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Top 10 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers To Be More Productive

Istiak Rayhan
Android Apps For Bloggers
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Android smartphones are dominating the world. With the rise of Android apps, they are taking the place of computers and laptops.

Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone and spend a lot of time using it. Android has tons of apps on Google Play Store. As a blogger, you can use some Android apps to be more productive and get things done. But it’s not easy to pick the right apps from thousands of apps. To make it easier, I’ve compiled a list of Android apps for bloggers.

In this post, I’ll be sharing top 10 Android apps for bloggers that will help you to be more focused and organized. All of these apps are free, and some of them have the premium version.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”1. WordPress” orientation=”center”]

WordPress has a cool android app that works for both and users. It lets you edit and publish your blog posts and check the stats of your blog.

But the best thing about the app is comment moderation. You can moderate and reply comments from the app. It’s very handy and saves a lot of time.

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WordPress Android Apps
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Install the app from Google Play: WordPress

[thrive_headline_focus title=”2. Pocket” orientation=”center”]

Pocket is the must have android app for bloggers. It allows you to save posts to read later. Whenever you find something interesting just keep it in the pocket, you can check it later from your smartphone or browser or other devices. This way you can focus on what you are doing. This application is a productivity booster.

It has a pro version that offers some awesome features like backup, suggested tags, advanced search, recent searches, etc.

Pocket Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: Pocket

[thrive_headline_focus title=”3. Todoist” orientation=”center”]

I’ve tried several to-do list apps earlier. Todoist is the only app that I can stick with. It supports more than 10 platforms. That means your data will be synced to all devices. You can easily access your to-do list anytime. It works on both offline and online.

Todoist has a distraction-free design that makes it superior from its competitors. You can categorize the tasks on different categories. You can also use it to accomplish your projects.

Todoist Android App
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‘Install the app from Google Play: Todoist

[thrive_headline_focus title=”4. JotterPad” orientation=”center”]

Writing on mobile is not my favorite thing. It was not so cool until I discovered JotterPad. It’s my favorite text editor for Android. This distraction-free text editor makes writing on mobile easier.

It has some amazing features like night mode, find phrase, typewriter scrolling and snapshots.

JotterPad Android App
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‘Install the app from Google Play: JotterPad

[thrive_headline_focus title=”5. Productivity Challange Timer” orientation=”center”]

This application is based on well known time management method Pomodoro Technique.

The idea is that you will focus on one task for 25 minutes, and then you will take a break of 3 – 5 minutes. After four consecutive sessions, you will take a longer break. This method is a productivity booster.

Productivity Challange Timer takes Pomodoro technique to the new level with features like rankings, achievements, stats, hours spend on projects, etc. You can use this app to be more productive and more focused.

Productivity Challenge Timer Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: Productivity Challange Timer

[thrive_headline_focus title=”6. Udemy” orientation=”center”]

Udemy is the best platform to learn anything. From programming to photography, Udemy has courses for almost everything. I’ve completed several Udemy courses, and I am fully satisfied with the quality of the courses.

Now the good news is, it has an android app that lets you access the courses anytime. You can save courses for offline access. You can also buy courses from the app. I’ve been using this app for a while, and it works great for me.

Udemy Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: Udemy

[thrive_headline_focus title=”7. SERPmojo” orientation=”center”]

If you are a blogger, you will thank me later for introducing this app. SERPmojo is a rank tracker that allows you to track unlimited keywords. It supports major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SERPmojo has a pro version that offers automatic background rank updates, analytic insight, keyword status, etc. It’s a useful app for bloggers and SEO experts.

SERPmojo Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: SERPmojo

[thrive_headline_focus title=”8. Trello” orientation=”center”]

Trello is a project management tool for getting things done and staying organized. From work project to travel plan, you can organize almost everything by using Trello. You can create different boards for different projects.

Trello supports all major devices and platforms. It has a handy app for Android where you can organize your projects.

Trello Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: Trello

[thrive_headline_focus title=”9. SwiftKey Keyboard” orientation=”center”]

SwiftKey Keyboard is a must-have app for all android users. It makes typing easy and fun. The great thing about the app is, it learns your writing style to suggest your next word which will help you in faster typing.

It has some other excellent features like autocorrect, type with a swipe, effortless emoji, etc. After installing the app, typing will never be the same again.

SwiftKey Keyboard Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: SwiftKey Keyboard

[thrive_headline_focus title=”10. Water Drink Reminder” orientation=”center”]

I tend to forget drinking water while working. Thanks to Water Drink Reminder app that reminds me to drink water every day. Drinking water is crucial to keep your body hydrated.

This app is a good reminder for drinking water, and it will help you to develop a healthy drinking water habits. If you are using wrist, you can get the reminders on your wrist.

Water Drink Reminder Android App
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Install the app from Google Play: Water Drink Reminder

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Wrapping It Up

So these are the Android apps that I am using on daily basis. You don’t need to use them all. Just pick the apps that seem useful to you.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Which are your favorite Android apps? If you want to create your own app, you can use

Let us know via comment. However, if you found this post useful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

written by

Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. Steller app is also a good app for writing beautifully and easily over a picture.You can also tell a story of a blog post using steller.I was searching for a good social media management app and its buffer.Thanks for the list.Great post!

  2. Thank you Dude !
    Great apps for blogging. Many peoples didn’t know about it but this post make easier for them. And also helpful for me.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Istiak, being a WordPress blog owner, I think my first choice should be WordPress app for Android, but so far I know that the app doesn’t still work on Android device! Is it right?

    However, I tested WordPress on my Android phone around a year back and don’t know what’s the condition now as I shifted from Android to Windows mobile platform recently.

    If WordPress works on Android now, I must go for Android again, I promise.

    Thanks for your in-depth article.

  4. I already use some of this apps for multiple purposes, not just blogging. But this is a good roundup to learn about some useful apps out there as well as actively focus on using them for being productive in blogging.

  5. Hi Istiak,
    Android apps are really great. They made bloggers life easier than ever.
    Find some new apps here to stay productive. Jotterpad, Productivity Challenge Timer, SERPmojo and Water Drink Reminder are new to me.
    I think Feedly, Google Drive, LastPass are also awesome apps.
    Thanks for sharing some unknown Android apps. I am going to install them on my smartphone.

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