HostGator Shared Hosting Plans: Which One Is Best For You?

I bought my very first web hosting package from HostGator. Shared hosting was my first choice as I was on a budget.

But three different types of HostGator shared hosting plans confused me. I wasn’t sure which one to choose. I ended up with buying HostGator Baby plan because it was the most popular plan.

But it wasn’t the right plan for me as I had only one site at that time. I could have saved some money if I chose hatchling plan.

If you are planning to buy HostGator shared hosting package but don’t know which one is right for you, read on.

In this post, I will discuss about HostGator shared hosting plans which will help you to choose the best plan for you.

HostGator Shared Hosting Comparison

Hostgator offers 3 plans (Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan & Business Plan) on its Shared Hosting with different prices and specifications. Before going further, let’s take a look at shared hosting comparison chart.

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Here are details about the features.

  • Domain Allowed: Single Domain means you can host only one domain in your account. And Unlimited Domains means you can host as much domain as you want to your account.
  • Disk Space & Bandwidth: Unmetered Diskspace and Bandwidth means you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use.
  • Toll-Free Number: With a Toll-free number, your customers (in US and Canada) can call you without any charge. Your calls will be forwarded to your existing phone number through VOIPo. You will get first 100 minutes for free. After that, you’ll be charged 4.9 cents/min for US callers and 6.9 cents/min for Canada callers.
  • Free Dedicated IP: Dedicated IP means having a unique IP address that gives some benefits on SEO and spam issues.
  • Private SSL: Private SSL is a protocol used for securing transaction between client to the server. It is very important if you accept credit card payment.

Other common features are live support, backups, uptime guarantee, money back guarantee, WordPress hosting, cPanel and much more.

Now let’s see the basic difference between 3 hosting plans.

Hatchling Plan: It is the basic plan which lets you host only one domain. And you can’t buy dedicated I.P. with this package. If you are on a budget and want to host only one site, this is the best choice for you.

Baby Plan: It is the most popular plan which lets you host unlimited domains. You can buy a dedicated I.P. for only $2/month with this package. If you are planning to launch multiple sites, this plan suits best to you.

Business Plan: This plan is designed for business oriented sites. It offers a free dedicated I.P. and private SSL with all features of Baby plan. If you are planning to sell products/services on your site, you can buy this plan.

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Now The Big Question – Which Plan Is Best For You?

I hope you have understood the basic difference among HostGator shared hosting plans. And you are pretty sure which plan to buy.

But there is another deciding factor – buying host on montly or yearly basis.

If you want to buy hosting on the monthly basis, you should give priority to your current needs. For example, if you are planning to launch one site initially, start with Hatchling plan and upgrade (free) the plan later when needed. For buying host on the monthly basis,  I’d suggest you use the coupon code RTB1CENTHOSTING to get the first month hosting only for one cent.

If you want to buy hosting for next 2 or 3 years at a time, you need to choose a plan that will serve you over the time. In that case, I’d suggest you to use the coupon code RTBHOSTING25 to get 25% discount on your total purchase.

Now here is my final suggestion –

  • Hatchling Plan: When you need to host one site and you are going to pay on monthly basis.
  • Baby Plan: When you need to host more than one site.
  • Business Plan: When you need dedicated I.P. and private SSL.

Over to You

I hope this post helped you to choose best HostGator shared hosting plan for you.

If you are still confused and have questions regarding Shared Hosting plans, let me know via comment.

You can also share your requirements; I’ll try my best to help to choose the best plan.

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