How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 1

I’ve been using Thrive Architect ever since it was named as Thrive Content Builder. From the very first day, I was very amazed at the functionality of the plugin. It became an addiction to build blog post with Thrive Content Builder.

I was so obsessed with the plugin that I started updating my old blog posts with it. After few months, I’ve noticed that it has increased my traffic as well as affiliate sales. And buying Thrive Themes Membership turned out to be the best investment in my blogging career.

Today I’ll show you how I increased my affiliate sales 2X with Thrive Architect. If you are not aware of Thrive Architect, it’s the best “Drag & Drop” Visual Editor for WordPress.

Now let’s see how to increase affiliate sales by using Thrive Architect.

1. Creating Beautiful & Engaging Blog Posts

More Engagement = More Traffic = More Affiliate Sales

Thrive Architect helps me to make my blog posts beautiful and engaging. It has some fantastic elements like styled lists, highlighted boxes, column layout, divider, tabs, toggle, table of contents, etc. 

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 2

It takes some time to understand the usage of all elements. But once you get used to it, it will be easier and fun. And you will be able to create more engaging blog posts.

Note: This blog post is also designed with Thrive Architect. I hope you will get some ideas about the possibilities of Thrive Architect from this post.

2. Adding “Beautifully Designed” Tables On Blog Posts

If you are in affiliate marketing, you might be aware that comparison tables can increase conversion rates. It can also help you to get featured on Google’s Featured Snippet Result.

TablePress was my favorite tables creating WordPress plugin. After started using Thrive Architect, I’ve updated some tables with Thrive Architect. It makes tables beautiful, conversion-optimized, and mobile responsive. Here’s how Thrive Architect transformed a normal table to a good looking one.

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 3

You can build tables from scratch or use the pre-designed templates. Thrive Architect has some pre-designed table templates specially designed for affiliate marketers.

3. Adding High Converting “Call to Action” Buttons

A “Call to Action” button can increase your affiliate sales dramatically. I’ve tested it on some of my blog posts, and the results were stunning. It increases clicks as well as sales. 

Thrive Architect has taken “Call to Action” buttons to the next level. It has everything to make the button says “Click me”. Features like hover effect, animation, shadow, color, mobile responsiveness, etc. make the buttons attention-grabbing.

It’s very easy to create buttons with Thrive Architect. You can even save the button design for using it later.

4. Adding Review Box

“Review Post” is one of the best types of blog posts that are proven to boost affiliate sales. Whenever I write a review post, I add a review box at the very beginning of the post that contains a summary, features, pros & cons of the product, and a call to action button. It helps readers to get a quick overview.

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 4

Review Box of ‘Payoneer Review‘ Post.

You can create such box from the scratch or you can use a pre-designed template.

Having a review box can help you to boost your conversions. All you need to do is, make it informative and add a “Call to Action” button.

5. Using Exit Intent Popup

Popups used to be boring until “Exit Intent” technology came to the scenario. It detects user behavior and shows the popup box only when the visitor is about to leave the website.

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 5

Though pop-ups are mainly used for collecting emails, I’ve tried it for promoting affiliate offers. And it worked great.

However, you need to be a bit creative to make exit-intent popups work for you. Here are something you can offer in the pop-up box.

  • Shows your personal recommendation.
  • Offers discounts. 
  • Asks the readers to take the free trial of the product/service if there is any.
  • arrow-right
    Shows the most affordable product/service from your list.
  • arrow-right
    And be creative on what you are about to offer.

I am using both Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect for showing exit-intent popups. I mainly use Thrive Architect when I build a blog post with it.

If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend you to do it on some of your high traffic blog posts. You will see the result quickly.

4. Using ‘Call to Action’ and ‘Guarantee’ Box

‘Call to Action’ is one of the essential elements of a sale page. When you are using it for generating affiliate sales, you need to be a bit careful. Otherwise, you will sound like so salesy.

Thrive Architect has some pre-designed ‘Call to Action’ box templates. Here’s an example:

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the best visual editor for WordPress. It helps you to create beautiful and engaging contents without any coding skills.

