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How To Block Certain Google Adsense Ads

You might have noticed that sometimes Google Adsense Ads show some irrelevant, competing sites, spammy looking or common ads on your site. But you don’t want Adsense to show such type of Ads. If you are in this situation, then you are lucky enough that Google has an option that lets you block those Ads. […]

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Can You Get AdSense Approval With A Subdomain Site?

I have been asked this question many times that “Can I get Adsense approval with Subdomain?” Before we dive to the answer here some information about Subdomain. Subdomain: A subdomain is a domain that is part of a top-level domain. For example, is a top level domain and is a subdomain. Subdomain can be […]

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How to Add Google Custom Search in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress inbuilt search, then you deprive your readers from relevant posts and miss some revenue from Adsense. How? Most of the time WordPress default Search shows results ordered by date, not by relevance. That means most recent posts get priority, even if older posts are related with search terms. Moreover Search terms are […]

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How to Set Backup Ads in Google Adsense

Sometimes you may notice that Google Adsense shows blank spaces instead of Ads. It mainly happens on blogs/websites having multi languages. If google Adsense unable  to display ads for any reason it will display blank spaces. Adsense has an option called ‘Show other ads from another URL‘ to utilize the blank spaces. You can use […]

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