Gravatar: Show Your Photo on Blog Comments, Posts and Web Forums

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Everyone loves Faces. Actually  everyone wants to know who you are behind any blog posts, comments or forum activities.

When it comes to show your Photo on Blog Posts or Comments, then GRAVATAR is the solution. It’s an identity that distinguishes you and your Brand from others.

So What is Gravatar?

Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar.  It allows you to show your photo on Blog Posts, Comments or Web Forums beside your name. Your photo will be appeared according to your Email address.



Why it is Important?

  • It helps in Building Brand:  When it comes to build a BRAND, the first thing is using a Photo that distinguishes you from others. So when you use an unique photo it will help you to build your own Brand.
  • It increases Traffic: Gravatar helps you get good amount of referral traffic if you can use it wisely. When you do a lot of comment, your Gravatar will be familiar to blogshpere that may generate some traffic for you.
  • It builds Relationship: When you use the same photo on Gravatar and Social Networking sites, people will recognize you easily. And it obviously helps you to build a better relationship with others.

So you know the importance of Gravatar. Now time to set up your own Gravatar. Before we dive to the setting up, here are few tips about your Gravatar –

  • Pick a High quality Photo for Gravatar.
  • Try to use the popular photo which has been using in your Social Networking Sites.
  • Don’t change the Gravatar frequently.

How to Set Up Your Gravatar

1. Lets get started. Go to Enter your Email and Click on ‘Get Your Gravatar’.

Get Your Gravatar

Enter Your Email Address

2. Confirm Email. They will send a Confirmation email to you. Open the email and click on the activation link. Then you’ll be taken to the new page where you can enter your Username and Password. And click on Sign Up.

Enter Username and Password

Enter Username and Password

3. Manage Gravatars. You can add an additional Email address if you want. I think there is no need to add an additional image until you’re going to how different photo for different Email.

Now time to add a Photo to your Gravatar. Just click on ‘Add one by clicking here’. You can Image from your computer’s hard drive or from Internet. It is better to go with 1st option. By default, images are presented at 80px by 80px if no size parameter is supplied.

Manage Avatar

Add Your Photo

4. Crop and Rate your Image. They will ask you to crop your Image and Preview will be shown on beside. Click on ‘Crop and Finish’.

Then choose a rating for your Gravatar. If you are a Blogger then you should normally go for a G Rated Gravatar.

Gravatar Rating

Choose a rating for your Gravatar

5. That’s it. You are done. You can add additional Emails and Images at any time by logging into your Gravatar account.

You can set a specific Image for a specific Email. Your image will be appeared based on your Email address.

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Do let us know once you have set up your Gravatar via comments. If you find this post helpful consider sharing it with your friends.

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  • Khaja Moin says:

    Hi Rayhan,

    Seems you too want to tell your readers to use gravatar.
    It`s very important to attract advertisers.
    Else you can use a default image like
    I`m not sure how it can be done, hope may with a plugin.


    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Exactly, I am tired of getting comments with no Gravatar. These comments look spammy to me.
      We can use a custom Gravatar via plugin.

  • Mohammed Saimon says:

    Nice tips Istiak.

  • Mansi Agg says:

    Thanks for this lovely post. Your directions have been quite easy. I was trying to add one more email id to the Gravatar profile and its sent me a link and asked me to insert it into the url field on your favourite browser.. I did it but cant see it added in my profile..

  • devender says:

    Thank you Istiak finally i Set Up my Gravatar. Actually i wanted to setup it many days ago but i did’t have any idea how to set up Gravatar.Now i have setup it.thanks a lot again.

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