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WordPress Ping List 2022 – Best “Update Services” For Quick Index!

Istiak Rayhan
WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 1
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We always want our blog posts to get indexed by Search Engines as soon as possible. Typically we have to wait for Search Engine bots to crawl our posts and index them.

But there’s a better way – Using WordPress Update Services (Ping Services).

Ping Services are tools that you can use to notify search engines that your blog has been updated with new posts. Ping is an XML-RPC based push mechanism by which a blog notifies a server that its content has been updated.

In my earlier days of blogging, I used to ping my blog URL manually. But it’s time-consuming. Later I came to know about WordPress Update Services.

WordPress Update Services work automatically. When you publish a new post or modify an old post, WordPress automatically notifies the ping sites.

Here I’ll be sharing an updated WordPress Ping List for 2019. And I’ll also show you how to extend WordPress Ping List.

Updated WordPress Ping List For 2022

Here is a list of working ping sites that will help you to ping more services. This is the same list that I am using here at

Now let’s check the list.

To make this list, I’ve used several sources including this one by

How To Extend WordPress Ping List

By default, WordPress uses only one ping service – Ping-o-Matic. The best thing is, that this single ping service lets many other services know that you’ve updated your site.

But it’s a good idea to extend the services. In fact, it’s one of the important things to do after installing WordPress.

Now let’s see how to extend your ping list.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Setting and click on ‘Writing’.

WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 2
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You will find “Update Services” at the bottom of the page. Just copy the above list and paste it there. Then click on “Save Changes”.

WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 3
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That’s it. You are done. Now WordPress will notify all the above ping services when you publish a new post or modify an existing one.

If you happen to be updating your posts a lot, you can consider using WordPress Ping Optimizer plugin. It controls excessive pinging. However, if you don’t update your posts frequently, you don’t need to use this plugin.

Hope this post helped you to update your ping services.

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Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. Got a little bit confused about the many sites offering these WordPress ‘latest’ Ping Lists and so I decided to create a more dynamic and automatic updated service.

    A very simple WordPress plugin connects my WordPress blog(s) to a remote server [currently many more than before] which keeps a list with ping addresses. These addresses are regularly checked if they are responding. No response, remove the entry.

    Some websites are scanned for new Ping addresses and these will be added to my list automatically. Works completely awesome. Now a days I implemented many more features and if any one like to try it …
    [ No commercial services! Just a hobby! ]

    Next step is to integrate a web gui dashboard kind of section into WordPress for some statistics, notifications, etc.

  2.* (and many others) are dead. At the beginning of 2018, Google said:

    In the next week, we’re shutting down Google Blogsearch “Ping”. Blogsearch itself was deprecated in 2011, and now it’s time to turn off some of the remaining services associated with it. This change has no effect on crawling and indexing of websites.

  3. Dear Istiak,
    Somehow got reference to your site and its usefulness for WP Bloggers. I am writing for a long time but never gone into the nitty-gritty of blogging. But learning a lot these days to make a mark in my passion. Thanks for your insightful sharing.

    I have bookmarked your URL and hope to read a lot useful posts in coming days.

  4. Hello Istiak, I’m still new to WordPress and looking for ways to get my links index faster. Should I replace with all the default ping list or just paste below it and save
    am just confuse

  5. Thanks for this list! I just updated my ping list for my new blog. I had to delete all the Google ping sites and left only dot com because it might arouse some suspicion if the same URL gets pinged to 15+ Google RPC sites. Thanks again!

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