Can You Get AdSense Approval With A Subdomain Site?

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I have been asked this question many times that “Can I get Adsense approval with Subdomain?

Before we dive to the answer here some information about Subdomain.

Subdomain: A subdomain is a domain that is part of a top-level domain. For example, is a top level domain and is a subdomain.

Subdomain can be two types which are subdomain from own domain and subdomain from third party domain.

If you are using your own subdomain and you have approved AdSense account then you can place Adsense codes on your subdomain. But make sure that your subdomain site’s contents are suitable with AdSense.

Now move to the third party domain name like, etc. So our question was “Does Google approve Adsense ads for subdomain site?

The answer is YES. If you are using Blogspot or Weebly. Blogspot is also a Google service. It shares 100% revenue with the user. Weebly shares 50% revenue with their user. Weebly offers easiest way to get approve in Adsense. I got my Adsense account approved via . Unfortunately, Weebly banned my site. This is the problem of the subdomain. They can delete your site without any prior warning.

And the answer can be NO. If you are using subdomain like,,,WordPress etc. Many people argue that Google Adsense approve subdomain if the site has good traffic, design etc. But It is really tough to get Adsense with subdomain(Believe me).

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So What Should You Do?

I know subdomain sites offer hosting with Zero Cost. But the problem is They may delete your site without any prior notice. So I highly will suggest you to go for your own domain and hosting. Once you have own domain you have full power to build your site without thinking about getting any penalty. Having an own domain is very easy.

Read: How to Buy a Domain from GoDaddy.

After getting own domain, read this post: What You Should Do to Get Google Adsense Account Approval

Once your site is suitable for Adsense Ads, apply for Adsense Account

Hope this post clears you confusions whether Adsense approve sub-domains or not. Feel free to ask any questions or share your opinions on this topic. 

106 responses to “Can You Get AdSense Approval With A Subdomain Site?”

  1. Aryan Varrier Avatar

    If I have approved AdSense account with my own website like and now I have created a subdomain like, Is there I need separate approval for my subdomain or I can place the same ads codes of

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you need several approval.

  2. Gajanan Patel Avatar


    Is their anyway to get Adsense approval on a subdomain or it is necessary to buy a particular domain for it?

    Help me?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      There is a very low chance to get AdSense on a subdomain site.

  3. Muhammad Umair Avatar

    Basically i want to know about another thing which is how many adsense we can get approved on single domain name ????
    because there are many people who are getting aprroved 2 3 adsense on single domain so i want proper answer of this.
    Thanks in advance

  4. joshi Avatar

    No. You can add subdomains your ads may display but you won’t be able to earn anything. Until and unless you go in adsense settings and again apply to verify site. Here you fail to verify subdomains. So why to become mizer? if you want to earn money, invest 680=00 INR in domain purchase from blogger itself, then they will respect your activities. Why one think to earn millions by not investing a single penny. Its a business. Before few years it was not the case but within last few months Adsense is observing and implementing many filters.

  5. Arpit Saxena Avatar

    I have an E-comm website i.e. and a blog website so i would like to know if i would submit my top level domain for adsense and the initial code we receive after the submission of top level domain,
    So can i paste that code in my subdomain as my toplevel domain website is E-comm and made on Dot net and i want to show the ads on my blog subdomain website.
    So can i get a approval for my sub domain after pasting the initial code which we woukd received after the submission of top level domain for adsense?

  6. Akash Avatar

    Hi Ishtiak,

    I have created a sub domain of my website

    Can I apply this domain to Google Adsense ?/

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      You can. But I don’t recommend you to do so. It’s always a good idea to apply with the main domain name. Once you get the approval for main domain name, you can use AdSense ads on subdomain.

      1. Akash Avatar

        Thanks for your great answer !!
        But my main domain name not approved by Google Adsense.
        So I wanna to get approved by subdomain.

  7. Akash Avatar

    hi bro,

    I have a website with own purchasing domain, I have applied my website to Google Adsense 4 times, but they rejected every time with the issue of content and user experience …but website look and content is enough. I am not getting that what am not full fill Google Adsense account.

