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7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales

Istiak Rayhan

7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales 1
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Every blog post has a goal. Apart from serving the readers, it has a goal to collect emails, generate sales, or boost social sharing. Different types of blog posts work for different purposes.When it comes to generating affiliate sales, there are some particular types of posts that work better than others.If you are not getting expected affiliate sales from your blog, maybe you are not writing the right types of blog posts.To make affiliate marketing works for you, here I’ll be sharing 7 types of blog posts with examples that will boost your affiliate sales. Without further ado, let’s check the post types.

1. “List of Alternatives” Post

The “List of Alternatives” posts perform great if you can come up with good ideas.

A long ago, I’ve written a post on ‘AdSense alternatives’. The post was so good that it got high rank in Google quickly. And that single blog post generates more than $1,00,000 till now.

I am promoting several ad networks on that post. is one of them. Here’s how much I make just from affiliate program.

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7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales 2
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I am pretty sure that you’ve understood the power of alternatives list post.Now let’s see how to find the blog post ideas for alternative list posts.

  • Find products or services that are hard to get or use.
  • Find products or services that are costly.
  • Find products or services that are not available widely.
  • Find products or services that have difficult payment methods.
  • Find popular products in your niche.

Once you have the ideas, it’s time to write the blog post. Let’s see how we can do it step-by-step.

  • Select the product or service for which you are going to write a “List Of Alternatives” post.
  • arrow-rightResearch on that product or service and try to understand why people are looking for an alternative.
  • arrow-rightMake a list of alternatives. If there are some free alternatives, include it also on the list.
  • arrow-rightMake the final list. If other high ranking posts are talking about only 10 alternatives, try to come up with 10+ alternatives.
  • arrow-rightStart writing the post. Use tables if needed.
  • arrow-rightAfter writing the post, promote it and let other products or services owners know that you’ve mentioned them in the post.

Post Examples:

2. “Coupon Code & Sales” Post

If you want to generate affiliate sales in real quick, write coupon code or sale posts. I got my very first affiliate sale from a coupon code post. I wrote a post on ‘HostGator 1 Cent Coupon’ because I started my blogging journey with that offer. That post started getting a right amount of traffic from Google, and I got some quick sales.

7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales 3
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HostGator Previous In-house Affiliate Dashboard 

Later I’ve many written many posts on coupon codes.

Now let’s see how you can write a coupon code post that gets rank as well as affiliate sales.

  • At first, make a list of products/services that you are promoting on your blog.
  • arrow-rightNow select a product that is already making you money (if any).
  • arrow-rightThen go to Google and start typing “Product coupo…” and wait for Google auto-suggestion. If Google suggests coupon code or promo code, that means people are looking for the coupon for that product.
  • arrow-rightNow contact the product owner and ask if they can provide a custom coupon code for your readers.
  • arrow-rightIf they provide a coupon code, that’s great. If they don’t, collect working coupon codes through Google search.
  • arrow-rightResearch on the posts which are on the first page of Google for your target keywords. 
  • arrow-rightTry to write a better post than others with a unique and click-worthy title.
  • arrow-rightUse WP Coupon & Deals plugin to protect your affiliate sales.
  • arrow-rightThen start promoting the post.
  • arrow-rightIt’s not like you write a post and it will get rank. Write more coupon code posts. And when one gets rank, you will see some quick sales.

Sales posts like Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Sales, New Year Sales, etc convert like crazy during the season. I make the highest number of affiliate sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Post Examples:

3. “List of Best X or Best X for Y” Post

“List-Post” is one of the most popular post types on the internet. It performs well on both Social Media and Search Engines. Here at RoadToBlogging, We have quite a good number of list posts. One of my blog posts ranks for the keywords ‘best WordPress theme sites’ where I gave Elegant Themes the number one spot. And Elegant Themes are generating quite some sales every month from that post.

7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales 4
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There are several types of list posts. But “Best X and Best X for Y” are the most popular list post. To make it clear, let’s see an example.

  • Best X: 10 Best Desks To Buy In 2018
  • Best X for Y: 10 Best Desks For Your Home Office In 2018

It’s comparatively easy to get rank for the post “Best X For Y”. It also converts well.

Now let’s see how you can write a list post.

