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How to Create Google+ Page for Your Blog/Business

Whether you run a blog or online business, it’s important for you to have social network profiles for your blog/business. When it comes to Social networking sites, we always think about Facebook or Twitter. But how can we ignore something from Google? Yes, I am talking about Google+. It’s the fastest growing social network ever. […]

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How to Stop Google+ Email Notifications

I like getting notifications from Google Plus when someone adds me in their circle, mention my name in comments, tag me in any photo or share any post with me. But I don’t like notifications when they make my inbox cluttered! Some bloggers are really enjoying of sharing every post with their circles’ email. Getting […]

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HootSuite Discounts: HootSuite Pro 30 Day Free Trial!

HootSuite is a Social Media Management Dashboard for businessmen, online entrepreneurs and bloggers to manage and measure their social networks. It has Over 7 million users and world’s many top brands use HootSuite. If you are going to use HootSuite Pro, then here is GOOD news for you. You can get HootSuite Pro free for […]

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3 Pinterest Extensions for Chrome Worth Checking Out

Pinterest is very popular image based Social Networking site. This photo sharing website is becoming more popular day by day. According to Time Magazine, Pinterest is one of the top 5 social networking sites. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, create one and start sharing interesting images. If you are already a Pinterest user […]

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How to Find and Remove Uncirclers on Google Plus

How annoying is it when someone follow you and you followed back, and they immediately unfollow you? I found it very irritating. But some people are enjoying it! Most of the time people do it because they want to have more follower then they have followed. Actually they try to show them as expert. Isn’t it […]

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