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7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins

Istiak Rayhan

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 1
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If you use WordPress, you have to use plugins. It doesn’t matter what type of website you are building; you need to use a few plugins to get the additional features you need. There are both free and premium plugins.

You can get started with the free plugins, but if you want to unlock the advanced and more powerful features, get regular updates and support, you have to go for the premium ones.

But where can you get premium plugins that ensure all these perks? Which marketplaces or plugin developers are the most reliable?

If you have any of these questions on your mind, you have come to the right place. In this post, I am going to introduce you to the best places to find WordPress plugins. Let’s get started and find out which places offer the best premium WordPress plugins.

1. CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is the largest and most popular marketplace for premium WordPress plugins. At the time of writing this post, there were 5,288 plugins available. You can use the search box to find out your preferred plugin. Search results page will display the matching plugins with name, price, rating, the number of sales, etc. It is possible to filter these results by using various options like category, tag(s), price range, price, rating, date, and so on.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 2
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Clicking on a search result will take you to the dedicated plugin page. That page will provide you with a detailed description of the plugin, all the features and change logs. You will also find separate buttons for checking out a live preview of the plugin or go through the screenshots.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 3
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CodeCanyon offers two ways to purchase plugins – Regular License and Extended License. The regular license is for using the plugin on your website, and the extended license allows you to use the plugin in another commercial product.

2. WPMU Dev 

WPMU Dev is a highly reputed WordPress developer company that offers 140+ premium plugins. You can search for your desired plugin or browse various categories like business, SEO, marketing, community, multi-site, BuddyPress, and so on.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 4
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The individual plugin pages offer all the details you need. You will find in-depth information about various features, how these will help your site, and other necessary tips. There is a dedicated “Usage” section that guides you through the installation process and helps you utilize the available features.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 5
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You have to be a WPMU Dev member to use these plugins. The membership pricing starts from $49 per month, which includes unlimited access to all the available themes, plugins, and 24/7 support. There is also a one-month trial to check out the plugins before you commit.

3. WPEka

WPEka is another widely known WordPress developer company. It offered 67 premium plugins at the time of writing this post. You can sort the plugins by the popularity, rating, release date, and price.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 6
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Need to know more about a specific plugin? Click on the image or title, and you will be taken to the dedicated plugin page. Different sections of the page will provide you with the relevant information including plugin features, browser compatibility, included files, update history, etc.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 7
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You need a WPEka Club membership to use any of these plugins. The membership is priced at $17 per month. Once you become a member, you will get unlimited access to the 100+ premium themes and plugins offered by WPEka.

4. MyThemeShop Plugins

MyThemeShop started as a theme club and then started offering premium plugins as well. Till date, it is offering 27 plugins, including both free and premium versions of the items. You can search for your desired plugin or use the available filters like add-ons, widgets, functionality, etc.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 8
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Each plugin is provided with a dedicated page where you will find all the necessary information. The features are explained with lots of screenshots and relevant images, which will help you determine whether the plugin meets your requirements or not.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 9
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Use the “Demo” button or the “View Live Demo” link to check out a real-time preview. The right sidebar will display the price, average rating, the number of reviews, testimonials, links to similar plugins, etc. There is also a pre-sale questions section that answers your common questions.

5. ThriveThemes Plugins

Unlike the other sources mentioned in this post, Thrive Themes doesn’t offer a lot of plugins for various purposes. Instead, they are only focused on developing specialized plugins to optimize conversion. That means you won’t find too many plugins here, but you can rest assured about the overall quality of the available ones.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 10
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Since Thrive Themes offers a smaller number of plugins, it was able to dedicate more time and convert each plugin page into a kind of landing page. You will find a video intro, demo, detailed discussion of the options, benefits of using the plugin, testimonials, and a list of all features.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 11
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When it comes to pricing, there is no fixed price for the plugins. Each plugin is priced differently, while some plugins are only available with the membership plans. The individual membership is priced at $19 per month. This plan provides unlimited access to all the themes and plugins along with support and updates.

6. weDevs

weDevs is another common name in the WordPress development arena, which offers 50+ free and premium plugins. Unfortunately, there is not any way to search for a specific plugin.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 12
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It has some amazing plugins like Dokan Multivendor, WP Project Manager, WP User Frontend Pro, etc. Each plugin has its own page for showcasing the available features. You can use the demo version of the plugin before purchasing.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 13
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You can purchase the plugins for single or multi sites. weDevs offers 14 days money back guarantee.

7. ElegantThemes Plugins

Despite the name, Elegant Themes also offers several premium plugins. But they don’t have that many plugins compared to the other marketplaces. At the time of writing this post, they had three WordPress plugins in the offer.

7 Places To Find The Best Premium WordPress Plugins 14
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Among these, the Divi Builder plugin is inspired by Divi theme. You can use the plugin to enjoy a fully intuitive Drag-and-drop layout building experience. There are 46 content modules with lots of demo designs to help you get started.

Bloom is an excellent email opt-in plugin that allows you to create conversion-oriented opt-ins and build up your email list. And lastly, Monarch is a feature-rich social media sharing plugin that helps you get more share and acquire more social media followers.

You can access all these plugins by becoming an Elegant Themes member. There are two membership options – pay $89 per year or pay $249 for the lifetime access (Elegantthemes Discount). All plans come with unlimited access to the themes, plugins, update, and support.


They say all good things come at a price. The same concept applies to WordPress plugins as well. You need to go premium if you want to enjoy the best features, timely updates, and professional support.

Now that you have read this article, you know which the best places to find WordPress plugins are. In short, CodeCanyon and WPMU Dev are the best places to start with. And if you are more focused on marketing and conversion, you should check out the Thrive Themes plugins.

So, which is your go-to place for getting premium plugins? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Awesome article. As you mentioned thrive theme and plugins are great. Btw, which plugin you are using for signup which is poping up as a chat bot? Does it not compatible for mobile version?

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