WordPress Guide for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorials

Istiak Rayhan
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Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of RoadToBlogging.com, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. Tried a lot..
    When I am entering my email there, it is showing email not registered, but I had already registered from WordPress.org>support>register.
    Please help me.

  2. Brother I created an account on hostinger.in and installed WordPress on it.
    when I tried to login to it, every time it showed wrong password.. Infact I was trying the right password then also I was not able to login.
    please help me. ?

  3. Hey brother help me in choosing a cheap hosting provider.
    the hostgator is not affordable. I am just the Beginner,
    and bro please add a scroll to top button in your blog. It takes a bit of time while scrolling back to top.

  4. I am a WP beginner, still under construction. I have bookmarked this post as an invaluable resource. Thank you for keeping the language simple and the steps easy to follow for a non-techie like me. This post is appreciated!

  5. Hi Istiak,

    I don’t have words to express my feelings, your WordPress guide for beginners is awesome and this is perfect guide who starts a new WordPress blog. Your guide helped me a lot to build my blog. I think you have much patience and keen observation capability.

    Thanks for valuable Information

    Keep going

    Thank You

  6. I will post such article on my blog also and will link your article as reference. By the way… thanks for the good words.

  7. Istiak, I’ve been blogging for many years…but since I jump all over the place to make things work, I’ve never started with the basics, at the beginning. So really, I’m still a beginner…and I’m going to follow your guide from Step 1. Thank you.

    (BTW, I landed here because after installing Viperbar I need instruction how to set it up…thanks for the complete tutorial.)

  8. Jahanzeb Malik

    Is there any way that i can come and kiss you ! Because this is what i was looking for…….. i am not commenting to get back-link . my blog is ” disadvantagesof.com” and it is setup with your help.

    Next on my list is setting up
    Akismet plugin
    then security
    Thank you Love you.

    Is my blog Good Any suggestion please???

  9. Really very useful information.Just I checked your website through blog stats. Recently I am planning to shift to wordpress.I hope this post will definitley help me in further WordPress Guides

  10. Very very nice info about WordPress. If we follow these guidelines in this post, we will definitely build a good WordPress site.

    Now I am going to install Plugins for my blog .


  11. Hi Istiak,

    What an awesome list of resources, I wish I found this when I started my blog. Anyway this still useful to me for some plugins and customization. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Actually this guide is specially written for beginners. That’s why you may find some of these tutorials quite basic. But I tried to add some advance topics too.

      Glad to know that you find this post useful.

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