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About Istiak Rayhan 1
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My name is Istiak Rayhan – the man behind RoadToBlogging.Com. I’m a 26-year old internet marketer and full-time blogger originally from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Here at RoadToBlogging, I cover several topics such as Blogging, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Web Hosting, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Blogging and much more. My ultimate goal is to make bloggers’ journeys easier by sharing experience-based insights.

My Story

I was raised in a small village named Mogdhara (Sandwip). After completing the 8th grade, I moved to Chittagong to receive a better education. I finished my high school and college studies from Bangladesh Bank Colony High School and BAF Shaheen College, respectively.

In 2007, I got my first mobile phone. And I came to know about internet browsing. The internet really fascinated me. I quickly discovered how to create a website. And I created my very first website through my mobile browser.

In 2010, I got my first laptop. At that time, I learned about a freelancing website and quickly began working on that site. Some of the jobs required me to write posts and publish them on a site. To do those jobs, I created a site on Weebly.com. Unfortunately, that site got banned by Weebly due to some TOC-related issues. Then, I created another site on WordPress.com. This site also suffered the same fate due to TOC-related issues. Afterward, I decided to start a self-hosted blog.

In 2012, I created my first self-hosted site (which is still active) called TechThumbs.Com. This time, I decided not to do those freelancing jobs in this blog. My aim was to share different tech-related contents. While running the blog, I learned many new things about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, AdSense, etc and I started sharing those stuff on that blog. Soon I realized that it wasn’t a tech blog anymore. So I had to change my domain name. I chose the domain RoadToBlogging.Com (RTB), since I was sharing what I learned from my blogging journey. This is how RTB was born.

In November of 2013, I was able to make $1800 from a single affiliate program within a month. That was the first time I realized that making money from blogging is possible. After realizing this, I worked hard on the blog and continued to make a good amount of money every month.

In 2014, I started making four figure income from blogging. In the meantime, I completed BBA from International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) and got admitted in MBA in the same university.

After completing my BBA and MBA from International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), I became my own boss and never had to worry about a regular job.

If you would like to learn more about me, check out the following interviews.

Thanks for taking your time to read about me.

My Other Sites

RoadToBlogging.com is my main project. I spend most of the time working on RTB. But I have some other blogs.

HostLater.com: When it comes to the online business, web hosting can make or break your business. At HostLater.com, we publish web hosting related posts that will help you find a good web host.

WPLeaders.com: WordPress is the most popular CMS. It powers 27% of the entire internet. You can create any type of site through WordPress. At WPLeaders.com, we cover several WordPress related contents like theme/plugin reviews, theme/plugin roundup, tutorials, etc.

SetYourOffice.com: SetYourOffice is our brand new blog. This blog is all about setting up a stylish home office with the motivational work environment. You will discover a range of Office Accessories and Furniture to make your home office organized and productive.

I am also working on a local project that I haven’t disclosed yet.