The 11 Best Laptops For Blogging & Writing In 2018

When it comes to blogging and writing, you need just one thing… a laptop with an internet connection. Choosing the right laptop is very crucial. Choose the wrong one, and it could literally hinder your growth. It is not just a mere tool that makes you eligible to start blogging, but the right laptop can […]

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7 Best Social Media Optimization Tips For Your Blog Posts

When it comes to generating traffic to your blog, Search Engine Optimization is very crucial. And we give our best effort on SEO. But we often ignore the Social Media Optimization. Social Media Sites can generate a massive amount of traffic if you can optimize it correctly. Unlike On-Page SEO, it’s very easy to optimize your […]

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How To Import From Google Docs To WordPress (The Easiest Way)

Google Docs has been an excellent writing and editing tool for years. I’ve tested many writing tools before sticking with Google Docs. Features like formatting, commenting, tagging people in comments, checking revision history, voice typing, Keyboard Shortcuts, collaboration, etc makes it a fantastic writing tool. But when it comes to importing Google Docs file to […]

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