15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 1

How many times have you applied for AdSense account and got rejected?

It could be several times or more. Maybe, you are still struggling to get approved by AdSense.

Most of the new bloggers apply for AdSense many times and become disappointed after getting rejected by AdSense. But AdSense is not the only advertising network for publishers. There are a lot of ad networks that share a decent amount of revenue to their publisher.

To be honest, AdSense is still the best Advertising Network. But I believe ‘Something is better than nothing’. That’s why I am going to share some AdSense Alternatives (2018).

If you are one of them who didn’t get approved by AdSense or got banned by AdSense, then you can try the following networks. You can also use these networks along with AdSense to increase your revenue. Let’s check the top 5 alternatives first.

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Ad Types





Text & Banner

$100 (Payoneer)


Amazon Ads

Search & Display

$100 (Payoneer, Check)



Text & Banner

$10 (PayPal, Payza)



Text, Search, & Tag

$50 (PayPal, Payoneer, Wire)




$50 (Payoneer, Check)

Note: This post is about the other Ad networks that can be used as an AdSense alternative. If you are looking for other alternative ways to make money rather than using AdSense, then read this post. Now let’s see the complete list of AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers In 2018. 

Let’s dive into more details of these ad networks.

1. Media.net

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 2

Media.net is a leading contextual advertising company which is powered by Yahoo! Bing Network. It is considered as the best AdSense alternative. Because of having tons of advertisers, it works great with every niche. Big brands like Forbes, Elle, REUTERS, NY Times, WebMD etc. use Media.net to increase their revenue.

Ad Types: Contextual Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Content Ads, Display Ads, Interstitial Ads.

Payment Methods: Payoneer ($100)

2. Amazon Native Ads

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 3

Amazon Associates is the world’s largest affiliate program. The great thing about the program is, it has an advertising program named “Native Shopping Ads”.

The way it works is a little bit different from AdSense. While AdSense pays you for clicks or impressions, Amazon Native Ads only pay you for sales. As Amazon is the world’s most popular and largest eCommerce site, it’s not that much tough to get sales from Amazon.com.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads show highly relevant product ads in stylish and responsive design to help you to earn more.

Ad Types: Recommendation Ads, Search Ads, & Custom Ads.

Payment Methods: $100 (Payoneer, Check)

3. Bidvertiser

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 4

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising site that could be an excellent AdSense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. It offers instant approval. You can monetize your site within 5 minutes with BidVertiser.

The way it works is a little bit different from Adsense. While Adsense shows Ads based on context or visitor’s interest, it creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog. Initially, you won’t be able to earn much revenue as it takes some time to get your site found by Highest bidders. So stay longer.

Ad Types: Native Ads, Pop Under, Domain Redirect, XML.

Payment Methods: $10 (PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer, & Check)

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 5

Infolinks is a bit different from other advertising networks. It shows innovative ads based on user intent. You can monetize your all traffic with its advanced and unique ad units. Infolinks even monetizes the unused ad spaces.

It’s very easy to use. Just sign up for free and paste the code. It will start monetizing your traffic. Infolinks has over 100,000 publishers world wide.

Ad Types: InText, InFold, InTag, InFrame.

Payment Methods: $50 (PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Payoneer), $100 (Bank Wire)

5. Adversal

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 6

Adversal is the best Adsense alternative in terms of serving ads. It has a great CTR and works with several languages. You need to have monthly page views of 50,000 to apply this network.

Minimum payout is $20 and payment modes are PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire. It has an affiliate program too.

Ad Types: Banner & Pop Ads.

Payment Methods: $20 (PayPal, Check, Wire)

6. VigLink

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 7

7. BuySellAds

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 8

BuySellAds is an advertisement marketplace that connects publishers with advertisers. It is slightly different from other Ad networks I mentioned here. While other Ad networks pay based on CPC or CPM, BuySellAds pays for direct advertisement. It works as a middleman between advertiser and publisher. And it charges 25% of the transaction.

However, it’s tough to get approved by BuySellAds. You need to have a good amount of traffic to get approval. So if you are still struggling with AdSense approval, don’t try BuySellAds. Getting BuySellAds approval is tougher than AdSense. But it’s a good compliment for AdSense.

Ad Types: Banner & Text.

