How to Report Invalid Clicks to Adsense

Istiak Rayhan

There are some crazy people out there who click Adsense Ads madly. Obviously they are not trying to increase your revenue, but try to ban you from Adsense. I’ve faced these issues several times. When I saw Adsense click bombing for the first time, I was very scared about getting banned. However I found a way to report Google Adsense team about invalid clicks.

Whenever you get a lot of clicks from one user, Google will understand someone is trying to manipulate your Adsense account. Though Adsense credits the fraud clicks revenue on estimated earnings initially,  it will be discredited once they detect it as fraud. You needn’t to freak out over invalid click as Google can detect that. But I always suggest you to report Google Adsense Team whenever you find some strange activity on Adsense. It’ll let you sleep easy.

However, if you clicked your own Adsense ads accidentally, you needn’t to notify Adsense about that click.

How to Notify Google About Invalid Clicks

First of all, it isn’t compulsory to report Google about fraud clicks. But if you want to stop worrying about getting banned, then you may consider contacting with Adsense Team. After all, it could be a reason for getting banned from Adsense.

To notify Adsense about invalid clicks, you’ll need to fill out the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

Adsense Invalid Clicks Contact Form

Just enter your Name, Email Address, Publisher ID, Your Site URL, Select a Topic, Date and Time of the click activity.

It also asks for describing why those clicks seem invalid to you and to indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers or requests. If you don’t have any description or data to put there, just leave it blank and click on ‘Submit’ button.

That’s it. You are done!

Hope it helps. Once again, it isn’t obligatory to report Adsense about invalid clicks. But if you want to be on safe zone, you can do that. If you find this post useful, like us on Facebook to get regular updates.

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  1. Should I remove adsense ads code from my website before sending invalid click report to adsense team?

    Please answer me!

  2. Thanks for the article, thats really help a lot.
    I got invalid click 1,8% CTR. Do you thinks this is bomb click? actually its commonly i only got 0,4% CTR everyday but this mean i got 4x form normal CTR daily.

    I thinks google adsense system in 2019 now will detect automaticly invalid click activity.

  3. Sir when we use auto ads on our blog then adsense invalid click activity occur. And when we remove auto ads then no anyone click on my adsense ads. What should i do sir. Should i add auto ads or not?

  4. Hi ,
    google disabled my adsense account due to fraud click.
    i have fill apeal form as well but nothing happen. Now while accessing adsense from my account its shows your adsense account has been disabled. could you give me any tips to get back my google adsense account.

    My site url

    Thanks in Advanse.

      1. Hi

        I fill appeal form but got below email. what should i do now. Please Tell me how can i get back my google adsense. can i create other gmail account and applied for adsense again for my same site. Please advise

        i got this email after fill appeal form.

        This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.


        Thanks for contacting Google AdSense. According to our records, we found that your account has been disabled due to invalid click activity.

        For more information, please review the common questions about disabled accounts in the AdSense Help Center:


        The Google AdSense Team

        1. Creating a new account won’t be a good idea as you can’t put your same name and address to the new account. So wait and keep calm. After 2-3 days, file an apeal again. Tell Google everything you know about invalid clicks (Be honest).

          1. Hi,

            I told google that i have not made fraud click. Then also he rejected.

            Could you please tell? what shuold i tell to google?, to enable my adsense account. Please help me.

            Thanks in advanse.

    1. You have to disable monetization then Fill Contact form.You can only tell Them the Will invalid click is going on your Account.But stopping them is your responsbility.So first Disable monetization from you youtube or account then. Contact adsense.
      Form says It’s your responsbility to stop them.
      sorry my english is not good so i can mispell.

  5. Hi
    i recently got google adsense approvel. my site is
    It’s a nice article. but how can i find that some one is trying to hit on advertise, just to disconnect adsense from website. Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  6. Yesterday i received many invalid clicks and ctr become 222%. but this article help me to report invalid click activity.

  7. That’s a useful post.I did not know that we can report invalid clicks to google…But the problem is how do we get to know that details of the person who is doing these invalid clicks….

    1. Karnal, You can get the details from Google Analytics or Clicky Analytics. But it isn’t obligatory to provide the details.

  8. Hello Istiak Rayhan,

    I think all Adsense users must know this. Mainly in Asian countries, there are some invalid or fraud clickers. So at that time, this tips is helpful.

    Thanks for share

  9. Good Information Istiak .it helps for me in future right now my site has no adsense approval .

    Thanks for the information

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