TablePress: The Best Way to Add Tables to WordPress Posts

Best Way to Add Tables in WordPress
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WordPress Visual Post Editor is awesome. It keeps on getting better and better.  With the ability to format text, alignment, insert image & link, check spelling and many more, you can easily create a nicely presented blog post using the visual editor.

But when it comes to creating a table for your WordPress posts or pages, it has its limit. You need to have HTML and CSS knowledge to create a table from WordPress visual editor. If you are like me who don’t have that much HTML knowledge to create a Table, you can use a plugin to do that.

In this post, I will show you how to create and add a table to WordPress blog post by using TablePress WordPress Plugin. Here is a screenshot of a table that I’ve created recently by using this plugin.

TablePress Table
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TablePress is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create and add tables to your posts and pages in WordPress without having to write code. Whether you want to create a simple table or an advance table, TablePress can help you out.

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Installing TablePress in WordPress

This plugin is hosted on directory and you can install it from your WordPress dashboard. Just go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and type ‘TablePress’ on the search field. Then click on ‘Install Now’ button.

Installing TablePress
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On the next screen, click on ‘Activate’ button to activate the plugin. Then a new menu item named ‘TablePress’ will be added to your admin sidebar.

Creating a Table in TablePress

To create a new table, click on ‘Add New Table’ under TablePress menu from admin sidebar.

Adding New Table
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Then you need to enter table name, a description (optional), and the number of rows and columns. You can always change the name, description, and size of your table later.

Add New Table
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Click on ‘Add Table’ when you are done.

On the next page, you will have to enter table information on ‘Table Content’. You can rearrange rows and columns at any time by using drag and drop option.

Table content
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You can add links or images to your Table content by clicking on appropriate button from ‘Table Manipulation’. You can also hide, delete and add rows and columns from there.

Table Manipulation
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For better customization of text or links, I’d suggest you to use WordPress Visual Editor. Just go to WordPress Post Editor and customize your text there like changing the font size, changing the color of text etc. Once you are done, turn your Post Editor to Text mode from Visual. Then copy the code and paste it on your Table content box.

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TablePress: The Best Way to Add Tables to WordPress Posts 1
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Once you’ve inserted all the information in Table Content, now you need to configure Table Options. Through the table options you can add a table header and footer, set an alternative row color or hover background effect, choose whether to display table name or description and add extra CSS classes.

Table Options
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You can also add some advanced options like Sorting, Filtering, Pagination etc from ‘Features of the DataTables JavaScript library’. You can see a preview of your table by clicking on ‘Preview’ button at the end. If everything is OK, click on ‘Save Changes’ button to save your table.

Adding Table to WordPress Blog Post

Once you’ve created your table, now time to add this table to your blog post. Just copy the shortcode of your Table and paste it to your post where you want to add the table.

Or you can insert Table from your Post Editor by clicking on the table icon on Post Editor.

Insert a Table from TablePress
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Once you’ve pressed the button, a list of your tables will be popped up. Click on the ‘Insert Shortcode’ next to your Table Name.

Table ID
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You can move the table into a different position of your post. Just cut and paste the shortcode in the desired position.

If you need to make any changes to your table, go to your Dashboard > TablePress > All Tables and click on Edit below the table name.

Making Tables Responsive

TablePress helps you to create beautiful & attractive tables for your WordPress blog. But these tables may look ugly on phones or tablets browser if tables are not responsive.

To make the tables responsive, you need to install “Responsive Tables Extension” provided by TablePress developer. This extension will change the layout of the table and make it responsive to the screen size.

After activating the extension, you need to change your table’s shortcode from something like –

making table responsive
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In my research, I found that shortcode for the phones works great on all devices.

One Error You May Face

Sometimes other plugins might interfere with the table saving mechanism in TablePress. And it will say “The internal data of the table is corrupted”. At that time, you’ll have find out the plugin that causing error by deactivating all the plugin except TablePress.

In my case, ‘Outbound Link Manager’ plugin was the guilty.

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TablePress is the best plugin to add tables to your WordPress posts and pages. If you need more information about TablePress, visit official TablePress site. You will also find some cool extensions there.

Do let us know which plugin you are using to add Table on your Blog posts. If you are using this plugin, share your experience with us. And don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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4 thoughts on “TablePress: The Best Way to Add Tables to WordPress Posts”

  1. Thanks Istiak for the detailed write up of the TablePress plugin. I’ve been using for about two years now for product comparison tools on my affiliate sites. As soon as I started using it, I saw my CTR and overall commissions increase by quit a bit.

    I highly recommend it to create product comparison tools for any affiliate website – and make sure to get the responsive addon!

    1. I am using TablePress to some of the list posts. And yes, it does increase the conversion. Thanks for your valuable comment.

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