Payment Methods: $20 (PayPal), $50 (Check)

8. Propeller Ads

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 9

I’ve added Propeller Ads to this AdSense alternatives list mainly because a lot of people suggested Propeller Ads on the comment.

Propeller Ads is a UK based Ad network. It’s a CPM ad network which pays for every 1000 impressions. If you have traffic from U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, it will work great for you.

It has different types of ad products like OnClick PopUnder Ads, Mobile Ads, Banner Ads, Layer Ads, Slider Ads, Video Ads etc. It pays through Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney and Prepaid Cards.

Ad Types: Banner & Popunder.

Payment Methods: $50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer)

9. Chitika

(Note: Chitika is shutting down. So don’t sign up for Chitika)

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 10

Next Google AdSense alternative is Chitika. If you are tired of not getting AdSense approval, then sign up for Chitika. You need not get approval for using Chitika ads on your site. That means you can monetize your low traffic site with Chitika. Just create an account and put ads on your site.

It offers 3 types of ads – Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. It’s PPC rates aren’t as good as AdSense.

Ad Types: Text & Banner.

Payment Methods: $10 (PayPal), $50 (Check)

10. Skimlinks

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 11

11. Adsterea

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 12

Adsterra is a premium ad network for publishers and advertisers. It offers highest CPM rates with global coverage. It has display banners, Popunders, direct links, sliders, push up ads etc. Publishers can receive their payments on time via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Paxum, and Payza.

If you are getting a good amount of traffic on your blog, you can try Adsterra to maximize your revenue.

Ad Types: Banner & Popunder.

Payment Methods: $100 (PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin)

12. Adengage

Adengage is an online advertising network for publishers to sell direct ads. Since arrival, it has served 1.2 trillion Ads. Minimum payout is $50 and you can get paid via Paypal, Wire, Check and Western Union.

Ad Types:

Payment Methods

13. Adbuff

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 13

Adbuff is a high paying, Adsense alternative ad network that focuses on increasing revenue for quality publishers. They offer high paying CPM and CPC ads and deliver only high quality unobtrusive banners to visitors.

Ad Types: CPM & CPC

Payment Methods: $100 (PayPal, Payoneer)

14. Kontera

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 14

Kontera is similar to Infolinks. Kontera Ads appear on hyperlinked text when you hover the mouse on the linked text. It also offers image and video ads. All ads are based on pay per click payment.

Whenever you add in text ads on your site, make sure that you are not annoying your readers with too many ads.

Ad Types: Text & Banner

Payment Methods: $50 (PayPal, Wire, Check)

15. Revenuehits

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018 15

Revenuehits is another good alternative to AdSense that tries to generate maximum profit for your traffic. It’s owned by intago.

Ad Types: Display & Pop

Payment Methods: $20 (PayPal, Payoneer)


My advice is not to try the networks at a time. You can do A/B testing to check which one works better for you. However, you can use 2-3 networks at a time.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Comment and let us know what is the best AdSense alternative according to you?

346 responses to “15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers In 2018”

  1. Charles Tuke Avatar

    I have been using Chitika for over 6 months, I am getting plenty impression but my earning still remains zero dollars. I am confused as to why I am not earning nothing. I am even thinking of removing it from my Blog.

  2. Iak Avatar

    My one of the websites was penalized by Google few weeks ago, just because of using Adsterraa ds, Although I was using banner ad but not pop-under, Google penalized by saying that your some web pages are using Sneaky redirects and misleading visitors, After removing their Ads, I sent re-inclusion request to Google, now Google approved. Here I have mentioned some of my experience about Adsterraa https://goo.gl/RWhv53

  3. MBK Avatar

    First off I must thank you for this great article you had put together. I have been applying for adsense for over a year now and it has been frustrating me.
    I do not think that I lack content as they have been saying… It is flooded with articles and my articles, pictures are original.
    Can you please look it up and tell me where I must have unknowingly erred? My site is http://www.notionsreview.com.
    I will be very much grateful.
    Looking forward to your feedback.

  4. Tom Avatar

    Thank you for the great post! I see this as an ultimate guide for new blogger hunting for affiliate Advertisers. I am currently using viglink and I am happy with it. Seeing your detailed review I am planning to implement few. I have a quesions, can we use adsense and viglink together?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can.

  5. Dr Sangita Avatar

    Great article, you have covered almost all google adsense alternatives.

