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7 Best Social Media Optimization Tips For Your Blog Posts

Istiak Rayhan
written by

Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. I was having some trouble with image optimization & size on posts social sharing. The image size for facebook & twitter are different. This is very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Istiak,
    Nice article, I have been promoting my site through social media. However I hardly get any share or like. You suggested that we can use social content locker for increasing share. However I was wondering if that is okay for promotion because it forces the visitors to share it in order to view the post. I just wanted to know if it is within the rules of search engines and I won’t be penalized for it. Thanks for sharing this post. :)

    1. It’s totally OK as long as you are just locking a part of the post. Only do this on long posts. You can also offer a bonus part behind the social locker.

  3. I have been using WordPress to building website since so long, i was never aware that we can do set title for twitter right from wordpress site itself. thanks istiak for writing this wonderful article .

  4. Hi Istiak,

    In this era of social media marketing it is really necessary for a business to create strong social media presence. social media is a place that can turn a newbie into brand in just few days and it is the place that become doom for popular businesses.

    You need to make your blog highly engaging for social media users. It must be so attractive that they cannot neglect it.

    There is nothing that can stop you from becoming social media champ when you understand your target audience of social media.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Istiak,

    Social Media plays a great role in driving some decent traffic to your blog. It does not have any direct impact on SEO. However, it can be useful to spread your content over the web. Thanks for sharing these awesome points and tips here.

    With Regards,

    1. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. However, I think the social signal is still a ranking factor.

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