HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month!

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 1Have you ever thought of making money from your web host rather than paying?

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been doing it for a while with HostGator Affiliate Program. In fact, my journey with affiliate marketing started with HostGator.

A few years back, I was checking an income report of Harsh Agrawal. I was stunned to see him making money from HostGator while I was paying HostGator every month. Then I came to know about HostGator Affiliate Program.

I quickly started promoting HostGator and get my first affiliate sale within 6 months. Now I am making more than $1000 every month from HostGator.

Today I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to make money with HostGator Affiliate Program. Let’s first talk about HostGator first.

HostGator is an award-winning web hosting provider that has been in business since 2012. It became very popular for its affordable web hosting solution. Whether you are a blogger or business owner, HostGator has a plan for you. That makes it easier to promote it.


Giving A Test Drive On HostGator

One of the common affiliate marketing mistakes is, promoting a product or service that you haven’t used or tested. When you don’t have the first-hand experience of a product/service, you won’t be able to suggest the product/service confidently.

Here’s good news for you. HostGator is so confident about the services that it lets you try their service for almost free for one month. You have just to pay 1 cent to prove that you are not a spammer.

Just follow this promo link and sign up for HostGator for only $0.01!

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 2
Try HostGator For Just $0.01!

You can cancel your account within 30 days without paying any penny. But I’d recommend you to stick with HostGator if you want to promote it seriously. HostGator offers free website transfer. If you are on another web host, HostGator will transfer your account for free.

Now let’s see how you can get started with HostGator Affiliate Program.

Getting Started With HostGator Affiliate Program

Joining HostGator Affiliate Program is free. You don’t need to have a hosting account to be able to enter the program. Here’s how you can do that.

Just go to HostGator Affiliate Page and click on “Sign Up Free” button.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 3

On the next page, you need to enter your account, personal, tax information, etc. HostGator Affiliate Program is powered by Impact Radius. If you already own an Impact Radius Account, just click on “I already have an account”.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 4

If you don’t have an Impact Radius account, just provide all the information correctly.

On the review page, you can see all the affiliate information. Just scroll down and click on “I approve the Insertion Order and want to continue”.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 5

HostGator approves affiliate account manually. So you need to wait for few days to get the approval. You will get an email notification after getting the approval.

Once your account has been approved, just log in to Impact Radius. And copy your affiliate link.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 6


Then start promoting HostGator with this affiliate link. You can also consider cloaking the link by using Thirsty Affiliates.

Setting Up The Payment Method

HostGator Affiliate has two payment options – Electronic Funds Transfer and PayPal.

You can set your preferred payment method from ‘Withdrawal Settings’ under ‘Finance’ section in the header.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 7

I personally prefer ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ as PayPal is not available in my country.

If you are from one of the PayPal unsupported countries, I’d recommend you to create an account on Payoneer. [Use our promo link and get $50 bonus]

Payoneer Global Payment Service offers a Virtual US Bank Account which can be used to get payment from Impact Radius.

Read: Best Affiliate Networks & Programs That Support Payoneer

How Much Can You Earn With HostGator Affiliate?

As the post title claims you can make $1000+/month with HostGator Affiliate Program, let’s see how it’s possible.

HostGator commission rate increases according to the number of referrals. The more you refer, the higher commission you get.

To make $1000/month from HostGator, you have to generate only 11 sales. And it’s not that tough.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 8

You can get up to $125/sale for generating more than 21 affiliate sales.

7 Tips To Make Over $1000 From HostGator Affiliate

I’ve already talked about how to make money with Web Hosting Affiliate Program. Here I’d like to share some specific tips for HostGator Affiliate only.

1. Create Custom Coupon Code

HostGator allows you to create custom coupon codes for your readers. If someone uses your custom coupon code while signing up, you’ll get the commission regardless of whether the user followed your affiliate link or not.

Currently, you can create two types of coupon codes – 25% off on all web hosting plans and 60% off on all shared hosting plans.

Just go to ‘Promo Codes’ under ‘Ads’ menu and click on ‘Request Promo Code’.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 9

On the next page, provide all the information and submit your request.