Another sale generating element is ‘Guarantee’ box. But it shouldn’t be used aggressively for affiliate marketing. TA has some great ‘Guarantee’ box templates. Here’s an example:

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 6

Your purchase of Thrive Architect is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. Just raise a ticket and you will get the refund within 48 hours. You will have to contact within 30 days. 

6. Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Thrive Architect is also a landing page builder that has more than 200 templates. All of the templates are optimized for high conversion rates.

How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect 7

Here at RoadToBlogging, I use landing page only for the resource page. It makes resource page more engaging and scannable. And resource page is one my high affiliate sales generating pages.

If you have such pages, you can try to rebuild them with Thrive Architect. It will definitely increase the conversion rates.

Over To You

Now it’s your turn to increase your affiliate sales by using Thrive Architect. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Grab a copy of Thrive Architect and install it on your blog.
  • Go to Google Analytics and make a list of most visited blog posts.
  • Then narrow the list of high affiliate sales generating posts.
  • arrow-right
    Grab a cup of coffee and design one of the posts with Thrive Architect. Don’t forget to use elements that I’ve talked about in the post.
  • arrow-right
    And continue doing it for other posts.

I bet you will see some quick results soon.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Thrive Architect. However, if you’ve found the post useful, please help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

8 responses to “How I Increased My Affiliate Sales 2X With Thrive Architect”

  1. Shafi Khan Avatar

    Hi Istiak,

    Thrive Architecture is one of the greatest tool for affiliate marketers and almost everyone uses it to create high-converting pages.

    Your site too looks awesome and perfect example of how Thrive Themes and Plugins works.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Shafi Khan

  2. Melos Ajvazi Avatar
    Melos Ajvazi

    Hi there Istiak,

    I run a couple of niche amazon affiliate site at the moment. Most of them use simple WordPress templates such as Genesis and inside of them, I use tables (mostly SimpleTables).

    One Page sites were a thing when I was doing Clickbank promotions, but as I see now, users are paying attention more than ever to the website design. Actually, that’s the reason why every day there are coming out CRO companies.

    I’ll make sure to purchase Thrive and use it, mostly do A/B testing at one my affiliate site that just took off.



  3. Adithya Shetty Avatar

    Hi Istiak,

    Great post. I’ve been using Thrive architect for very long and I must say it’s one of the best multi-purpose visual editors for WordPress!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karim Toulba Avatar


    Thanks so much for the detailed article. And yes, I like how you design awesome blog posts like that.

    I’ve been using Thrive Architect along with Thrive Leads for a few months now. I love them, however; I had to face a huge issue with Google Crawling and Indexing. I got to the see that Google is indexing many pages from the uploads folder that are all realted to Thrive Archetict and Thrive Leads templates. I didnt know what to do, that’s why I decided to stop using it on my high-traffic sites anymore.

    I’m not sure if you’ve got to see such issue before? I came to a nice fix by disabling these routes /uploads/… via robots.txt. Have you got any other better solution to this issue with Thrive plugins?

    Thanks again for sharing..
    Great article as usual

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Hi Karim,

      Good to see you here.

      I haven’t face the issues you are talking about. Maybe, I need to check. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to block the upload files from robots.txt. If possible, do some research on it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Enstine Muki Avatar

    This is excellent bro.
    Thanks for showing us how this works. I have the builder and have made a couple of sales thanks to it. I will be using it more frequently to boost sales on my blog as well.

    Good luck bro

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Hi Enstine,

      Good to see you here after a long. And start updating blog posts with Thrive Architect. You will see more sales.

      1. Enstine Muki Avatar
        Enstine Muki

        Good to be back as well bro ;)
        As a matter of fact, I have been using the builder until recently when there was a compatibility issue after I upgraded. The good news is that the issue has been resolved and it now runs like charm.

        What do you think about the thrive engagement plugin I wrote on my blog?

        Thanks for the reminder and hope to be back again.

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