How To Create An Expert Roundup Post (7 Easy Steps)

How To Create An Expert Roundup Post (7 Easy Steps) 1

Are you still struggling with getting traffic to your blog?

Do you want your blog to look more credible in the eyes of your visitors and to have more authority in your niche?

Then you need to consider creating a roundup post.

It takes a lot of effort to create a formidable roundup post that gives you the right results. 

If you want to have a step-by-step plan to help you with the process and ensure that you get the right results from your efforts, then this post is for you.

But first…

What is a Roundup Post?

A roundup post is simply a post where you collect answers from different experts in your niche regarding one topic. 

It can be a lot of work to collect answers from experts in your niche and put them all in one post. It is more than copying and pasting answers.

However, this post is highly beneficial for the readers because it helps them look at different perspectives from different experts regarding their problems all in one place.

Here are a few examples:

Want to know the best SEO tool used by top SEO users in the industry?

Robbie Richards asked 143 experts about their opinions and shared them all in one post.

How To Create An Expert Roundup Post (7 Easy Steps) 2

When Corbett Barr launched Think Traffic, one of the first posts he published was a roundup post with experts contributing how to increase your traffic, and it put his blog on the map right away. Now it is named Fizzle.

How To Create An Expert Roundup Post (7 Easy Steps) 3

Here is another great one from Peep Laja where experts shared their favorite analytics report.

And there are many more examples that you could look at. Here is a post that shares more than 300 examples :)

Why Should You Publish Expert Roundup?

If you reached this section and doubt if it is really worth your effort to create a roundup post, then you need to understand the benefits it offers you, and then weight in whether it is worth your effort or not. I am sure you know the answer. :)

    So yes, it takes time to write this post, but you are providing huge value to the readers by collecting info from multiple experts in one post.

    And you also win on the other side by getting more traffic to your site, boosting the authority of your site, and building a relationship with bigger people in your niche. (Don’t underestimate this one.)

    I am sure by now you are excited about creating a roundup post, the question now is, how to do it?

    How to Create an Expert Roundup Post

    Now that you are excited about creating a roundup post, let’s get to the nitty-gritty details of creating a roundup post.

    It may seem like a lot of steps, but don’t worry, this post will make it easier for you to follow the steps.

    Step #1: Choose the Right Topic

    The first and most important step is choosing the right topic or having the right question. This is going to make or break your roundup post.

    You need to find a question that your audience is dying to find an answer to, and you don’t want it to be repeated to death.

    So, don’t go and ask experts on how to get traffic. Avoid generic questions like that. Your questions should either have a better angle to the same question, or you can get more specific as Robbie did with his best SEO tool roundup post.

    This is very important to get more eyes on your post and to get experts excited to answer your question and share it as well. Asking a generic question will make it not worth it for the experts and will probably lead to low results as well, so dig deeper and come up with a better question.

    So, how do you find the right topic?

    • Ask your readers. Ask them what are they struggling with.
    • Join groups in your niche and find out hot pressing topics they have problems with
    • Find trending topics already in your niche and jump directly and ask experts about their opinions… ride the wave early on.

    Go super-specific and try to have a cool angle on popular topics, and you are good to go.

    Take some time to complete this step. Once you have a clear question, move on to the next step.

    Step #2: Create Your List of Experts

    You need to have the right list of people who may be interested in your question and can help you have quality content.

    The quality of the content is mostly in their hands, so you need to have the right experts on your site.

    You also want experts who have an audience who are interested in the topics of your blog and who have good social presence, so you can attract people to visit your site once you publish the post on your blog.

    How do you find those experts?

    • Start with a Google Search: You can start by just typing the topic in the search box and analyzing the top results that appear. You can also search for “top niche experts” or top blogs to get more people to your site.
    • Find people who participated in other Roundups: There’s no better choice than those who have already been part of the process.
    • Popular group owners: Find owners of popular & engaged groups on social media. These people will deliver quality traffic to your site. I am not just talking about Facebook groups, but also Linkedin groups, subreddits, and so on.
    • Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a great tool that could save you some time finding influential people in your niche with a click of a button. You can also use it to find people who shared previous content. Make sure to sort them to find influential ones.
    • Quora: Quora is created specifically so people can answer other people’s questions. The people you find here are the ones who are most willing to do it. Make sure to check their social presence.
    • Ask your readers: Let them tell you who they would want to hear their opinion from to help them solve that problem. It is great to make your readers invested in the process.

