How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator

How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 1
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GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar. If you have purchased your domain name from GoDaddy, you've taken the right decision. But when it comes to hosting the domain name, GoDaddy is not the best solution.

It's better to go with a company which is famous for web hosting. HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers. It has already hosted 9,000,000 domains on its server. 

Buying a domain name from GoDaddy and hosting it on HostGator is the best combination. In this post, I will show you how to point GoDaddy domain name to HostGator web hosting.

It's extremely easy. Just follow the simple steps.

1. Sign Up for HostGator

If you've already signed up for HostGator, you can skip this step.

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Once you've bought a HostGator web hosting plan, let's move the next step.

2. Get HostGator Nameservers

Nameservers are the things that will point your domain name to the actual location of you website. As you are not going to host your site on GoDaddy, you need to point your nameservers to Hostgator server.

You can get your HostGator nameservers on your welcome email from HostGator. Or you can get it from cPanel.

Most of the time your cPanel Login link will be Once you’ve logged in to HostGator Control Panel, you’ll find the nameservers in the right-hand sidebar under ‘General Information’.

Your Name Server will be something like and

How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 5
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Keep this tab open so you can copy and paste the nameservers later.

If you are using HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting, you will find the nameservers under “Packages” tab.

How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 6
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How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 7
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3. Enter Nameservers on GoDaddy Domain Setting

Now login to your GoDaddy Account. Once logged in, click on “Manage” from DOMAINS. (Follow Screenshot)

Manage GoDaddy Domains
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On the next page, select the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers. And click on ‘Set Nameservers’ from ‘Nameservers’.

Set GoDaddy Nameservers
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A box will be popped up. Then you have to select “Custom” as setup type and click on “ADD NAMESERVER”.

custom nameservers
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On the next box, enter HostGator nameservers and click on “ADD NAMESERVER”.

Add HostGator Nameservers
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Click on OK and your nameservers will be pointed to HostGator.

It will take some time for the nameservers to propagate.

4. Add GoDaddy Domain Name to HostGator

If you entered the domain name while signing up for HostGator, you don’t need to add the domain to HostGator. It has already been added.

If not, read on.

Now go back to your HostGator cPanel. Click on ‘Addon Domains’ under Domains.

How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 8
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On the next page, you’ll have to enter following information.

  • New Domain Name – Enter the domain that you want to add to your host.
  • Subdomain/FTP Username – This will be created automatically once you’ve entered the domain name.
  • Document Root – This will be created automatically.
  • Password – Enter the password and take note of this.

And click on ‘Add Domains.

How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator 9
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On the next page, you’ll get the message that your domain has been added.

That’s it. You are done. It may take some time to implement the changes. (Not more than 24 hours)

If you are going to start a WordPress Blog, then here are some key posts for you.

Hope this post helped you to point your Domain name from Godaddy to HostGator. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask us via comment. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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34 thoughts on “How To Point GoDaddy Domain Name To HostGator”

  1. Hey ISTIAK,
    Actually i want to get my domain hosted and since last 2 days i have been searching for the Cheap Linux Hosting provider other than so can you suggest me some better options to get it?

  2. Thanks for this article. Today I just bought hosting from hostgator but domain I already bought from godaddy. But I have a doubt my website is on news and in future I want to change my hosting provider can I do..? plz reaply

    1. As your site is still new, you won’t face any problem at HostGator. Once your site starts getting more traffic, you can upgrade your plan or you switch to other hosts that offer free migration. Hope it helps.

  3. Hello! the name servers for hostgator are and I contacted them and that’s what they told me

  4. Hello Istiak,

    thanks for your useful article. Finally I’ve pointed GoDaddy Domain Name to HostGator, However I would need to install SSL certificate for my website. In this scenario, where will I install the SSL certificate? on Hostgator or GoDaddy?

  5. Hi Istiak ,

    I need some Help. my domain is registered with godaddy and I am hosting my site on Hostgator . now I want to create subdomain . I am not sure whether this can be done directly on hostgator or we need to setup something with godaddy.

  6. Jonathan Dradford

    But what would you suggest, buying the domain from Godaddy or buying it in Hostgator so that you don’t need to point the hosting?

    1. Just add HostGator name servers to your Godaddy account. Name servers are and It will work even if your site is on subfolder. If you need further help, just knock at HostGator Live Support.

  7. i have did all the steps
    like what you did in this post
    i have renamed my host name servers…. but i am getting an error message when i am adding domain name in “addon domain” page…

    this is my first site…please help me

    1. i believe Ravi’s main webpage is already the domain. I believe they should have stopped at the 4th part.

      The part wher eyou said read-on. They’re getting the error message addon0 addons avail…or something like that.

      I’m sure their site has gone live, once it propagated

      This site was very helpful. ‘Nameservers’ was crucial.



  8. Hi I followed your directions as dictated, but Cpanel hostgator responds “You cannot park your main domain.” Any solutions?

  9. Great tutorial. But what if I don’t want to use the nameservers given by HostGator. Let’s say I want to use a different DNS server to maintain the domain rather than the typical HostGator cPanel DNS. What should I do in such a case?

    1. Istiak Rayhan

      If you want to host your site on HostGator, then you will have to use HostGator nameservers. If you want to use another host, then use that host’s nameservers.

  10. Thanks for the help Istiak,

    I had some issues with changing the Name servers on Godaddy to my Hostgator Name servers. Fortunately I came across your website and I managed to fix the problem. Thanks again.

  11. How can i transfer my hosting files from godaddy to hostgator as i do not have any free transfers from hostgator to transfer it on my behalf. Can you please help me with that?

  12. i changed the nameservers of my godaddy domain. but my question is that process for new domain? because this article is about adding second new domain. my domain was already there on hostgator now i have changed its me in this regard

  13. from morning iam searching to map my domain to godaddy to hostgator i had changed the name servers but i didnt find the one that have to do in hostgator.

    Thank you very much Admin

  14. Wow, thanks so much for the post. I just bought a new domain from godaddy and also purchase hosting space in hostgator and was stocked on how to link both. Thanks so much for sharing this post. It was really of help to me.

  15. A great article put up.I recently puchased hosting from hostgator and domain from godaddy and finding out ways to combine both of the.As i have subscribed you so i got to know about the steps without much effort.Between i want to know if we purchase hosting from some other company than the steps will be the same ??
    Thanxx for sharing this article

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