    So, Please help me to approve my website in Google Adsense.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      If you have a heard time to get approved by AdSense, I’d recommend you to try AdSense alternatives.

      1. Akash Avatar

        Hi sir,

        I have just 4 times to Google Adsense. I am not wanna to choose the alternative of Google Adsense.

        I am a developer. I have self-created my website.

        Please help me to get approved my site to Google Adsense.

  8. VRushali Avatar


    I’m looking to link AdSense with our blog. Base url is an online store and BaseURL/blog is a separate deployment.

    Can I integrate adsense only for blog? How can I apply?
    As adsense application only accepts parent domains. But parent domain, being an online store, less of text more of images got rejected.

    Please advise.

  9. Jammi Avatar

    Hello Rayhan,
    I have a blog related to health tips. Which is written in both language Hindi and English. But I made that blog on, So Url comes like So tell me please can i apply for ads with that blog ?.


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      No, bro. As per as I know, has a advertising option. Use that.

  10. Sharifu Avatar

    Hello, Can I get Google adsense approval in my blog which some contents I wrote in unacceptale language and other in acceptable language but almost in accaptale language, so can I?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      If most of the posts are written in AdSense supported language, apply for AdSense. Even if you get rejected by AdSense, you will know the reason of rejection at least.

  11. Satish Kushwaha Avatar
    Satish Kushwaha

    Hi I have a blog which is in Hindi.. ! I want to create a subdomain of this blog in English. then can i monetize that blog ?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can.

  12. Rap Avatar

    Hello, I was recently approved my Adsense, and my website is, and I want to place ads on my website … But it’s not coming . It’s just showing a. Blank space. Plz, help me.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      When you add AdSense ads for the first time, it takes some times to show.

  13. Balu Avatar

    Hello! Istaik Rayhan. I have a domain Google Adsense approved my site to place ads . And I created a Subdomain. Now Can I use Google Ads to place in subdomain.

  14. MYandroidBD Avatar

    is subdomain will work in Bangla websiite english version for google adsense?
    plz hlep me

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Read this:

  15. Farhan Ghazi Avatar
    Farhan Ghazi

    You didn’t answered according to the question. You need to explain it clearly.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Sorry for that. Let me know what you haven’t understood.

  16. jaydeep patel Avatar

    hello istiyak i have a blog some time before it is approved in aadsence but when the validitity of my domain is over the adsence suspended my account and hold my earnings so how can i get back my account please tell me.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Make your site live again and notify Google Adsense team about that.

  17. Graham Avatar

    Hi Istiak.
    I was wondering.
    I have permanently redirected to subdomain “
    I have received first stage approval for adsense by applying for adsense with
    I have now created two ad codes and put them on my subdomain.
    Is it likely that I will get full approval with the permanent redirection in place and at no stage have I put an ad on the top level domain.
    The reason I ask is that no actual ads have appeared after a couple of hours.


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      I think it’s not a problem as you are the owner of the site and it’s not a third party subdomain.


    Thank you for providing a greet information.

  19. nikita Avatar

    Hi Guys I have a question. i have 2 Blogs that are 6 months old now. I got adsense approval through youtube last year month of august. Now that I can access the ‘ Earnings’ tab on my Blogger acct, and was able to insert ads on my one blog. Ive noticed that ads doesnt show up even viewing on other browser. Ive read in some forum that its necessary to have a domain or tld. But is it possible to get Adsense approval without a Tld or if I get many impressions on my blog, is it possible that the ads may start to show up????? Please. I do need a clear answer. Is it possible??

    Also, I just observed that my adsense earnings is bigger than my youtube earnings. And it is on the Finalized earnings. Does it mean that, Im already earning from my blog even if I dont see the ads??. Im kinda confused. Please enlighten me.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      It’s possible to get Adsense approval without a TLD. Sometimes Ads don’t show because of having less Ads related keywords on a blog.

      For second part: Yes, those earning should be your blog’s earning.

