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10 Best Online Blogging Courses For Beginners (Free & Premium)

Istiak Rayhan

10 Best Online Blogging Courses For Beginners (Free & Premium) 1
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When you are a newbie to blogging, it’s a good idea to read blogs like ours to get plenty of helpful information. But it’s not enough if you want to learn to blog in a step-by-step process.

That’s where online blogging courses become helpful. These help you to learn blogging structurally. And you will be able to learn from someone else’s years of experiences.

There are both free and premium blogging courses out there. I’d recommend you to buy a premium course. Premium courses offer more in-depth information than the free ones.

And another thing is, when you invest money in something, you will try your best to get a return on your investment. And this will help you to learn blogging more efficiently.

But if you don’t want to invest money initially, you can go with a free course. You will be able to learn some basics that will help you to get started.

Here I’ll be sharing 10 best online blogging courses (free and paid) for beginners.

Now let’s see what you will be learning from these blogging courses.

1. Blog for a Living ($19.99)

“Blogging for a Living” is the most in-depth step-by-step blogging course for beginners at an affordable price. The instructor, Theo McArthur, shows everything you need to know to start a blog and make money out of it. Whether you are a beginner or has been blogging for years, you will learn something new from this course.

This 11.5 hours video course covers topics like Blog Niche, Blogging Platforms, Domain Name, Hosting, WordPress, Online Shop, Traffic Generation, Making Money, List Building, and more.

What Will You Learn?

  • Choosing a topic for your blog.
  • play-circleChoosing a platform, domain name, and web hosting for your blog.
  • play-circleSetting up a WordPress blog from scratch.
  • play-circleGetting content ideas and writing blog posts with all best practices.
  • play-circleIntegrating a shop on your blog.
  • play-circleInstalling tracking tools on your blog.
  • play-circleDriving traffic to your blog from Google+, Twitter, Reddit, and other free sources.
  • play-circleMonetizing your blog with Amazon Associate Program, Digital Products, Advertising, and other ways.
  • play-circleBuilding an email list.

2. Blogging 101 ($19.99)

Blogging 101 is the most popular Udemy course on blogging. If you feel overwhelmed with the in-depth course, this course is for you. It’s very organized, and the instructor tried his best to keep it to the point. This course will help you to build a successful blog in 2018.

This 2 hours course covers several topics like choosing a blog topic, making content strategy, setting up WordPress, generating ideas, list building and more. The Instructor, Brad Merrill, is an entrepreneur and a blogger who has been in online business for over a decade.

What Will You Learn?

  • Developing the mindset of a successful blogger.
  • play-circleChoosing a blog topic with a content strategy.
  • play-circleNaming and Branding your blog.
  • play-circleSetting up domain name and web host.
  • play-circleInstalling WordPress with essential settings.
  • play-circleFinding content ideas and writing amazing blog posts.
  • play-circleGetting started with SEO and SMM.
  • play-circleGrowing an email list.
  • play-circleBuilding a profitable blog.

3. Blogging Blueprint 2.0 ($19.99)

If you are a non-techie but want to learn to blog quickly, then the Blogging Blueprint course is for you. Though the course is claiming that you will become a blogging expert in 7 days, it’s not that simple as it sounds. It will take time to become an expert.

However, I know the instructor (Kulwant Nagi) very well. He has been in Blogging for more than six years. I am pretty sure that he will make your blogging journey easier by sharing his blogging knowledge.

This course covers several topics like writing, email marketing, driving traffic, social media marketing, SEO, making money, etc.

What Will You Learn?

  • Picking your blog’s category.
  • play-circlePicking a brandable domain name.
  • play-circleSetting up a WordPress blog from scratch.
  • play-circleGetting content ideas and writing awesome blog posts.
  • play-circleDesigning professional images for your blog.
  • play-circleFind professional writers for your blog.
  • play-circleUnderstanding email marketing.
  • play-circleDriving traffic from social media.
  • play-circleUnderstanding On-Page SEO.
  • play-circleBuilding backlinks to your blog.
  • play-circleMonetizing your blog with affiliate marketing and advertising.

4. How to Start a WordPress Blog (Free)

If you are looking for a free course to start a WordPress blog, then this is the perfect choice for you. This course helped more than 8,000 people to start their WordPress blog. You don’t need to have any coding and HTML skills to create your WordPress blog. This course will teach you how to do it by using Drag n Drop builder.

This course is instructed by Hogan Chua, a WordPress expert. This is the best free course for starting WordPress blog.

What Will You Learn?

  • Getting Domain and Hosting for your WordPress blog.
  • play-circleInstalling WordPress with basic configurations.
  • play-circleInstalling WordPress theme and plugins.
  • play-circleSetting menu navigation.
  • play-circleAdding logo and favicon to your blog.
  • play-circleAdding blog posts.
  • play-circleCreating social accounts.
  • play-circleBuilding essential pages.

5. Launch Your Blog ($97)

Launch Your Blog is the ultimate beginner guide to building and launching a WordPress blog within one month. You don’t need to have any coding skills. All you need to do is follow their step by step guide.

Alex and Lauren are the instructors of this course. They will help you to build a successful blog by sharing their experiences. They are the founders of two popular blogs – and

What Will You Learn?