    I am a new blogger and have blog on health niche. At present i have low traffic.

    I want to apply for google adsense. Can you go through my blog and advise me some tips for approval?

    Also want to know other best alternative for my blog.

    Right now i have Amazon affiliate program on my blog, but that is also not working.

    My blog is havehealthylifestyle.blog


  6. Okey Ravi Avatar
    Okey Ravi

    Google Adsense is always the best option, But you have to find alternatives when Adsense sucks you.Really strict terms and policies.
    I usually prefer Media.net and Infolinks to a good alternative to Adsense.

  7. Vrisha Malan Avatar
    Vrisha Malan

    I have been using Adsense, but it takes ages to reach the threshold for a newbie like me. Would like to try out more options. Excellent list of the best Google Adsense alternatives. But I personally prefer to monetize the blog with Media.net and Mellowads those ad networks are great for small and low traffic blog. Even my website was not approved by google adsense.

    After reading this article I went ahead with the alternatives and got it approved. Later I got adsense approval too. I always google for information about making online money, and now end up at your article, it clears almost all of my doubts. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I have one challenge and that’s the fact that I give up so easily. Immediately AdSense didn’t approve me easily, I lost interest in a blog that was already generating over 10k page views in a day.

    However, thanks for sharing your experienced list to get me back to the game. Great article as I have been struggling to get my adsense approved , So i would instead now try these out.​

  8. Sadman Rahman Avatar
    Sadman Rahman

    Propeller Ads will be the best alternative to Adsense.They also reduce the payout rate.So, it will be fine to give a try.

    1. Ravi Avatar

      Propeller ads sucks, When you try to open something they will lead you somewhere else.Too much redirection

  9. Ap Avatar

    List provided is highly appreciable. I have started using Infolinks but don’t know why not getting results. If doesn’t works will again visit your article for more reference.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Also try Media.net. It’s the best AdSense alternative.

  10. Bindeshwar Singh Kushwaha Avatar

    Many thanks to provide such a list of Ad Network, AdSense is good but not the only one.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Glad I could help :)

  11. Ismail Avatar

    I thinks whoopsmedia.com is really great as a very good alternate for AdSense.

  12. Arif Hossain Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this great article with us. Google adsence is a great platform for making money online but it is not easy to all bloggers

  13. Junaid Akhtar Avatar
    Junaid Akhtar

    I just have one query that is i have saloon website which is one page how can i earn money from my website if i monitize my website. Reply as soon as possible 😀

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Are you trying to promote any product on the website?

  14. Albert Pinto Avatar

    I think you should also include eLeavers and Studads advertisng networks.
    I am getting paid on each month.This month I got $527.

    1. arvind gupta Avatar
      arvind gupta

      YES, I am also using these advertising networks for monetizing my website.
      ELeavers and StudAds are also the best Adsense Alternatives.
      I request to admin, also include these ad networks in the list.

  15. Luckypatcher Avatar

    I have used many Google Adsense alternatives. According to me Propeller Ads media and Revenuehits are good. But they have spam ads.

  16. krishna Avatar

    Thank you sir. When I did not any approval , then I was very sad, but after ur post i use buysellads
    And now I am earning

  17. Rizwan Ali Avatar

    I used bidvertiser but did not earn anything because they pay very low on clicks and impersions.I suggest to avoid to use bidvertiser.

  18. quratulain Avatar

    i dont understand policy of adsense.how much users are required for this.

  19. Adhiraj Avatar


    i tried applying for adsense, got disapproved for content and not following policies.

    could you take a look? gamersnation.in

    i understand the content part but i dont understand what policy i am not following.

  20. Rahul Avatar

    Thanks for the information. But can we use adsense and Bing Ads same time on same website?

    1. mohammad yusuf Avatar
      mohammad yusuf

      Hi Rahul

      You can use both at same time.

  21. Abdullah Bin BIkair Avatar

    How much traffic need to apply for media dot net i applied but didnt get approved because of traffic??

  22. Adetoyeseh Avatar

    Many Thanks To You Master Rayhan,
    I Found This Post Helpful.

    I’m running a news blog (naijagugu.blogspot.com), and I have a very few daily impression. I’ve applied for Adsense three times and get disapproved. On my blog, I use to copy some image from Google to use for news. So, I don’t know where I am having the problem of getting disapproved always. Please, i want you to inspect my blog and tell me what I need to do.

