sites, Elegant Themes is the best choice for you. It has a variety WordPress themes which can be used in blogs, business sites, eCommerce stores, magazine sites, real state sites, photography blogs and many more.

Divi Theme is its best creation. You can create any site by using Divi Theme. With Drag & Drop Builder, Divi makes it insanely easier to design a website or blog. You don’t need to have any coding skills to design your site.

Now the most amazing thing is, you will get three excellent plugins with Elegant Themes Membership. Those plugins are Bloom Email Opt-Ins, Divi Builder, and Monarch Social Sharing.

Elegant Themes has two membership plans – Yearly Access ($89) and Lifetime Access ($249). If you aren’t sure which plan to choose, then start with Yearly Access.

Deals Alert: 20% OFF On Yearly Access & 10% OFF On Lifetime Access

2. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes creates a massive buzz in recent years. It offers conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins on converting your visitors into subscribers, customers, and clients. Here at RoadToBlogging, we use FocusBlog of Thrive Themes.

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 5

FocusBlog by Thrive Themes is my favorite WordPress theme. 

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, I’d highly recommend you to buy Thrive Themes. It offers all the features you need to make your blog successful and generate more affiliates sales for you.

Some of the popular Thrive Themes are Rise, Pressive, Performag, FocusBlog, etc. And they offer some fantastic plugins like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Comments, and more.

A single Thrive Themes cost just $49 for a single site license. But if you buy the membership plan, you will get all Thrive Themes and Plugins for just $19/month (if paid annually). I have the membership license, and I can assure you that it’s worth your investment.

3. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop offers beautifully designed Premium WordPress Themes. It also provides some free themes. It has themes for the blog, business, eCommerce, Magazine, etc.

Pro Bloggers like ShoeMoney, Zac Johnson, Matthew Woodward recommends MyThemeShop. If you are looking for a premium theme for your blog, you can buy it from MyThemeShop.

10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes 6

Shema is the fastest WordPress theme by MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop offers single WordPress themes for $59. It has some plugins too. You can buy the extended membership of MyThemeShop for $19/month (paid annually) to get the access to all MyThemeShop Products.

4. StudioPress

StudioPress is another popular premium WordPress themes provider which is powered by Genesis Framework. Before moving to Thrive Themes, I used to use StudioPress theme on my blog.

StudioPress is very popular for its uniquely designed and mobile responsive WordPress themes. If you want to have a good looking design for your WordPress site, StudioPress is your best call.

StudioPress themes are a little bit costly. But the great thing is, it takes a one-time fee. You will get unlimited updates and supports. A single theme with Genesis Framework cost $129.95. And the membership plan costs $499.95 for lifetime access.

5. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter provides beautiful WordPress themes at an affordable price. You can get access to all 89 themes for only $49! This is another great deal if you have a plan to create more sites.

It offers premium WordPress themes for different types of sites like the hotel, business, WooCommerce, portfolio, photography, app, magazine, blogging, restaurant, and more. All of its themes have some amazing features like Easy Setup, Elegant Design, No Confusing Parts, Translation Ready, etc.

6. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle offers 30+ WordPress themes for only $89. All of its themes are beautifully designed and optimized for speed and SEO. It has themes for Blog, Business, eCommerce, Magazine, Photography, Portfolio, etc. ThemeIsle has some excellent WordPress plugins too.

The amazing thing is, it has more than 30 free WordPress themes. The only downside of ThemeIsle is, the lifetime plan is pretty costly.

7. EngineThemes

EngineThemes offers the best application themes for WordPress. It has themes for Microjob sites, Restaurant sites, Real State sites, Freelance sites, Q&A sites, Directory sites, Hotel sites, Classified sites, Forum sites, and Job sites.

You can buy each theme for $89, or you can buy all themes for $299.

8. Theme Junkie

With over 35,000 happy customers, Theme Junkie is one of the best Premium WordPress themes providers. It offers themes for business, creative professional, writer, freelancer, blogger, eCommerce owner, portfolio, news & magazine, etc.

It offers solid code quality, incredible support, superb design, and frequent updates.

You can download all 55+ WordPress themes for just $49 with one year support and updates. For lifetime access, it will cost you $99.

