7 Best WordPress Plugins To Add Table Of Contents

Long posts dominate the search results, everyone knows that. But how do your visitors navigate through the giant piece of content?

The answer is very simple – add a Table of Content (ToC) to your long posts. This will provide clear information about what the post contains and enable them to jump directly to their point of interest. This also leads to a significant enhancement in the user experience.

What’s more, adding a table of content will enhance the search engine visibility of your content. For articles with ToC, Google will add links in meta description to jump to the links directly from the search results. 

Since adding ToC offers so many benefits, it makes perfect sense to add the table of content to your WordPress blog. There are several WordPress plugins to help you do that. Continue reading to know more about the best WordPress table of contents plugins.

1. Table of Content Plus

Table of Content Plus makes it very simple to add a ToC to your WordPress website. The plugin enables you to show the table of content on all of your posts, pages, and custom post types. It is possible to enable automatic ToC insertion for different types of contents.

You can display the ToC in different locations like before or after the first heading, top or bottom of the content. There is a handy option to define the minimum number of heading tags for displaying the table of contents.

By default, the plugin will show “Contents” as the heading of the ToC. You can replace this with your own text or hide the heading altogether. You can enable the visitors to toggle the ToC visibility and choose to hide the ToC initially.

Other notable options include displaying numbers in the table of content, showing hierarchy, enabling smooth scrolling effect, and so on.

ToC+ comes with a couple of customization options. These enable you to define the ToC length, wrapping style, and the font size. You can choose any of the five default styles for the ToC or create your own design from scratch.

The plugin also features a few custom shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes to show the ToC in custom locations, hide ToC from a specific content, show the full sitemap or only the posts, pages, or categories in the sitemap.

How To Add Table of Content In WordPress Using ToC+


  • Creates ToC automatically from the heading tags.
  • Lots of options to control the ToC text and appearance.
  • Comes with several custom shortcodes.
  • Include or exclude heading tags from the ToC.
  • Advanced option to exclude specific heading tags

(Price: Free)

2. Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is not just a Table of Content generator, it's a complete page builder with tons of features.

It offers an automated ToC builder element. Once you insert the element into the content, it will automatically create the ToC. You can drag and drop the element to anywhere in the content.

Next, choose which heading tags (h1-h6) you want to include in the table. Once you do that and click update, the ToC will be automatically created for you. It’s that simple.

There are lots of admin options to help you control the table of content. First of all, you can provide a custom name for the section. The Max-width and Min-width options enable you to set up the width. It is also possible to choose the text alignment. Available alignment options include left, right, justified, and centered.

The default setting will create the ToC in two columns. You can change this to create one, two, or three-column table of content. There are separate options to use custom margin and padding for this section. You can choose the background, border, and header background colors too.


  • Fully automated ToC creation process.
  • Drag and drop the table of content to any location.
  • Intuitive admin options to manage the ToC.
  • Complete customization options.

(Price: $67)

3. Fixed TOC Plugin

This stylish plugin enables you to create and display uniquely styled table of content on your WordPress site. The Fixed TOC Plugin will scan your content and automatically create the ToC based on the headings. It works correctly with all content types.

There are two ways to show the ToC – the smart show and fixed on the sidebar. The plugin comes with several attractive styles to help you get started. You can customize the font, color, position, size, etc. for these styles.

Thanks to the smooth scrolling feature, visitors can scroll to any section by using the ToC. The heading indicator will show their current position in the content.

If your content includes additional points under each sub-heading, the ToC will become longer. Fixed TOC Plugin has come up with a unique solution to this issue. Visitors can toggle the sub-headings to view or hide the additional points.

You can customize the ToC colors from the live customizer section. The fully responsive table of content works great on mobile and tablet devices as well.


  • Creates the table of contents automatically.
  • Several styles and positions to display the ToC.
  • Supports smooth scrolling and current position indicator.

(Price: $16)

4. Easy Table of Contents

As you can guess from the name, this plugin provides you with an easy way of adding ToC to your WordPress site. The plugin will automatically generate the ToC by collecting the headings of your content. It works perfectly with posts, custom posts, and pages.

There are separate options to enable, auto-insert the ToC in various types of contents. You can choose the position of the table of contents as well. The available options include before or after first heading, top or bottom of the content.

You can set the minimum number of headers to show the ToC. This enables you to hide the ToC from shorter posts. For the counter type, you can choose from numeric, roman alphabets, or decimal.

The plugin also comes with some powerful customization options. For instance, you can choose any of the relative or fixed widths defined by the plugin, or provide a custom width. You will find a separate field to determine the font size as well.

There are five readymade themes to help you get started. However, it is also possible to create your own theme by choosing the background, border, title, link, link hover, and link visited colors. The advanced setting section enables you to define which header tags should be included in the table of contents.


  • Automated ToC generation from the titles.
  • Multiple display positions and counter styles.
  • Several readymade themes with the option to create a custom theme.

(Price: Free)

5. CM Table of Contents

CM Table of Contents is another popular choice for displaying ToC on your WordPress site. However, unlike the other similar plugins, this one doesn’t create the table of content automatically. To enable the ToC, you have to check a box at the end of the content.

The plugin comes with a dedicated option to ensure that the table of content is displayed only on single posts and pages. It is also possible to provide a custom title for the ToC. You will find all the admin options at the CM Table of Contents > Settings page.

There are dedicated fields to manage the six levels of the ToC. For each level, you can define the relevant heading tag, assign a custom ID or class, and choose the font size.

If you want advanced options like automated ToC creation, inserting the ToC into custom locations, collapse ToC when the page is loaded, and multiple pages ToC, you have to purchase the premium version of the plugin.


  • You need to check a box to enable the ToC.
  • Separate management options for each level.

(Price: Free)

Final Words

So, those were my picks for the best WordPress table of contents plugins. While each of these is uniquely capable of doing their jobs, I especially like the ToC builder element of Thrive Content Builder. The drag and drop system and simple admin options make it a lot easier to create the table of content on-the-fly.

Are you using any ToC creator plugin right now? If yes, let me know which one you use in the comments below.

  • Nice sharing. Here are the different table of contents plugins. Some are paid and some are free. Which one can be the best, free one or the paid one. I want to use the free plugin. Is Table of Content Plus plugin enough for us, will I get all the facilities like Thrive content builder?

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Yes, Table of Content Plus is enough. And Thrive Content Builder is a different plugin. It’s not just a table creator.

  • anupam says:

    Sir how can table of content be added in blogger as i m using blogger instead of wordpress.