    One tip to remember is that you don’t just want top experts in your niche. You also want the people who have a huge potential to be an expert in the near future. These people are easier to convince to answer your questions, and their audience will be highly engaged.

    You can find these people by searching for popular content on Buzzsumo and see posts from unpopular blogs, or by seeing people who publish quality guest posts on popular blogs in your niche. These people will be like a gem.

    Step #3: Create a Google Form to Submit the Answers

    Now that you have the list ready before you start contacting them, you need to have a way to collect the answers in an organized way to save you time.

    It takes a few minutes to complete this step, but it will save you a lot of time later on.

    All you need is to go to Google Forms, log in, and then you can either choose from the templates or start from scratch.

    You need a simple form that includes name, email, answer, bio, and that is it.

    Adding more will just make it overwhelming and will decrease the number of responses you get.

    Collect social media profiles yourself and find a great image yourself from their blog or social media. It’s a little bit more time-consuming, but it shows that you respect the time of those experts.

    Step #4: Contact the Experts

    Now that you have completed the above steps, it is time to finally reach out to those experts and ask them about their opinions.

    Remember that you are not going to get a 100% response rate. Getting 20% is very good, so make sure that you have enough amount of people to reach out. You can multiply the number that you want by 10.

    Before you reach out to them, you need to find their email address.

    It is a very simple process:

    1. Subscribe to their email list and see the email they use for their emails.
    2. Go to the about or contact page and see if you find their email address.
    3. User to do all the heavy lifting for you.
    4. Mention them on Twitter and ask them if they are interested and to send you their email.

    If you are targeting FB group owners or other people on social media, you can simply send them a DM.

    Once you have the emails ready, you can now start contacting them.

    If you are using Google Chrome, here is a simple trick to help you load an email fast. Use the auto text expander Chrome extension.

    Create a shortcut like “@email” to load up a template right away and then start customizing it. Instead of copy-pasting every time, you can also use canned responses in Gmail.

    Now, let’s go to a template that you could start using right away:

    Subject: Quick question?

    Or (ask your question in a few words) like Top SEO tool?


    Hi (name),

    I know you are busy, so I’ll keep this brief.

    Personal experience with any of their posts. Share a post that you like and why you liked it.

    The reason I am contacting you today is because I am creating an expert Roundup about (topic) and would love to include your thoughts to share it with other experts’ opinions for people who have this problem.

    (Ask the question here)

    I don’t need super-detailed answer. 50-100 words are more than enough. Add a link to your docs form.

    I have invited 100 other influential experts. (person #1, #2 & #3) have already agreed.

    I would like to have your submissions before (date). Hope you can participate and share your expertise.


    (your name)

    Make sure to modify it as you want. You don’t need to copy/paste this template. Use it as an inspiration to create yours.

    Let’s dissect why a template like this works.

    • Showing that you appreciate their time is very important. Influencers get hundreds of emails a day, so don’t make them think they are going to waste their time when checking your email
    • Showing that you know their content will help you stand out from the crowd.
    • You need to be super clear on why you are emailing them and what you need specifically.
    • Having a deadline is important to make them not put it off and forget about you.

    When you email them, 1 of 3 situations happens:

    1. They respond: Favourable outcome. In this situation, you thank them.
    2. They refuse politely: Don’t take it personally. Tell them that you understand, and maybe tell them that you will send them the post once it is finished, and maybe they will share it.
    3. They don’t respond: Again, don’t take it personally. They get hundreds of emails a day. So try following up about twice per week without being annoying.

    Once you have the answers, let’s move to the next steps.

    Step #5: Put the Opinions Together in a Cool Way

    Your job isn’t done once you collect the answers to the question. You don’t just put them in a post and expect good returns.