  23. coder Avatar

    In India my ranking will be

    1. Adsense
    2. Media.net
    3. Bidvertiser (but their ads are not secure, two time my website go di-index by google)
    4. Chitika

    Worst in India
    1. Infolinks (will show only facebook ads thats never pay)
    2. kontera

  24. Jitendra Dhage Avatar

    Chitika is the one of the worst ad network as I personally tried it on my blog. I think best adsense alternative is media.net. they pay but well not like adsense.

  25. Bapan Saha Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this kinds of informative article. I am using a blog site and i am using adsense for this blog site http://creativedesh.blogspot.com . Can i use adsense and amazon native ads both of them in my blog site ? Is there any problem will create for it or adsense will suspend my blog site?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can use AdSense and Amazon Native Ads at the same time.

  26. David Avatar

    Thanks for this much information.
    i am also use-ing media.net its highly paid as compare to others.
    This is such a very good article..
    Thanks again……

  27. Pramod Kumar Avatar
    Pramod Kumar

    All the bloggers suggest Media.net is the best alternative to AdSense. But after trying approx 15 days, It is still not working me and after reading lots of reviews about media.net, I found it will only work for you if your main source of traffic from US, UK & Canada based countries.

  28. Saviour Avatar

    This is an in-depth article. I think you are born to teach. This helped me a lot.

    I will give my AdSense application another trial. If I win, I’ll buy you a drink.

    Please check out my site if you could see what I’m doing wrong. https://websiteghana.com.

    I’m suspecting the contents I took from elsewhere for some of the pages and the navigation. I’m not all that sure, though.

    I would be glad if you help me. Thanks.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      It would be tough to get approved by AdSense with your current homepage where you are offering services. You need to make this page (https://websiteghana.com/blog/) as your homepage before applying for AdSense. AdSense approves blog site quickly.

      1. Saviour Avatar

        Thank you so much. I’ll give it a try.

  29. Roy Fowler Avatar
    Roy Fowler

    There are many ad networks that give good results.I use for my blog Tribaladnetwork.I earn a decent cpc rate and i get bonus revenue from conversions.If you have Tier 1 countries you can earn a good revenue from your traffic.

  30. Uchchash Avatar

    Nothing could be the substitute of Google AdSense! But, if someone is getting disapproved again and again then there is no option without alternatives!
    And, your list is quite good!

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, there is no real alternative to AdSense. But Media.net is doing good.

  31. Imran Ahmed Avatar

    I’ve tried Media.net for a while, quite good results for South Asian countries. I think it performs better compared to Google for Asian countries.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  32. Gautam Nagraj Avatar
    Gautam Nagraj

    Hello, brother, excellent write-up I have read the whole article, and it was helping. But according to you, which ad network works better for programming & coding blogs, well have programming blog and I am using Adsense, media.net and buysellads together but my monthly earnings are so less.

    Adsense gives me around $5-$6 daily, and media.net gives $1-$3 daily, and in buysellads, not a single Inventory has sold.

    I have also tried A/B testing, and all the tips and tricks shared by pro bloggers about AdSense earnings but fail. Even after getting 280000 pageviews monthly.

    So what do you think which network would be best from the above list, I have tried propeller ads, but that pop under ads are annoying.
    So please suggest me.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      If Ad networks like AdSense, Media.net etc has not worked for you, it’s high time to try Affiliate Marketing. I’ve written a complete guide on monetizing blog with affiliate marketing. I believe if you follow the guide properly, you can easily get started with affiliate marketing. Let me know if you need any other bits of help.

    2. Joe Avatar

      I wish I was pulling that many views a month! I’d definitely look to affiliate marketing as an alternative. You should be able to monetize that traffic.

  33. Pronob Avatar

    I sign up for media.net and Infolinks after reading this article. Can I use both of them at the same time?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can.

  34. Kenneth Black Avatar
    Kenneth Black

    I read that media.net often doesn’t pay very well and they often cancel your account for no reason. Is that true?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      I haven’t heard such complain before.

      1. Kenneth Avatar

        This is where I read that (see also the comments) : http://www.lionblogger.com/why-i-stopped-using-media-net-ads/
        I’m asking because I was thinking of using them.