  20. Sanjeev Avatar

    Are you sure? sites that are hosted on free domains not (TLD) and web host are legible to become a publisher with the Adsense Team.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan


  21. Saleem Avatar

    Hi ! Am now using blogspot and it has more than 40,000 page views per month, I want to sign for adsense and few months later I want to shift my blog to self hosted wordpress. My question is, will I be allowed to shifted my adsense to self hosted wordpress after being approved in blogspot?

    I will apriciate your answer

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can. Once you get approved by Adsense with your main site, you can add your other sites to your Adsense account.

  22. Huzaifa Khan Avatar

    i am Huzaifa from pakistan, bro Istiak my website is…. How I apply for adsense? When I submit application it gives error “subdomain not allowed”

    I am waiting for your reply

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Walaikum Assalam.

      I’d suggest you to apply with your main domain name.

      1. Awwal Ismail Avatar

        As-salaamu alaykum.
        If someone can’t afford self hosted domain for a while, and want to use blogspot subdomain to apply for adsense. And the application gives error “subdomain is not allowed” what’s best thing to do to get approved for the subdomain as you said it possible to get approved. Kindly help please.
        Thanks in advance.

  23. matt Avatar

    I have a site hosted with a free service:
    I have bought the domain name and pointed it to the above site.

    Can I register an adsense account with ?


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can.

  24. M Avatar


    I want to ask can i use adsense on my subdomain ? because i want to use sub domain for mobile devices and top level domain for pc devices only with the same content on both websites because i just want to redirect my mobile users to my subdomain. Is that violate adsense policy any way?
    Like my website is that i just want to specify for pc devices and its sun domain for only mobile devices with same content on both. is that allow for adsense?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, it is allowed. Just make sure both of your domain are compatible with Adsense rules and regulations.

  25. Giftsnart Avatar

    my website is facing trouble with adsense so i want to know if i can make
    Would it be approved by Adsense, since it is a sub domain?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      No. When it comes to applying for Adsense, it’s always good to apply with your main domain.

  26. Kashif Khan Avatar

    HI Ishtiak sir,
    can i get adsense with my subdomain.For exampel my site is:
    and i have a subdomain like:

    Is this possible to get adsense with

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can. But you’ll have to make sure that your site is compatible with Adsense rules and regulations. If you haven’t apply for Adsense yet, I would suggest you to apply for Adsense approval with your main domain like Hope it helps.

  27. Dhruba Avatar

    Hello…Istiak Rayhan

    I want to ask you that I have a youtube channel monetized by adsense before and now when I have applied for my blogspot blog they have accepted but those ads are not showing in my blog. and my adsense account is still showing as hosted account because I have a youtube channel hosted on that same email.

    So now my question is that how to get rid of that?? Do I have to buy a domain and once again send a review for my blog?

    please reply fast
    my blog is

  28. Ryne Burke Avatar
    Ryne Burke

    Hey guys. I have some remarks on this. You can use adsense on a subdomain. Especially if it’s a sever you’re running like Apache, and using actual HTML files to make your website. The trick is getting the adsense account, if you don’t have a domain to offer, and only a subdomain. My advice to you is to setup the account through youtube. No domain is needed, just a personal youtube page. Simple enough, right?

  29. Anubhav Avatar

    Hey brother, I just read you article over approving of Google adsense and find it much useful.
    But instead of this, I have few questions on my mind, I hope you will answer them.
    1- as you said that getting approval from free WordPress blogs is not a chance. I choose WordPress because the blog name I want to choose is not available on Blogger, am I on the right track of starting blog and get an adsense approval in near future?

    2- The blog name I wanted to choose has already been registered on Blogspot, but has Hardy one or two posts, is there any way to get that blog name on with my e mail? I mean something like transferring the whole blog to other email address?

    Silly questions, I know, but these will help me to setup my blog be ready for adsense.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      1. You won’t be able to use Adsense on blog. You need to set up a self hosted WordPress blog to get approved by Adsense. Read this:

      2. No, you can’t choose the name that has already been registered.

      Hope it helps.

      1. Anubhav Avatar

        Sure it does & Thanks for answering.

