How Much Does it Cost to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Whenever you plan to start a WordPress Blog, whether Business or personal blog, one question may come to your mind – ‘How much should I pay to Create a self hosted WordPress Blog?

Though WordPress is a free blogging and CMS software, but it will cost you some bucks to install and running on your website. You can download WordPress software from for free, but it is useless unless you install it on a server.

I am pretty sure you understand that WordPress is just a software you can use to create a blog or website. You will need a server to run it. For online, web hosting place is your server. Web Hosting is not free, you have to pay your hosting provider.

But Web hosting is not the only cost, there are some other costs to start and maintaining a WordPress blog. In this post, I will discuss about other costs. And I sure you’ll be able to minimize your cost after reading this post.

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The Cost of Starting a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

The cost depends on your requirements. If you’re going to create a personal blog, then it will cost few bucks. On the other hand, for Business blog or serious blogging, you have to pay more for custom theme, SEO, premium plugin and other factors.

However, lets see the costs.

Domain Cost ($10-$15)

Starting a WordPress Blog means creating a website. Once you’ve decided to create a website, you’d need an unique name for your blog. This is called domain name. For me, Road To Blogging dot com is my domain name. Whenever you enter on your browser, you’ll find my site.

You need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar company like Godaddy. It will cost you $10 – $15/year. You can also a buy domain name from web hosting company. If your host provider offers a free domain, you needn’t to buy domain name.

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Hosting Cost ($60-$100)

Once you’ve the domain name, you need to host your domain on a web hosting server. Web hosting is the place where you’ll store your sites’ files and people will be able to access your site via World Wide Web. Web Hosting companies offer different types of packages. If you are a newbie on web hosting, you can start with Shared Hosting and switch later if needed. Shared Hosting is an affordable deal for starter.

If you go for shared hosting, it will cost you $60 t0 $100 per year. Some recommended hosts are given below with one year pricing.

Setting Up Cost ($0-$50)

You can hire someone to set your blog. But I don’t recommend it as WordPress was designed to be easy to use. You needn’t to be a tech-savvy to create a WordPress blog. All you need to do is follow some simple steps. I’ve already shared some tutorials about setting up a WordPress blog.

If you want to learn more about WordPress, you can follow our WordPress Guide for Beginners.

WordPress Theme Cost ($0-$100)

You can download a free theme from WordPress Theme Directory. But if you want to get an unique design for your blog, you have to buy a premium theme. Premium themes have a lot of benefits like SEO optimized., responsive design, regular updates, easy customization, forum supports etc.

I am using Genesis theme for RoadToBlogging.Com which cost me $100. But if your budget is low, I would suggest you MyThemeShop. (Only $35).

WordPress Design Cost ($0-$200o)

Once you’ve the premium theme, your blog already got a good look. But if want to make it more awesome, then you can hire a designer to customize your WordPress theme. It can cost you from $300-$2000.

If you’ve just created a blog, it is not essential to hire someone to design your blog. A good-looking premium theme could be a good solution for you.

WordPress Premium Plugin ($0-$100)

WordPress Directory contains a lot of free plugin. I am pretty sure those plugins are good enough to run a WordPress blog successfully. But if you  want to build a better blog with premium support, then you can go for Premium plugins. Here are two best WordPress premium plugins provider.

Now lets see the minimum cost for  a self hosted WordPress blog with several requirement.

  • DIY Set up with Free Theme: $70
  • DIY Set up with Premium Theme: $105
  • Professional Set Up with Custom Theme: $399
  • Professional Set Up with Premium Stuffs: $499

This pricing can be varied according to your requirements. If you are a newbie blogger, I would suggest you to go with ‘DIY Set Up With Premium Theme’. Do let us know if you’ve any question about setting up a new WordPress.Org blog.

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