I’m Jitendra Vaswani, Founder of BloggersIdeas, and This Is How I Blog

I’m Jitendra Vaswani, Founder of BloggersIdeas, and this is How I Blog

One of the most successful bloggers in India, Jitendra runs a team of 20 people and owns a lot of blogs.


years in blogging


daily work


people team

My Background

I started my digital marketing journey in 2012 while working with a small startup as an SEO executive and I started at a very low salary due to no interested in programming and I was very disheartened.

Suddenly I developed an interest in SEO and from that point, my life took a huge turn and I did a job for 2.5 yrs and finally started my first blog – BloggersIdeas.com in 2013 and rest is history. In 2013 I didn’t know that my blog will become successful because I was learning from SEO masters like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Rand Fishkin.

Through my first book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” I want to help people to take actions in their life and bring change in people’s mindsets. To have an entrepreneur mindset is everything.

I would like to mention about my biggest influences in this marketing industry –

• Neil Patel
• Gary Vaynerchuk
• Grant Cardone
• Wolf Of Wall Street (movie)
• Rand Fishkin

Managing the Blogs

Currently, I have many blogs under my belt, they are travel, health & MMO. I have a team of 20 people who are handling those blogs, I train my team on SEO and link building. As some of the niche blogs are in competitive niches, so it requires a lot of content & strong On-Page SEO. Managing team is getting tougher for me day by day as my team needs attention every day and I am using Trello for managing the tasks between the team.

“I am using Trello for managing the tasks between the team”

Content Outsourcing

Yes I outsource content, SEO & my web design & development task to the people I hired through my friend circle. As I dont want to do everything , I divide the tasks between my team & everybody have their own set of targets.

Assigning the right task to the right person always help me to achieve the targets, when I started out this business I was bad at managing the team and I lose a lot of money here.

Use Trello for managing tasks it makes my job so easy. Sometimes I do hire people from UpWork too for video editing for my interviews.

Promoting Blog Posts

For now I use social media sites like FB, Linkedin & Twitter. Most of the traffic on my blogs is organic so I do SEO and ask my team to do strong On-Page SEO because I know organic is the highest converting traffic.

“organic is the highest converting traffic”


As my traffic is now 90% organic and I never did paid traffic when I started, because I didn’t have much money at that time. I did SEO myself and slowly I started building my team in SEO.

I started this blog (BloggersIdeas.com) with an investment of $50 and now $50 investment is worth millions of dollars as I am doing affiliate marketing & making money through lot of affiliate programs currently.

Also I use these monetization methods:

• Sponsored Reviews
• PR Marketing
• Selling Courses

Reading List








I use oneplus 7t PRO, one of my favorite device and it fast.

I have Microsoft surface book 2 laptop, it is beast machine and I cannot live without windows. I am not fan of Apple.

Tools I use

I surely recommend these tools the startups or business owners who are really serious to grow their business and wants to take their business to the next level. Using the best tools for your business is a guaranteed success. You have to audit your business with these powerful tools to scale your business to higher revenues.

Web Softwares/Services


Blog management


Hiring Content Writers

Google Drive

Storage & Docs


Keyword Research


Keyword Research

Browser extensions

Check my links
highlights broken links

shows social share count in the toolbar

allows you to check how any website is ranking

industry’s leading All-in-one SEO toolbar. Must use.

grades your site according to on-page SEO criteria.

check the list of sites on the given keyword

checks a huge selection of SEO parameters on a given web page

Workspace Setup

My workspace is mostly coffee shop, because most of the time I am working from the coffee shop and sometimes I rent an coworking space in Bangkok. Mostly I am spending time in Thailand and traveling across the globe.


I dont read too many books, but I do watch Youtube videos for book summaries sometimes.

Bloggers should read this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to learn the difference between liabilities & assets because I see many bloggers they make money and then buy liabilities which makes them poor. Build your assets and learn how to keep money in your pocket always.

Things I do when not blogging

I am always blogging, it’s in my blood, I am talking to my team everyday about blogging & SEO, so its 24*7 routine. So invest your time if you want to become a digital nomad, watching binge TV shows will never make you an entrepreneur.

Start multiple blogs
& don’t depend on a single blog.

Best Blogging Advice Received

Depending on a single source of income is risky. So diversify your income portfolio. Build assets while growing your business. As Gary Vee said put your head down and keep working towards your goals, don’t listen to other people’s opinions.

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  1. Amit Garg Avatar

    Hey Istiak

    Amazing interview.

    I recently started following Jitendra Vaswani when I saw an interview of him with Anil Agarwal.

    He is an amazing personality making India proud worldwide.

    Amit Garg

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