Once you get the approval, start promoting the coupon code on your blog.

2. Use Deep Linking

Deep Linking means creating a custom affiliate link for a specific page.

Let’s say you want to promote HostGator Optimized WordPress Hosting. In this case, it would be better for you to send the visitors to the WordPress Hosting page rather than on the homepage. It will increase the conversion rate.

You can create custom affiliate link from HostGator Affiliate Dashboard. Just enter the landing page and click on ‘Apply’.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 10

Copy the link and start promoting the link on your blog.

3. Promote Special Days Offers

HostGator just needs a reason to offer crazy discounts. They offer discounts on almost all special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, President’s Day, Flash Sale, etc.

You can promote those offers on your blog. As most of the time, those discounts are huge, people don’t want to miss the chance. If you can promote those offers properly, you can expect some quick sales.

4. Write A Review

If you are a HostGator customer, share your hosting experience with your readers. Write an honest review and give some reasons why your readers should try HostGator hosting.

Never use too much promotional speech on your review post. It decreases your blog’s credibility.

Here’s my review on HostGator Baby Plan.

5. Write Affiliate Sales Generating Blog Posts

Writing a review is a great way to attract potential customers. But it’s not enough if you want to make passive income from HostGator Affiliate. On that case, you need to have more blog posts on HostGator.

Here’s a list of some specific types of blog posts that can help you to get more affiliate sales.

  • “List of Alternatives” Post (Ex: Best Bluehost Alternatives)
  • “Coupon Code & Sales” Post (Ex: HostGator Coupon Codes)
  • “List of Best X or Best X for Y” Post (Ex: Best Cheap WordPress Hosting)
  • “Comparison” Post (Ex: HostGator Vs Bluehost)
  • “How To” Post (Ex: How To Install WordPress On HostGator)

There are just some examples. Try to come up with more ideas.

4. Use Banners on Header/Sidebar

HostGator has some awesome banners (See here). You can use those banners on your blog. These banners are highly optimized for conversion.

If your blog niche is not related to web hosting, you can use a small banner with text like Powered by HostGator, Hosted by HostGator, etc.

5. Offer Incentive

You might have already noticed that many bloggers offer Free WordPress Installation service. They will set up your WordPress blog, and in return, you have to buy hosting with their affiliate link. It’s a win-win situation.

You can also offer this type of incentive, not importantly this one. You can also offer a free premium theme, ebook, blog consultation, etc.

6. Ask For A Co-branded Landing Page

One of the best ways to increase affiliate sales is, having a co-branded landing page of your affiliate. Here’s our co-branded landing page of HostGator.

HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month! 11

However, HostGator doesn’t provide a co-branded page to all their affiliates. You need to generate a good amount of affiliate sales to get this page.

So after getting some sales, ask your Affiliate Manager to provide a co-branded page. It will inevitably increase your affiliate sale.


Hope this post will help you to make money from HostGator Affiliate.

Do let us know if you know any other techniques to generate more sales. And if you found this post useful, please feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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26 responses to “HostGator Affiliate Program Review: How You Can Make $1000+/Month!”

  1. subhash chaudhary Avatar

    I just started to promote HG for the last month and I did 2 sales. I am happy but getting many negative reviews over the internet like this (many are saying its scam, they don’t pay, they give many negative reasons to not pay)
    now it’s confusion what I do now should I continue with HG, it’s conversion rate is good and plans also cheaper so beginners can effort easily.


    Hello brother! i am a web designer from pakistan. i started hostgator affiliate this month on impact radius & got around 5 sales this month as i suggest my clients to hostgator only . I read alot of bad reviews about hostgator affiliate program but your blog made me happy. i wish if hostgator really pays well & they don’t scam… like on various forums many people say its scam . I have to wait 70 days now for a sale lock period. Is anyone still getting paid by hostgator every month ? are they honest ?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, they are honest. And they will pay on time.

  3. Ankit Sharma Avatar

    After reading Your post, I applied for Hostgator affiliates programme, with the help of your article I also increase my knowledge about affiliate programme.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Hey Ankit,

      Glad to know that. Let me know if you need any help.