        1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
          Istiak Rayhan

          Yes, it is true that Media.net doesn’t work well if you cannot drive traffic from countries like USA, Canada, etc.

  35. Miss Rosy Avatar

    I disagree with BidVertiser because I have already used BidVertiser in 2014 and the revenue result was so poor and I finally had to removed them from my site

  36. Ricardo Avatar

    I have a file sharing site. Basically you upload and share the file.
    And I’m not accepted in google adsense or media.net

    any suggestion?

  37. Rupam Chakma Babu Avatar
    Rupam Chakma Babu

    I tried chitika and many other adsense alternative but its pay very low if compared to adsense. So adsense is more better than other adnetwork.😄

  38. Minhaj Uddin Avatar
    Minhaj Uddin

    I was depressed after getting banned from Adsense. But This post is a savior! Thanks a lot.

  39. Kavin Rose Avatar

    Can I use both google adsense & buysell simultaneously?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can.

      1. Kavin Rose Avatar
        Kavin Rose

        Thanks a lot for quick response !!!!!!!

  40. Michael Marshall Avatar

    Nice list thanks.
    Though Bidvertiser is not all that good, just an fyi.

  41. Syrana Avatar

    For my fashion blog i use Tribaladnetwork and get a good CPC rate.But i earn also from conversions.It is a good ad network that you can use for Adsense alternative.

  42. Bindiya Avatar

    Don’t know why but media.net didn’t approve my site to shoe their ads. Can you suggest next best option after media.net?

    Ad quality of BidVertiser is not really decent, i don’t like to show such ads to family audience.

  43. Yash Patel Avatar

    I am looking for a secondary Ad network which I can use with Google Adsense for some extra Income from my Micro Niche sites

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      You can use any of these ad networks with AdSense. My recommendation is, Media.net.

  44. Ole Hansen Avatar

    I have used Chitika in many years, i don’t make so much like before 3 – 4 years ago but anyway the service work well.
    I will try another one and see what is better for me, i thinking about Media.net i will request for an invitation.

  45. Matt Avatar

    You should remove Media.net immediately..They are sold for $900M and they stopped paying me for the last 3 months. I get around 50k impressions per month and revenue is $0. I contacted them and responded saying my traffic is low quality. Low quality traffic equals low revenue NOT $0. 85% of my traffic is coming from the US and 90% Google searches, by the way.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Let’s see what other Media.net users are saying.

      1. Matt Avatar

        User sourabh karole said the same thing.

  46. Umesh Avatar

    I tried these out but no one can pay higher than Adsense. Media.net is enough good in this list but CPM is low.

  47. Gaurav Verma Avatar

    I tried mostly adsense alternatives but no one can pay high than adsense. I think every one should use affiliate marketing as adsense alternative.

  48. Julie Schrier Avatar


    I am looking for a secondary Ad network which I can use with Google Adsense for some extra Income from my Micro Niche sites. All my sites are Adsense based micro sites, but I have a big confusion, as i have been reading few reviews of different ad networks around the web and base don all the reviews, I am confused between, Infolinks, Revenuehits, Bidvertiser & Chitika.

    So, according to you, which one should I use to get the maximum from my micro niche sites traffic?

    My traffic is a mix from all the countries, also do let me know, which advertiser works best for which country?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Do some A/B testings with different ad networks and pick high performing networks.

    2. Kundan Yadav Avatar
      Kundan Yadav

      Ma’am You Can Safely Use Chitika ads along with Adsense. Chitika works fine with Adsense.?

    3. Kundan Yadav Avatar
      Kundan Yadav

      Ma’am You Can Safely Use Chitika Ads along with Adsense. Chitika Ads Works Fine With Adsense. You Can Funnel More from your site using Chitika + Adsense Strategy.??

  49. sourabh karole Avatar

    I Get Approved By Media.net…It Was Good In First Week I Get 2$ RPM And I Earned 2$ In One Week,But After That Everything Goes Wrong…RPM Decreasing Day By Day Now Its Zero…I Thought Somewhere Or Other I Would Making Any Mistake..But After Waiting A Week I Removed Media.net… So What Is The Problem,My Other Friend Also Get Same Problem With Media.net…Sorry For My English..

  50. maaz saleem Avatar
    maaz saleem

    Hi,i asked this question two days ago that which of these support Youtube channels??

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan


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