    Old content rules still apply. You need magnetic headlines, powerful intros, good web design, and overall good structure of your post to prevent leads from bouncing from your site.

    Let’s talk about each one:

    • Magnetic Headline: You need attractive headline to get people to open your content. Usually, roundup posts lead with the number of responses and then add the word “experts”. Make sure to use power words to make the headline more powerful.
    • Powerful Intro: Boring intro is guaranteed to help you lose the attention of people you captured with your magnetic headlines. Write engaging intros which describe the pain of the problem, and then show them that the light to the tunnel is in the answer of those experts. This is key to a powerful intro.
    • Good Design & Formatting: This is essential. Using page builder plugins or blocks in the Gutenberg editor can make your job easier. Our plugin Ultimate Blocks can help you make your post more engaging and formatted the right way. Blocks can be great to make sure that things are consistent. You can duplicate blocks for each answer.

    Pro tip: Use the Click to Tweet block to make sure your content is sharable. Use it to make powerful sentences easy to tweet. 

    Once you are sure that everything is placed in a cool way, you can publish the post. But don’t expect that your work ends here. :)

    The two most important steps that yield the results are the next ones.

    Step #6: Contact Experts & Let Them Know the Post is Live

    Once you publish the post, the first step is to let the experts who already contributed to know that it is published.

    You can do so in two ways. I encourage you to use both.

    1. Share the post on social media and mention the experts in your content: Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, make sure to mention the experts featured. You can create multiple tweets if you can’t fit them all in one tweet.
    2. Send them a thank you email: Thank them again for participating in your roundup, and then tell them that the post is published, and ask politely if they would share it.

    Very simple, yet effective.

    You need to leverage their influence as much as possible without being spammy and get their audience to your post. And from there, their audience will share it and things will roll.

    Step #7: Promote the Post Extensively

    You can’t just depend on experts to do all the heavy lifting for you. You already created an epic piece of content, and your job is to get as much eyesight on your content as possible.

    Remember the 80/20 rule. Spend 20% of the time on creating your content, and 80% on promoting your content.

    So, what should you do?

    1. Leverage your own platforms: You already started promoting it on social media when you mentioned the experts. The next step is to promote it to your email list. You can email them multiple times about it. It would be even cooler if you tease it in your emails before publishing it to make them excited about it.
    2. Share it on groups and communities you are part of: Share it in the communities related to your topic. It would be great if you are part of the community and you help people, and you’re not just posting your content. They will appreciate your effort.
    3. Ask experts who didn’t become part of it. Maybe, they will like it and share it as well.
    4. Email people who shared similar roundups or similar content from those experts. Use Buzzsumo to find those people and to find their email. These people already showed interest in the content, and they are great prospects to help increase eyeballs on your content.

    Spend as much time as you can in this step. You want to get as much traffic as you can from the content you have.


    Creating a roundup post can be a great way to help you get a quick head start in your industry. Not only will it get you more traffic, but it will help boost your credibility and help you become known by experts in your niche.

    It may seem overwhelming, but this post makes it simpler (not easy) to follow along and finally have your roundup post up and running, so you get your expected results.

    All you need now is to start taking action. Return to step #1 and start following along.

    Once you publish your roundup post, mention it below and tell me how it fared.

    Let me know in the comments if there’s any part that you need more clarification.


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    1. Anil Agarwal Avatar

      I think expert roundup posts can be so helpful for those who’re running new sites.

      They can help you get traction and more exposure as you’ll be doing roundups with experts.

      It’s a good idea to compile a list of at least 30 to 50 experts in your niche and ask them some insightful questions.

      Most experts will agree to do it if they take less time to respond!

      Also, it’s important to promote it hard once the post goes live. Without promotion, you can’t reach a wider audience. Great post buddy.

    2. Ronak Patel Avatar

      It is an excellent post. I want to get traffic by using this technique, “roundup post.”
      Great work. Keep it up.

    3. Liton Biswas Avatar

      Hey Ryan,

      Nice post. You’ve explained the thing very clearly.
      For some times, I’ve been thinking to write an expert roundup post. This post helps me to learn the thing.
      Thanks for sharing this timely post.

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