9. Themify

Themify lets you create responsive & mobile friendly WordPress sites with drag and drop page builder. It has different types of themes. Ultra is the most popular theme by Themify. You can use it for general and eCommerce sites.

It offers a single theme for $49, and you will also get one free theme. You can buy all themes for only $79.

10. ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse creates stunning Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress templates. It provides new and professional looking themes for WordPress blog.

You can get any ThemeFuse theme for free if you buy web hosting from them. If you are a newbie in WordPress, then you can buy themes from ThemeFuse as they offer support to the newbie.

11. MOJO Marketplace 

MOJO Marketplace is another best place to find WordPress themes. It has over 1200 WordPress themes for niches like the blog, business, charity, church, eCommerce, fashion, fitness, healthcare, landing page, magazine, photography, political campaign, portfolio, real estate, restaurant, sports, travel, weeding and more.

The price ranges from $25 to $100.


WPZOOM provides professional and impressive WordPress Themes at amazing prices with lifetime support. All themes are powered by WPZOOM Framework.

Most of the themes are made for the Personal blog, Business blog, Magazine/News sites, Portfolio, and Multimedia sites. It offers some free themes too.

13. Tesla Themes

TeslaThemes is another great place to find the beautiful WordPress theme with clean design and advanced features. They also provide great support to their customers. If you are going to create a Service Oriented WordPress site, then you can choose a theme from TeslaThemes.

It offers 37 themes for only $69! Some of its popular themes are Zoomy, Novelty, Revoke, Icook, Electra and Zero.

14. PremiumPress

PremiumPress provides some best business themes for WordPress. All of the themes are SEO friendly, easy to customize and fun to manage. It has Directory theme, Auction theme, Coupon theme, Shop theme, Price Comparison theme, Job Board theme and many more.

You can buy one theme for $79 and all themes for $249.

15. ThemeForest

ThemeForest has the biggest collection of WordPress themes. You can find almost any type of WordPress themes there. You name it, and someone has already built it for you.

But you need to be a bit careful while choosing a theme from ThemeForest. As it’s a marketplace, anyone can upload a theme. Though they have a very strict approval procedure, you need to check the support system and total sales of the theme.

The price of the themes ranges from $13 to $1000.


So those are the best places to buy WordPress theme. Other than those, there are a lot of clubs which also provide quality themes. But I believe you will be able to find the perfect theme for your site from these clubs.

Do let us know which premium theme you are using or planning to buy? And which site do you recommend to buy Premium themes?

29 responses to “10+ Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes”

  1. Frank John Avatar
    Frank John

    Nice Collection! I would like to suggest one more premium WordPress theme provider named as Webinane. It developed many WordPress themes such as LifeLine, LifeLine 2, MagUp, Zetra, Medicalist and much more! So, i wish to add webinane in your list. Thanks

    1. Nicole Louise Avatar
      Nicole Louise

      Thanks Frank john…. All themes look awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ava Avatar

    I was looking couple of theme for upcoming website and your article really help me to identify it .

    Thanks for sharing such reference of the site a place !!!

  3. Nisful Ardi Avatar

    Hmm… I think this is best site to buy theme WordPress.

  4. Jasmine Avatar

    Choosing the right theme for the right website is really important to make a popular website. Thanks dear for sharing this great list.

  5. Joseph Avatar

    Genesis and Elegant are far better than Thrive. While Thrive has a good SEO package, it will cost you. It is not $60 or $70 (or even $49) as expressed–that is only their introductory fee at a discount to rope you in. Be especially wary of their “automatic renewal” scheme, hidden. The annual fee is now triple that, with no notice to the customer of any automatic renewal (they renew even though your website is NON-existent or ended–gosh, one would think they would check if one’s website still exists!! (thinking their SEO rankings here–seriously?? they do NOT check–just take your money).

    Thrive customer service is childish and horrible, nose thumbed up without care for the customer. Good technicals, but poor financials, and non-existent customer service.

    Genesis = easy; Elegant = better themes. THRIVE–AVOID!

    1. Nephtalie Pierre Avatar
      Nephtalie Pierre

      Do you use both Genesis(studio press) and Elegant? I’m currently debating if I should use on or the other or both.

