How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Domain name is the address of your online business. Choosing and registering a domain name is the first step in your online success. Choosing the right domain name according to your niche is very important for your blog.

I made a mistake on selecting domain name. Actually it is not a mistake, it was a wrong niche selection. I started my blog to write about tech stuffs and wrote some tech related post. On that time I started knowing many new things about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Adsense. I started sharing those things which I learnt everyday. Soon I realized that my site is related to Blogging rather than Technology. Recently I have changed my domain name from to

I don’t want other bloggers to make the mistake I did. Cause selecting the domain name is like naming a new-born baby. Today I am going to share some useful tips which help you to select a great domain name.

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How To Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Select 10 Top Keywords

Select at least top 10 keywords which is related to your niche. Once you have select the words, add suffixes & prefixes to create the best one. For example, if your blog is related to ‘Blogging” then you can use ‘my’ as prefix and ‘tips’ as suffix. However it is kinda tough to find out available domain name as many people do domain parking. You can take help from the bustaname service to find out the proper name.

Choose .Com Domains

If you want to build website for High traffic, Brand name then it is important to choose the domain extension which is familiar to mass people. I believe .Com (dot-com) is the most popular domain extension. So try to grab .com domain.

Easy to Remember

Try to use something easy to remember. Cause once people find it useful they may visit again. If your domain is tough to remember people can’t visit it again. Now look my domain name ROADTOBLOGGING – Road to Blogging. It is very easy to remember and people can tell their friends about it. Another important thing is spelling. Do not use those words which may create confusion on typing.

Expectation from Domain Name

When someone hears about your domain name they should have an idea about your website. That’s why my blog’s name RoadtoBlogging as I discuss blogging related stuff.
It is important to keep your name according to your niche. But to maintain this many new bloggers give their blog name as blogtips, techiblog, bloggerstricks and so on. You will find more than thousands name like that. So I suggest you go for something unique which will be the brand for you in future.

Avoid Copyright Violation

Before picking a new domain name, make sure that you are not violates the copyright policies. For example, you will not a domain having the word “WordPress” as WordPress doesn’t allow it. But you may use WP on your domain name.

Avoid Hypen

Do not use hypen on domain name to grab a rich domain name according to your niche. Having hypen on domain name may create confusion and you will lose your visitor. Moreover you will not get any renowned having hypen on their domain name.

But using hypen is a good idea if your domain name is something like where it should be

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