  4. santhosh Muralidhar Avatar

    Suppose, If I write an affiliate sales generating blog posts on hostgator and include hostgator banners on my blog page. Will I be able to do paid promotions on adwords? would that lead to violation of adwords door away policy? Just curious to know

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      No, it won’t violate the Adwords rules as you are not using the affiliate links directly.

  5. Shafi Khan Avatar

    I stopped promoting HostGator after having a bad hosting experience. But I must say both BlueHost and HostGator converts really well.

    Thanks Istiak for sharing this article.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      HostGator Shared Hosting is not as good as it used to be. But Cloud and WordPress hosting are pretty good.

  6. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar

    Hello Istiak,

    Very nice post. Hostgator affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate program. I still remember the days when I have just started my own blog and within first 2 months, I have made $300 commission promoting web hosting program. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips with us.

    Have a Great Day :)

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, HostGator is one of the high converting web hosting affiliate programs. If you are promoting web hosts on your blog, I’d also recommend you to try Hostinger. The conversion rate of Hostinger is pretty high.

  7. Digember Avatar

    Thanks for the great information. I have applied for Hostgator affiliate program and hope they will approve my blog. Thanks

  8. Jaswinder Kaur Avatar
    Jaswinder Kaur

    Hello Istiak Rayhan,
    Your writing skills are simple and great, which anybody can understand, even just beginner can learn from your tutorials.

    I’m making already decent amount of money with my other blog and now I stated two more Blogs after seeing the Success of Ease Bedding Dot Com.

    I had my first sale with siteground for $50, despite of having very very little traffic, because blog is only two months old.

    So going to Join some more Hosting Companies; such as Hostgator, because, it was my first hosting, where my blog was started and I know they are good to promote them.


  9. sai chand Avatar

    Nice article Istiak .
    Are the commission rates and minimum payouts same for & hostgator.IN?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan


  10. Rahul Yadav Avatar
    Rahul Yadav

    Your article is very useful. I have one question. If anyone only purchase hosting from HostGator using an affiliate link or coupon and linked it from other domain which he purchased from other service providers like go-daddy etc. then an affiliate get a commission or not?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you will get the commission if the user buys hosting from HostGator and domain from GoDaddy. HostGator doesn’t offer any commission for domain name.

  11. Ahmad Rasheed Avatar
    Ahmad Rasheed

    Hi Istiak Rayhan,

    Bro I need your assistance. Whenever I click “Campaigns” > “Promo Codes” and create a new coupon, it says request is declined by the impact radius team (after 24 hours).I don’t know why? I want to create 0.01$ 1st month hosting coupon code for my account. I am a regular visitor of your blog. kindly do reply me :)

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Actually I am an old HG affiliate and I am still using the default HG Affiliate System. So I have no idea how it works on Impact Radius. All I can suggest you to contact with Impact Radius about the issue.

  12. Vjay Avatar

    Yes its tough to earn through affiliate but once you have good amount of visitors to your blog you will automatically start to earn without any much more efforts.

    Anyways this article is very useful for those who wants to earn money online.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Vijay, it’s just matter of time. And you don’t have to have much traffic to get affilate sales. All you need to do, selecting proper product/service and doing proper promotion.

      If you don’t get your first sale yet, I’d suggest you to read this post:

  13. Prakash Avatar

    Your article is awesome and you earned much also from hostgator.
    I am also affiliate of hostgator. It is very difficult to make money by affiliate marketing in hostgator

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, it’s tough. But you’ll get your first affiliate sale real soon if you promote them consistently.

  14. Md Tajuddin Avatar
    Md Tajuddin

    This is very difficult to make money by affiliate marketing in hostgator…. But you get it’s tooo much.

  15. DOK Simon Avatar

    Very insightful , we all know that it is quite difficult to earn a lot from affiliate programs as this.. If there is any easy way of making affiliate work for you please let us now but I should thank you already for sharing this part of your information with us.

  16. Rashedul Islam Avatar

    Thanks for letting me know.
    Getting commision through affiliate is a bit tough.
    But when you get it’s tooo much.

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