3 Tips to Write a Distraction Free WordPress Blog Post

Distraction Free Writing

Writing is hard. Distractions make it harder. It’s very easy to get distracted. When you are writing online, then a lot of things can distract you like checking social notifications, Email etc.

I know you are practicing some techniques to minimize distractions. But I believe, there is always room for improvements. If you’re like me and love writing blog posts in WordPress, then this post is for you. In this post, I will be sharing 3 tips that will help you to write distractions  free blog posts in WordPress. Hope these tips will increase your productivity as well.

Here we go…

1. Use WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode

If you aren’t aware of ‘WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode’, then you are going to thank me for letting you know about this awesome option. By default, WordPress Post Editor itself is full of distractions. Just look at it.

WordPress Post Editor

You have just a small portion to write your blog post. And sidebar options can easily distract you.

Fortunately, here is an easy way to remove these distractions. WordPress added a ‘Distraction Free Writing Mode’ in its recent version. Just click on ‘Fullscreen mode’ on your Editor’s toolbar.

Distraction Free Writing Mode

You will find a distraction-free interface. It clears everything out of the screen except for the cursor. But if you move your cursor, you’ll find a little toolbar with few buttons. Now you are wondering if you are going to miss some functionality like alignment, Header tag etc, don’t worry. Not having these features actually helps you to focus more on writing. Most writers suggest not to edit and format text while writing. It keeps your writing flow smooth.

I personally use Distraction Free Mode every time I write a blog post. It helps me to concentrate more on writing.

2. Control Multi-Tab Browsing

Internet is the biggest distraction while writing. You can easily lose yourself from writing by following some stupid links. Moreover, social networking sites are always there to distract you. That’s why most of the writers suggest to turn off the internet connection while writing.

If you can write by turning off the internet, then you are doing great. But if you’re like me who need to keep internet connection on to write tutorial posts, then you need to do something else to restrict you from the internet.

I am using Controlled Multi-Tab Browsing  chrome extension to restrict myself from opening more tabs than I need. If you are using Chrome, you can use this tool to keep you on track. Firefox user can use Window and Tab Limiter addon.

You can specify how many tabs you want to open while writing. It will restrict you from opening tabs more than the set limit. Whenever you start following excessive links, it will remind you that you are writing a blog post. At the time of writing this post, I set 3 tab limit.

Control Multi Tab Browsing

However, you can also use this extension to be more productive while browsing.

3. Set a Timer (Pomodoro Technique)

Setting a timer helps you to focus only on one task.

When you are writing, you should focus only on your writing. I am using Pomodoro technique for that. The technique is to pick a task and set a timer for 25 minutes. When the timer rings, take a break of 5 minutes. Just take a walk, drink some water. After 5 minutes, start another session. Study shows that it increases the productivity and helps you to concentrate on one task.

I am using focus booster software timer. It has both online and offline version.

focus booster live

Hope these tips help you to write a distraction free blog post. Once again, Use Distraction Free Mode, Restrict yourself from browsing, Stay focused. And just write.

Over to You

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