        Well I am having another query too, that is.,
        Do I need to pay something to self host my blog?
        Or Do I need to purchase a paid domain like .com or .in?
        And can a blog with sub-domain be hosted? For eg., “” can this be hosted or self hosted.

        PS- I dont want to invest money in the biggening, as I am short on it, I am a Blogger’s user, but now because of the blog name shifted to worpress for my new blog.

        1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
          Istiak Rayhan

          For self hosted WordPress blog, you’ll have to invest some money. As you don’t want to invest money I would suggest you to stay with Blogger platform. You won’t be able to get approved by Adsense with blog like ‘’

  30. Ankit Sharma Avatar
    Ankit Sharma

    I have a approved adsense account on my top level domain. Now i am planning to create one more blog on (subdomain) so can i use adsense there? Will it b a problem with a subdomain?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      It won’t be a problem as long as your blogspot blog is comaptible with Adsense Terms and Conditions.

  31. Imran khan Avatar

    Hi IStiak
    I got banned or disable two times (adsense code was of other website) now i want to use adsense code to my subdomain (Age 3 month) (age 2 month)

    as per my website banned it will harm to my subdomain or it is different policy for subdomain.
    for adsense is there any relation bw domain and subdomai

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      If your main domain is banned by Adsense team, then you shouldn’t add Adsense code on the sub domain of the banned domain.

  32. Gautam Sehgal Avatar
    Gautam Sehgal

    Thanx for the informative post, i recently shifted from blogger to self hosted wordpress blog. Using Point theme, my adsense ads work fine on my blogger blog, but not working on my wordpress blog, Please help if you can

  33. Anshul Barman Avatar
    Anshul Barman

    Hello sir,
    I want to ask you how much one can earn from Google ad sense in a month? And what can be the average earning in a month from ad sense.

  34. chevy Avatar

    Are you serious,? sites that are hosted on free domains not (TLD) and web host are legible to become a publisher with the Adsense Team.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Sub domains are legible to become Adsense publisher. But it is tough to get approved by Adsense with subdomain.

  35. Adam Tanguay Avatar
    Adam Tanguay

    Hey Istiak,

    Weebly’s Adsense revenue sharing policy was updated in late December. Users now get 100% of AdSense revenue. Just wanted to share the update!


    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for the update.

  36. Nishant Avatar

    I have sent an application for the permission to use adsense on my subdomain website .it is . It is a free of cost website but it has widget that says adsense and asking a code .Calculating all this stuff ,i wanna know what probability do i have of getting adsense on my website .Please reply fast if possible.

    Thank You.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Since your site has an option to add Adsense Ads, I am pretty sure Google approves’s site. All you need to do is make sure that your site is compatible with Google’s standards.

      You can also read this post :

  37. ziya Avatar

    Thanks for your reply.

    but i have one and last doubt, that i dint register adsense yet.

    i want to register adsense only with my subdomain means

    so is it possible?
    if yes then in how many days i can register my sub domain for adsense with google.

    Thanks in Advanse

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yeah, it is possible. But the problem is that you have less chance to get approved by Adsense with your sub domain.

      So it is better to apply for Adsense account with your main domain and use Adsense Ads on sub domain.

      And I recommend you to read this post:

  38. ziya Avatar

    Hi my site is

    but i want to dispplay add on my subdomain which i am going to start.

    url is

    there is only test page.

    my subdomain site is ready to launch but

    i am confused that should i buy new domain for shayari site or should i use

    my own subdomain.

    please suggest me.

    Thanks in Advanse

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      You can use Adsense on your sub domain. Just make sure that your site follows the rules of Adsense.

  39. Ataur Rahman Avatar

    Hello admin,
    Thanks for your helping information about Google adsense. Many times i try to apply Google adsense but in vain. May be your post help me.

    Best Regards,

  40. innocentsm Avatar

    thanks for sharing, very informative content
    keep writing

  41. Sonia Avatar

    Hi Istiak Rayhan,
    This tip is very helpful for many new bloggers (Do not have a adsense account).
    I also did not know, we can get adsense approval with subdomain. Thanks Istiak really this is wonderful article & beneficial for us.

