How to Get Facebook Page ID: 2 Easy Ways

Facebook Page ID

Many WordPress Plugins like ‘Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox’ require Facebook Fan Page id to set up the plugin. Even some Facebook applications require Facebook page ID.

Facebook page ID is a numeric value that is used to identify a Page/Profile inside Facebook’s database. If you are using a custom URL for your page, then it won’t appear on the link.

Before you go crazy finding on Facebook Page ID here are 2 easy ways to get your ID.

1. From Facebook Page Setting

You can get your Facebook Page ID from page setting. Here’s how to do it.

1. Login to your Facebook page account.

2. Click on ‘Setting’ from the upper right. And click on ‘Page Info’ from the left side.

Facebook Page Setting

3. Then you will be landed to a new page. Just scroll down and you will see “Facebook Page ID”.

Facebook Page ID

2. From

It’s the easiest way.

Just go to and enter you Facebook Page/Profile URL. Then click on “Find numeric ID” button.

Find numeric id

On the next page, you will get your Facebook personal numeric ID.

Facebook Numeric ID

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