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3 Tips to Write a Distraction Free WordPress Blog Post

Writing is hard. Distractions make it harder. It’s very easy to get distracted. When you are writing online, then a lot of things can distract you like checking social notifications, Email etc. I know you are practicing some techniques to minimize distractions. But I believe, there is always room for improvements. If you’re like me […]

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Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog for Less Than $50

Everyone has something special to share with the world. The easiest way to share your thoughts is to start a blog. You can do it with free hosted sites like, etc, but you’ll never get the full control of your blog. The best option is to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog. But it’s […]

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How to Add DMCA Protection Badge in WordPress Blog

How does it feel when you found that someone has copied your blog contents without any permission? It feels terrible. I’ve faced this situation several times. Whenever I found that content thieves rank higher in Google, I report to Google to remove copied content. It’s a good idea. But we should be preventive about content […]

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