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15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018

How many times have you applied for AdSense account and got rejected?It could be several times or more. Maybe, you are still struggling to get approved by AdSense.Most of the new bloggers apply for AdSense many times and become disappointed after getting rejected by AdSense. But AdSense is not the only advertising network for publishers. […]

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Maximum Number of Adsense Ads Allowed Per Page

Adsense team is very strict about its Program Policies and TOS. If they find anyone who is violating their terms and policies, they will disable that Adsense account. Once your account is disabled, it’s very tough to revive again. So it’s very important to follow the Adsense guidelines to be on the safer side. One of […]

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Does Adsense Support Bangla (Bengali) Language? [Solution]

    Update: AdSense supports Bangla (Bengali) Language. Check the news here. One of the most common questions I get on my email is: Does Adsense Support Bangla Language? The answer is NO. Bangla is not a supported language for Adsense. Here are the languages Adsense Supports. Arabic German Portuguese Bulgarian Greek Romanian Chinese (simplified) […]

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How to Report Invalid Clicks to Adsense

There are some crazy people out there who click Adsense Ads madly. Obviously they are not trying to increase your revenue, but try to ban you from Adsense. I’ve faced these issues several times. When I saw Adsense click bombing for the first time, I was very scared about getting banned. However I found a […]

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