7 Easy Steps to Create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Those days are gone when you would need a Pro to set up your blog/site.

Now you can set up your own site without hiring someone. WordPress is the software that makes it possible for you. It is a blogging tool and content management system that lets you to create a beautiful website or blogwebsite or blog (and it’s free).

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Though you can create a free blog with WordPress.com, but I always recommend self hosted WordPress.org to start your blog. If you don’t know the difference between theme, read this post.

Here are some reasons why I recommend Self hosted WordPress blog.

  • Unlimited Themes and custom design for your blog.
  • Thousands of Plugins – you can do everything you want with Plugins!
  • Make money from your blog with your own ways.
  • Top level Domain name with full control.
  • SEO friendly blog.

However, many people assume that setting up a WordPress blog is complicated. But it’s not hard. It’s EASIER than you think.

In this post, I will show you how to create self hosted WordPress blog  from scratch with 7 easy steps. As a bonus, I add a detailed post on every steps.

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I assume that you’ve already decided the topic of your blog.

This tutorial is very simple. Just follow the steps…

1. Choose Your Domain Name

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This is the first step. You have to choose a unique domain name. Domain name is the name of your blog, site or online business.

For example, Road to Blogging dot Com is my domain name. Whenever you enter the URL roadtoblogging.com on your browser, you’ll find my blog.

Choosing the right domain name for your blog is very important. So take your time to choose your name.

Keep in mind that domain name is the name of your BRAND. Don’t go with a random name.

Here are some simple tips to choose your domain name.

  • Choose one that is easy to remember.
  • Make sure it represents your business name.
  • Avoid hyphens or numbers.
  • .Com domain name is more popular than others.
  • Avoid Copyright violation.

More details: How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

2. Register Domain Name

After choosing the domain name, next thing to do is registering that domain name. There are a lot of companies that offer domain name registration to their customers.

Among them, GoDaddy is the number one domain name provider all over the world.

If you are going to buy a domain name for your blog/site, I recommend you to buy domain from GoDaddy.

Read: How to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy

3. Get Web Hosting

Web Host is the place that contains the web pages of a site. Actually it is a server that makes your web site visible to the world.

Whenever you upload a photo, video or post it will be saved on your hosting server. And people can easily access those via internet.

Whenever it comes to buying a web host, I recommend you to buy hosting from HostGator. It hosts more than 9,000,000 domains! So you can trust them for a good service.

You can get started with HostGator only for one cent. Just use the coupon code RTB1CENTHOSTING while signing up.

Read: How to Get $0.01 Hosting from HostGator

4. Connect Domain with Hosting

Hostgator Godaddy
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Once you’ve the domain name and Hosting account, you have to connect each other so that your domain can point your visitors to hosting server.

Otherwise,  visitor cannot access your site as your domain can’t determine where’s your site’s files located in.

So connect each other.

Check: How to Connect GoDaddy Domain Name with HostGator Hosting

5. Install WordPress

WordPress Installation
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Now your domain knows where is your site located in. But it won’t show anything until you install a platform on your server. When it comes to choosing a platform, WordPress is always my number one recommendation.

WordPress is the world’s best Blogging Tool and Content Management System (CMS). It’s very easy to use and even a newbie can use it. Before using it, you have to install it on your web host.

As your site hosted on HostGator, you are one click away from your first WordPress site. HostGator offers One Click WordPress Installation. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to set up your WordPress Blog.

6. Set Up the Basics

To make your WordPress blog SEO and user friendly, you have to configure some basic settings. Some of those are –

  • Active Akismet Plugin to stop spamming.
  • Setting up permalinks.
  • Setting Timezone.
  • Setting Gravatar etc.

Here is a detailed post on Essential Settings to Configure After Installing WordPress.

7. Publish Your First Post

This is the fun part.

You’ve launched your blog to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with others. Writing blog post is the best way to share your ideas and thoughts.

Learn: How to Create a New Blog Post

Your first blog post can be something like ‘Welcome to my WordPress Blog’ where you can write about you, your blog, topic of your blog, why you choose blogging etc.

Two important post for New WordPress user.

Hope this step by step guide helps you to create your first WordPress Blog. If you need any help, feel free to ask me via comment or you can contact with me. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let your friends know how to create a blog.

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  1. HI istiak this such a great article for those who is new in blogging and know nothing about blogging.

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