  42. Himanshu Avatar

    can i use google ads on a sub domain if i have a fully approved adsense account on the same domain

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can. Just make sure that your subdomain site is compatible with Adsense TOS.

      1. Himanshu Avatar

        Do we have any tool to check whether it is compatible with all Adsense TOS

  43. Vipin Kumar Avatar
    Vipin Kumar

    Hey bro can you please tell ..will Google approve me for Adsense account for this url of my blog:

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yeah, Google will approve this site.

      1. Vipin Kumar Avatar

        Thanks for advice..but bro can you tell what you’ve seen in my blog and said Google adsense will approve it ?
        Since i am little bit confused about my blog so i asked you this question !!!

        1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
          Istiak Rayhan

          You have a Good design, good contents, important pages like about, contact etc. But I suggest to you to wait 1 month and then apply for Adsense.

          1. Vipin Kumar Avatar

            Thanks for your appreciation bro….
            I want to ask one thing more that the Google i use for blogging has date of birth 26-October-1996.
            Now since I am not 18+,will Google approve mine blog? If not what can I do then?
            Please help me ….

            1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
              Istiak Rayhan

              Not, Google won’t approve your blog. I think you should wait.

  44. suraj Avatar

    hi have a web site it can even enter this domain in creationg adsence shows error that this is not a top level domain
    plz help

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Hey Suraj,
      Most of the time Google doesn’t approve subdomain for using Adsense. It only approves subdomain like, etc. But I believe using Top Level Domain is the best way to get approved by Google. If you have more query, feel free to ask me.

  45. sudhakar Avatar

    my approval disapproves after first stag saying site doesnot comply with the policy

    please if you get time sir check it…….

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Google Adsense doesn’t approve sites like,,
      So it is always better to start a blog with Top Level Domain like me (

      1. sudhakar Avatar

        if is not top level domain then is also not a top level domain…….so it should work for also……….may be its not aplicable for,……

        1. sudhakar Avatar

          my site is i.e. co. in is also a tdl

          1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
            Istiak Rayhan

            Then it’s OK for you.

            1. sudhakar Avatar

              finally got adsense…….:D

              1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
                Istiak Rayhan

                That’s GREAT. Actually you domain is similar to, So I thought Adsense won’t approve your site.

                1. sudhakar Avatar

                  but thank you sir for giving your precious time….

  46. Rohit Singh Avatar
    Rohit Singh

    ohk :) But If I have already Adsense on my TLD then???

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      That’s definitely not a problem. Start using Adsense on your sub domain.

  47. Rohit Singh Avatar
    Rohit Singh

    Nice post, I have a doubt, lets assume that I have a domain name and i create a subdomain Does Google approve Adsense ads for my subdomain site???

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Yes, you can use Adsense on your own subdomain. Just make sure that your site compatible with Adsense terms and conditions.

    2. Moorthi Avatar

      Yes you can apply. The google will approve your request.but your website has minimum of 40 pages or articles.

  48. Jake Avatar

    This is probably a bit old but I got my adsense approved within a couple of days with my blogspot subdomain, my blog also only had 1 or 2 posts so maybe I just got lucky. I only just got a .com domain and all I have really seen is a 10% rise in traffic (which is nice I guess).

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Hey Jake,
      You are really lucky, man. Now a days it is tough to get approve with 2 0r 3 posts. You did a great job by moving to Top level domain.
      It will be more fun if you move to WordPress Platform. Good Luck .

  49. Zion Amal Avatar

    Hey Istiak.
    That was one of my major problem which you solved :) Thanks a lot.
    And is there any rule like, you must only implement adsense on 4 months old SUBDOMAIN? If the main domain is more than 4 months old?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Good to know that this post helped you to solve your problem.
      As per as i know there is no such rule that you need 4 months old sub domain or top level domain to apply for adsense account.

  50. Blogger Tips & Tricks Avatar
    Blogger Tips & Tricks

    Hey Istiak
    I don’t think it’s advisable to go for adsense with a “SubDomain”. It will be better for one to acquire a “Top Domain” first before even dream of getting an approved adsense.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Exactly. One should try with Top level domain.

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