What is Shared Hosting? And Top 5 Providers

I started my blogging journey with a free site on Weebly. On a fine morning I found that Weebly deleted my site. I was very upset and decided to create a blog on WordPress.com. I bought a domain from them. I started blogging and put some affiliate links on my blog. But putting affiliate links was against their policy and they banned me.

That time I realized that I should create a self hosted WordPress blog, to have full control of my blog. Then I came to know about shared hosting and other kind of web hosting (VPS, Reseller, Dedicated).

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So What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting service where multiple websites share the same server. That means if you are going to buy a shared hosting, you’ll be sharing your hosting spaces with others. But it’s not a problem as all sites on the same server don’t generate huge traffic at the same time. If someone consumes too many resources, hosting company may migrate/suspend the account.

shared hosting

Shared Hosting can be two types – Linux Based Shared Hosting & Windows Based Shared Hosting. Linux is one of the more popular operating systems in web.

Shared Hosting becomes very popular because it’s the most less expensive web hosting service. It is suitable for new WordPress blog, small business and even corporate site. Actually it depends on your site traffic. But if you are going to start your first blog/site, I would suggest you to start with Shared Hosting. You can always change your package  later.

Here is the list of 5 best Shared Hosting Companies (providers).

BLUEHOST$4.9530 DaysPromo LinkVisitSiteRed
hostgator$3.9645 DaysRTBHOSTING25
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dreamhost$5.7814 DaysPromo Link VisitSiteRed
siteground$3.9530 DaysN/AVisitSiteRed
arvixe$4.0060 DaysROADTOBLOGGING
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Do let us know if you’ve any query about shared hosting. If you are planning to buy shared hosting, I would recommend you to choose one from above and more specially, Bluehost is my personal favorite.

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