How To Create Contact Page for Your WordPress Blog

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Contact page is an essential part of any blog/site. It is a medium for visitors/readers to contact with the author. Visitors can use this to ask question or to give feedback/suggestion about the site.

The main purpose of blogging site is to help readers. Readers may need to contact with you. So it is very important to create a contact page for your blog.

There is a WordPress Plugin called Contact form 7 which helps you to create a simple contact page for your blog. I found this plugin very useful and easy to use. Moreover you can use contact form whatever you want to use (For example, you can use it in your service page).

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. You can also add additional fields on your contact form such as ‘Phone number of the sender’.

Features of Contact Form 7:

  • Multiple contact forms.
  • Ajax-powered submitting.
  • CAPTCHA for preventing spam.
  • Akismet spam filtering and so on.

How to set up Contact Form 7 plugin:

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add new.
2. Type ‘Contact Form 7’ in search bar and Click on Search Plugins.
3. Very first result will be this Plugin.
4. Click on Install Now and Active your Plugin. Or you can download this form here to upload the plugin
5. You will get the Contact setting in left hand side of your dashboard.

To add additional field, click on ‘Checkboxes’ under the General Tag.

To create multiple contact form for several departments you can use different Emails for delivery.

If you are running a popular blog and there is a chance to get a lot spams then use CAPTCHA under General Tag option. To use CAPTCHA, you need Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin installed.
If you want to redirect your sender to a new page or thank you page then paste the following code on ‘Additional Setting’ field.

on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;”

Obviously replace the ‘’ website URL with a link to your desired thank you page.

To show Contact form in several pages or posts you may need to add codes like following:

Once you have created the Contact form, now go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New and paste the code. You can add some words of you.

Check my Contact page to get some idea about your contact page.

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