Thrive Themes VS Genesis Themes: 7 Reasons to Choose Thrive Themes!

Thrive Themes VS Genesis Themes

When I started Blogging, I was a huge Thesis Theme fan. After the sad downfall of Thesis Theme, I switched to Genesis Theme by StudioPress. It was a good decision. I was satisfied with Genesis Theme performance.

This year I started using Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder by Thrive Themes. These are finest WordPress plugins for increasing conversions. I’ve fallen love with these plugins. To run them smoothly, I decided to give a test drive on Thrive Themes.

I bought the Thrive Membership and started using FocusBlog theme. It’s totally impressed me. There was no reason to go back to StudioPress even if I invested $100 on StudioPress. In fact, I’ve discovered some reasons to stick with Thrive Themes.

If you are in a state of choosing between Thrive Themes and Genesis Themes, here are my 7 reasons to choose Thrive Themes.

1. Thrive Theme is FASTER than Genesis Theme

The first thing I did after moving to Thrive Themes was checking the site speed. I found that Thrive Themes was faster than Genesis Theme.

Recently I’ve done the test again. Thrive Theme is still faster than Genesis theme. Here’s the proof.

Thrive Themes Performance

Thrive Themes Speed

Genesis Themes Speed

Genesis Themes Speed

Thrive Theme is built for speed. It has two amazing features that will increase your blog posts speed dramatically.

  • Image Optimization: Thrive Themes has a built-in option for image optimization. It will optimize your every image for loading fastly.
  • Lazy Load Comment: To make your blog posts even faster, Thrive Themes introduced “Lazy Load Comment”. Your comment section will be loaded only when the visitors reach there.

2. It’s Easy to Customize Thrive Themes

Customizing Thrive Themes is a lot easier than Genesis Themes.

You can easily do things like adding logo and favicon, editing footer copyright text, selecting a color scheme and blog layout, etc from Thrive Theme options. It also has a custom CSS option to add custom styling to your themes.

Thrive Theme Options

When it comes to customizing Genesis themes, it requires a plugin like Genesis Design Palette Pro. Moreover, you need to have some basic HTML and CSS skills to customize Genesis themes.

If you are like me who don’t have any coding skill, Thrive Theme is your best solution.

Get Thrive Themes Now

3. Thrive Themes is Optimized for High Conversions

Thrive Themes are known as Conversion Focused WordPress Themes. One of the reasons to give a test drive on Thrive Themes was increasing conversion rates.

As a blogger, I always want to increase my affiliate sales and subscribers. After moving to Thrive Themes, my conversion rates have increased.

Thrive Theme lets you add targeted Focus Areas on your blog posts/pages to get more sales or to grow your mailing list. Here’s an example how I use to it promote Thrive Themes.

Thrive Theme Focus Area

If you want more conversions, I’d recommend you to use Thrive Leads, Thrive Content Builder, and Thrive Clever Widget.

4. Thrive Themes Allows You to Ditch Several Plugins.

Thrive Themes has some built-in features that allow you to ditch several plugins. Fewer plugins mean faster loading site. Here’re the built-in features.

Thrive Themes Social Sharing Buttons: Finding a social sharing WordPress plugin that works is tough. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the plugin that worked great for me. I’ve used it for a while. After moving to Thrive Themes, I’ve deleted the plugin cause Thrive has built-in social sharing buttons.

Features of Thrive Themes Social Sharing Buttons: Fast Page Loads, Professional Design, Mobile Responsive, Social Proof and Attention Grabbing.

Thrive Themes Image OptimizationImage Optimization is crucial for Readership and SEO. I’ve used both image optimizer tools and plugin for optimizing images. Tools are great but they are time-consuming, and the plugin has an adverse impact on site speed.

Thrive Theme has a built-in option that optimizes images automatically. It uses Kraken Image Optimizer. However, Kraken is a premium service which costs $5/month for 500 MB images. You will get it free with Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes ShortCodes: Thrive Themes has a bunch of shortcodes to make your posts look awesome. You don’t need to use any shortcode plugin once you start using Thrive Themes. Thrive Shortcodes has everything that a shortcode plugin has to offer.

Thrive Shortcodes

If you want to build awesome content, try Thrive Content Builder.

Related Posts Feature: There are plenty of related posts plugins for WordPress. But the problem is, most of them slow down the site. To solve this issue, Thrive Themes offers a built-in related posts feature. It’s easy to use and loads fastly.

Thrive Related Posts Feature

5. Thrive Plugins Work Great With Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes has 6 plugins. All of them are optimized for high conversions. To run them smoothly, you need to use Thrive Themes. It was the main reason to move to Thrive Themes. However, Thrive Plugins are available for all kind of WordPress themes.

Here are some details of current plugins.

Thrive Leads: Thrive Leads is the best and most affordable email list building plugin. You can create beautiful opt-in forms without having any coding skills. This is the only plugin that you need to grow your list faster than ever before.

Thrive Content Builder: TCB is the real WYSIWYG editor. It’s the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress. You can build almost any kind of page by using this plugin. You can also make your posts beautiful, engaging and visually impress with this editor.

Thrive Landing Pages: Whether you want to build a landing page, opt-in page or a sale page, Thrive Landing Pages is the best solution. It offers conversion optimized landing pages with easy customization. It has templates for almost every kind of landing pages.

Thrive Clever Widget: This plugin allows you to show targeted and relevant offers to posts/pages. That means you can select which widget to show on a particular post/page. It’s a must have plugins for Affiliate Marketers.

Thrive Headline Optimizer: Headline Optimizer will A/B test your post titles and show the best title based on CTR. This is the same technique that sites like HuffingtonPost, Upworthy, BuzzFeed has been doing to find out click-worthy headlines.

Thrive Ultimatum: This is the perfect scarcity marketing WordPress plugin. It will increase your conversions by adding countdown timers, running scarcity campaigns, etc.

6. Thrive Themes are continuously Creating New Tools

When I bought Thrive Themes membership plan, it had only 3 plugins. Recently they have introduced Thrive Clever Widget, Thrive Headline Optimizer, and Thrive Ultimatum. All of them are AWESOME. Because of having membership license, I didn’t have to buy any of them.

And this is not the end. Thrive will create new plugins and themes continuously.  They also add features to their existing tools regularly.

I’d recommend you to buy the Thrive Membership plan rather single theme/plugin. This way you can save over $700 compared to buying every product individually. You will also get future plugin/theme for free.

7. A Single Thrive Theme is Cheaper than A Genesis Theme

This should not be a major deciding factor for choosing Thrive Themes or Genesis Themes.

You can buy a single theme from Thrive Themes for just $67 for unlimited sites. On the other hand, you have to pay $99.95 to buy a Genesis theme with the framework. The only downside of Thrive Themes is, it offers only 1-year support where StudioPress offers unlimited supports. And both offer unlimited free updates.

However, don’t consider pricing as a deciding factor.

Over to You

So these are the reasons why I love and recommend Thrive Themes.

StudioPress is still the most popular WordPress themes with over 189,000 users. But Thrive Themes is growing fastly.

Here at RoadToBlogging, I’ve used both Thrive Themes and StudioPress. StudioPress is good as a theme. But when it comes to increasing conversions Thrive Themes is far better than Genesis Themes.

However, the final choice is always yours.

I hope this post helped you to take a decision. If you found this post useful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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