      1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
        Istiak Rayhan

        Currently, I am using Focusblog of Thrive Themes. It’s the best choice for bloggers. However, what kind of blog/site are you going to start?

  6. Vivekanand Arumanda Avatar
    Vivekanand Arumanda

    First of all thank you so much for the superb info. I love Themeforest and MyThemeshop. You need some experience and research to buy from Themeforest since it’s a marketplace. You have to spot the theme with proper coding and speed optimization as well. MyThemeshop is one of the best. You can get coupon codes at discounted prices.

  7. Brad Avatar

    You have picked some really good WordPress theme sites here. I gone through the entire list and personally I like ElegantThemes . Thank you very much for sharing. I would recommend you to add Solwin Infotech. They’re also making amazing WordPress Themes and Plugins.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for letting me know about the Solwin Infotech. I’ll check it soon.

  8. Riju Debnath Avatar
    Riju Debnath

    Hi Istiak,
    Currently, I am using mythemeshop theme and thinking about to change in near future.
    Hearing lots of positive on thrive themes.
    Right now you are also using it on Roadtoblogging. So how is your experience and did you found any cons.
    Thanks for sharing such a brilliant list of premium WP themes.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      That would be a great move. ThriveThemes increases my conversion rates. I haven’t found any cons yet. I will write ThriveThemes review soon.

  9. Biplab Avatar

    Hi Istiak, Thank you so much for this list. We really sometimes get confused to buy a professional premium theme. I need to go elegant and theme forest to buy a new premium theme. Also, all the site list you have mentioned above also very good.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      ElegantThemes has some awesome themes. You can go with them. Here at RTB, I am using ThriveThemes.

  10. Mohit Arora Avatar
    Mohit Arora

    Thanks Istiak for sharing this list. As you said Genesis is your favorite, I also tried StudioPress and gave genesis a shot on my blog – CatchUpdates.com. Truly its worth to pay. Thanks and keep sharing useful info :)

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yeah, StudioPress is awesome. I’ve been using this for long time.

  11. Dainis Graveris Avatar

    For any serious developer the best option will be Genesis Framework and for non-coders i would recommend X theme :)

    This is a great selection btw!

    If you are looking for more premium wordpress themes, check out this article as further reading!

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      I’ve been using Genesis Framework for more than one year. And I must say, it’s AWESOME.

      Heard a lot about X theme, but never tried it.

  12. Ashwani Jain Avatar

    Hello Rayhan bro,
    Again you’ve written a very wonderful blog post. I have a little request to you. Please share some list of the sites which can provide us some free stuff.
    Thank you again for such wonderful informative blog post.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Okay, I will write a post on free themes. For now, I’d suggest you to check MyThemeShop. It has some awesome free themes.

  13. Al Mamun Avatar
    Al Mamun

    Hi, Istiak vai

    i bought a theme from Mythemeshop after reading your past Mythemeshop review. It’s awesome theme!

  14. Md. Momen Avatar
    Md. Momen

    Istiak bro
    I have got 100+ free themes from boost-work.com. I use one html template to design my portfolio website.
    But your most of themes need to be purchased. I have no card to purchased. However, you did a great job.


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, all of them are premium. But they are worth every penny.

  15. Monu Kumar Avatar
    Monu Kumar

    Hello Istiak Rayhan,
    :) I hope you will be fine and motivated :)
    Especially thanks to you bro. This is a superb list. I will sourly select a good theme from here. And will activate on our blog.
    Thanks for sharing
    Monu Kumar

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for your kind words. Stay connected.

  16. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty Avatar
    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    WordPress is one of the great blogging platform. Here very good theme information given. Mr. Istiak Rayhan thank you. Studiothemes and Elegant themes are good.

  17. Raplus Avatar

    Theme Junkie is the my favorite WordPress premium theme site :-) I use daily theme for my blog. :-) It is a great theme :-)

    1. DNN Avatar

      I’m glad that I chose to add a WordPress blog to the site because with it, I believe some of the WordPress themes are helping to better optimize the complete site for search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo without the other side of the site being WordPress. I love content marketing! :-)

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