  • Things to know before starting your blog.
  • play-circleUnderstanding WordPress.
  • play-circleSetting Up a WordPress theme.
  • play-circleBlog design and structure.
  • play-circleCreating custom images.
  • play-circleFinding your writing voice.
  • play-circleCreating amazing content.
  • play-circleEmail Marketing.
  • play-circleResources for beginner bloggers.
  • play-circleSetting up social media accounts.
  • play-circleMaking money with affiliate marketing.
  • play-circlePinterest traffic generation.

6. 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge (Free)

7 Day Blog Challenge Course is a pretty straightforward blogging course for beginners. This course will walk you through the process of creating a blog in 7 days. This is the quickest way to start a WordPress blog. There are already around 15,000 students who have taken this course to build their blog.

This course is instructed by Zac Johnson, who is one of the top bloggers in the World and has been in the online industry for more than 20 years. He knows everything about building successful blogs. He has many other blogging courses on Udemy

What Will You Learn?

  • Setting up web hosting and WordPress.
  • play-circleConfiguring WordPress with theme setup.
  • play-circleCreating first blog post.
  • play-circleCreating about me and contact page.
  • play-circleStarting a mailing list for your blog.
  • play-circleCreating a main page and pillar content.
  • play-circleCreating user call-to-action on your blog.
  • play-circleMonetizing your blog.

7. The 100 Day Blogging Courses ($45)

100 Day Blogging Course is a live case study course by Deepak Kanakaraju, a successful digital marketer from India. He will be showing how to build a successful blog from scratch in 100 days. You will also be able to learn digital marketing while building your own blog.

This course also offers course completion certificate. But the main thing is, you will be able to build a successful blog which you can show in your portfolio.

What Will You Learn?

  • Choosing A Topic For Your Blog.
  • play-circleSetting up domain and web hosting.
  • play-circleSetting up the WordPress blog.
  • play-circleGenerating content ideas.
  • play-circleBasic SEO Configuration.
  • play-circleCreating social media presence and more.

8. Blogging for Beginners ($12)

This is a step-by-step crash course on setting up your first WordPress blog. This course is suitable for beginners who want to start their blogging journey. The course instructor is Laurie Wang, a lifestyle blogger and a digital marketing consultant from London, United Kingdom.

What Will You Learn?

  • The potentiality of blogging.
  • play-circleChoosing a profitable topic for your blog.
  • play-circleGenerating topic ideas.
  • play-circleChoosing a blogging platform.
  • play-circleIntroduction to, Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium.
  • play-circleChoosing a domain name and web hosting.
  • play-circleSetting up a blog.

9. Blogging Basics (Free)

As the name suggests, it’s very basic course. The great thing is, it’s free, and it offers you to teach the basics of blogging within a concise time. The instructor of this course is a freelance writer and blogger from Los Angeles, CA.

This free course is hosted on SkillShare. You need to create a SkillShare account to get access to this course.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to blogging.
  • play-circleDifferent Blogging Platforms.
  • play-circleBlog Design.
  • play-circleThe Pages you should set for your blog.
  • play-circleSocial Media.
  • play-circleCreating Amazing contents.

10. The Authority Site System ($997)

The Authority Site System is a complete step-by-step system to build and grow your blog as an Authority Site. This is the same system that I follow to make my new authority blog. From marketing research to monetization, it has everything you need to know to build a successful authority site. It offers 85 video lessons, real-life case studies, ready mate templates, site building to-do lists, community, and live Q&A. This course is instructed by Gael Breton, the co-founder of Authority Hacker and Health Ambition.

However, this course might not be the right choice for you if you are just a beginner. This course for those who have tried and failed, have basic knowledge of online marketing, and who want to grow fast.

What Will You Learn?

  • Module 1: The Basics of Online Marketing.
  • play-circleModule 2: Market Research and In-depth Keyword Research.
  • play-circleModule 3: Building SEO-Friendly Site & Optimizing It.
  • play-circleModule 4: Commercial Content Creation & Optimization.
  • play-circleModule 5: Info Content & Link Building.

Conclusion: Which One Is Right For You?

So these are the course that can help you to get started with blogging in no time.

If you are not sure which course is right for you, here’s my suggestion.

  • If you are a complete beginner and want to learn blogging from scratch, Blogging 101 is the right course for you.
  • If you are a looking for a free course, you can start with “7 Day Blog Challenge”.
  • If you’ve already started blogging and want to take it to the next level, The Authority Site System is the best solution for you.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Which course you are going to enroll? And do you know any other blogging courses? Please share with us via comment.

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Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. thank you for the list. i want to start my blog and i think “blogging 101” is perfect for me. i have basic knowledge of blogging and want to learn it properly first before starting my blog. thanks for the list.

  2. Hi Istiak,

    This is a great list of blogging courses. Courses are a great way to learn blogging because they offer a more organized approach than randomly reading blogs. It’s still good to combine both courses and reading blogs though.

    Personally I’ve learned a lot about blogging and creating WordPress websites from some of the instructors above such as Zac Johnson and Gael Breton; so I can vouch for them as well.

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