Top 10 Ping Sites To “Ping Your Blog” To Search Engines

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Previously, I’ve talked about how you can submit your blog to search engines. If your website is not getting indexed on search engines, submitting your website can help you a lot. But, if you’ve already done that and still your website is not visible on search engines, you can use ping services.

Now, before you get all confused, let’s first talk about what a ping or a ping service is.

What Is A Ping Service?

A ping basically means notifying the search engine that your blog or website has been updated. It is an XML-RPC based mechanism that sends a notification to the search engine that the content on a website is updated.

In simple words, pinging your blog is like saying “Hey, Search Engine Bots, Check My Blog”.

There are many ways to ping your website. You can do it automatically or use ping services. WordPress also has a ping service that works automatically and notifies the search engines whenever you publish or modify any page or post on your website.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Writing.

On scrolling down the page, you’ll see a field named Update Services. In this field, you can enter the list of services where you want to ping your website.

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You can find the list of ping sites that I use for pinging here.

Copy and paste the list and save the changes. That’s how you can use the automatic WordPress ping service.

If you update your blog posts a lot, I’d highly recommend you to use a Ping Optimizer Plugin to limit excessive pinging since every time you make changes to your post/page, it will ping your site.

Apart from the automatic ping service by WordPress, there are many websites that you can use to ping your blog to search engines.

And, that’s what this post is all about. I will show you the top 10 Ping Sites to Ping Your Blog to Search Engines.

But, before we begin, it’s important to know when and why to ping your blog.

When & Why To Ping Your Blog?

If your blog is new, you know how difficult it is to be visible on the search engines. And, it can get really frustrating when you submit your blog to search engines and they’re not getting indexed.

In these cases, you can ping your site to get quick results. Even if your site isn’t new, you can ping it when your pages and posts are not getting indexed.

Is there any negative effect of pinging your website?

Yes, and no. Pinging, in general, doesn’t have any negative effect but it’s recommended that you don’t ping the same URL over and over in a short period of time.

Here I’ll show you 10 sites you can use to ping your blog. Now, I’d not recommend pinging your site to all these tools at the same time.

Using 2-3 sites is better than using all 10.

Enough said. Let’s dive into our list.

Top 10 Ping Sites To Ping Your Blog To Search Engines

1. Ping Tools by SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is famous for its various SEO tools. And, it’s ping tool is one of them.

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The tool is very simple. You can enter up to 10 URLs and submit them for pinging. You can even give a category to the URLs you have entered.

It’s very simple to use this tool and it’s completely free.

2. Ping-0-Matic

Ping-o-Matic is a well-known ping site to ping your blog to search engines. Unlike the ping tool by SmallSEOTools, you can enter your blog name and enter the URL and RSS URL in Ping-o-Matic.

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This tool also gives you the option to choose which services you want to ping. There are many famous services you can choose.

One would argue that Ping-o-Matic doesn’t provide many services but they have a valid reason for this. They want to make sure that all the services they list are legit and work.

This is why they have fewer services that are important rather than having a ton of ping services.

The only caveat here is that you cannot enter URLs in bulk in Ping-o-Matic.

3. Ping Feedburner

Feedburner is a ping service by Google itself. You can enter the URL of the blog and Feedburner will ping it automatically.

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This is one of the most reliable ping sites as it’s run by Google and it updates the feed immediately while many other sites take some time to update the feed.

4. Pingler

Pingler is a free ping tool for pinging your site URLs. You can enter the title or keyword of the URL and ping it.

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Pingler also gives you the option to select the category of the URL. What’s great about Pingler is that you can choose which services you want to ping.

By default, there are many services included in the ping services field. You can add or remove services from this field accordingly.

A premium version of the tool is also offered by Pingler which has faster indexing and ranking. The premium version also has thousands of ping resources and is safe for SEO.

One great feature of their premium version is that it also comes with an automatic site crawler. This site crawler monitors your website on a daily basis and automatically imports new pages to your account. The premium service starts at $2.99.

5. IndexKings

IndexKings is a rapid indexer tool that sends your URL to over 15,000 sites and helps you gain more backlinks.

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You can enter multiple URLs and submit them easily. The tool lets you submit inner pages of your website (called complex URLs).

But, whenever you’re submitting a complex URL using this tool, make sure to check the box for submitting complex URLs.

6. Total Ping

Total Ping is another ping site like Ping-o-Matic. You can enter your blog name, its URL, and RSS URL and submit your site of pinging.

The site gives you the option to choose the services where you want to ping your site. There are English services and international services you can choose from.

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The tool is very simple and gets the job done easily.

7. Ping Blog

Ping Blog is a ping service that submits your blog to different directories to let them know your content has been updated.

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To ping your blog, you simply have to enter your blog name and its URL. The site also gives you the option to enter your XML feed which is optional.

Though you can modify it, Ping Blog lets you see the list of services where your site will be pinged.

8. Ping My Blog

Ping My Blog is a ping service where you can ping your site to a ton of services. You have to enter your blog name, URL, and RSS URL which is optional.

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Then, you can choose the services where you want to ping your site. Ping My Blog has a huge list of services you can choose from.

You can check or uncheck them all to help you make your selection easily.

9. Useme

Useme lets you ping your blog to over 2400 services for free. Just enter your URL and select the number of sites.

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But, here’s the catch.

Instead of giving you the option to choose the sites, Useme just lets you select on how many sites you want to ping. So, you can select the top 20, top 100, or top 2460 websites.

This means you cannot find out what these 2460 websites are.

10. Domain Pinger

Domain Pinger is a pinging site where you just enter your domain and your website will be submitted to over 2450 websites for pinging.

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With this tool, you don’t have the option to choose the number of services you want to ping to. Neither it provides the list of websites where your site will be submitted for pinging.


These are top 10 ping sites to ping your blog to search engines. Now, most of these websites will submit your site to the same services.

That’s why I’d recommend you to proceed with caution and use only 2-3 websites for pinging. Being reckless and submitting to all these sites can lead to a penalty which is the last thing that anyone would want to happen to their site.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

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