  • Find a popular section on your niche. 
  • arrow-rightNow go to SEMrush and search for “Best X for”. For example, if it’s WordPress themes, search for “Best WordPress themes for” 
  • arrow-rightChoose a keyword that suits your blog.
  • arrow-rightWrite a post on that topic.
  • arrow-rightMake sure your title has keywords like best, top, 2018, to buy, etc.
  • arrow-rightInterlink if there are any related reviews.
  • arrow-rightPromote the post. And if possible, let the product owners know that you’ve mentioned them in the post.

Post Examples:

4. “Comparison” Post

Comparison posts convert well because people only look for comparison when they are about to buy but can’t decide which on to buy. I don’t have published much comparison posts here at RoadToBlogging. We have just one post on ‘Thrive Themes Vs StudioPress’. I am planning to write more comparison posts in future. “X vs Y” and “X vs Y vs Z” are the most popular types of comparison posts.

Here’s how to write a comparison post. 

  • At first, choose two or three popular products/services in your niche.
  • arrow-rightMake a list of points (like price, service, etc) on which you will compare the products.
  • arrow-rightResearch and come up with the description of the points.
  • arrow-rightMake recommendations based on different preferences.
  • arrow-rightAnd finally, recommend your personal choice.

Post Examples:

5. “Single Review” Post

Writing review posts is a great way to generate affiliate sales. But review posts shouldn’t be written just for the sake of getting more affiliates sales. Rather it should help others to make a right purchase decision.We don’t have much review posts at RoadToBlogging. But we have an entire number of review posts on our another blog And those are performing well.

Now let’s see how we can write an honest review.

  • At first, choose a popular product or service in your niche.
  • arrow-rightIf you have already used it, that’ great. If you haven’t, give it a test drive.
  • arrow-rightShare your experience with pros and cons of the product.
  • arrow-rightUse a star rating WordPress plugin.
  • arrow-rightDon’t forget to add discounts or free trials if there is any.
  • arrow-rightPublish the post with a good title.

Post Examples:

6. “How To” Post

A lot of our daily searches on Google starts with “How to”. That makes “How to” posts the most popular posts on the internet. These are also known as Tutorial Posts. I’ve written a lot of tutorial posts. Those are performing well regarding getting traffic and sales. For example, I’ve written a post on ‘How to sign up for Payoneer’. This post drives a lot of traffic from Google, and it generates a lot of referrals. Here’s the last year’s income report.

7 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Affiliate Sales 5
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Now let’s see how to write a “How To” post that converts.

  • At first, find out how your affiliate products/service can solve a problem or what people want to learn about the product or service.
  • arrow-rightChoose a good topic.
  • arrow-rightWrite a step-by-step guide on that topic.
  • arrow-rightAdd the call to actions to get the sales.
  • arrow-rightOptimize the post for SEO to get high rank in Google.

Post Examples:

7. “Ultimate Resources” Post 

This type of post contains an ultimate list of resources for a niche. It could be tools, services, products, books, etc. You can publish it as a blog post or page. As an example, you can check our tools page.Resources page or post convert well because people love to learn about the tools or services others are using and getting benefits. Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome shared that his most affiliate income comes from his resource page. If you are in a particular niche, you can publish a list of tools or services or products or anything that’s related to the niche. 

Post Examples:

ConclusionThese are the types of posts that help me to get a good number of affiliate sales every month. I believe those will work for you too.Now your job is to pick a post type and write an in-depth post on it. Then optimized it for SEO and start promoting it on Social Media. You will see some affiliate sales in real soon.Now I’d like to hear from you. What types of post are generating most of the affiliate sales for you? Let us know via comment.

Note: This post is designed with Thrive Architect. It’s the best WordPress Drag & Drop Visual Editor. 

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Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. I realized list articles are always being so awesome for the affiliate sales if explained well and at the same time being to the point.

    People have less time, so info show is served in such a manner that could be accessed super easily, offering the right links at the right place. Better CTA, performs better, at the same time provided info should look 100% authentic.

    Though haven’t tried coupon articles yet, thanks for being the eye-opener Istiak.

  2. Thank you so much. I been doing affiliate marketing for two years and still struggling, but learning. I just started blogging on my website. I have a lot to learn. Your info was valuable to me. I didn’t get the ebook in my email. Thanks

    1. Hi AI, Glad you find the info valuable. I believe you will also find this post helpful. And have you signed up for our Newsletter? If not, please do sign up to get the eBook.

  3. Hello Istiak,

    This is the well-researched post. These type of posts helps to generate good affiliate sales. I also use these type of posts on my blog. Thanks a lot for this informative post.

    Have a Great Day :)

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