Web Hosting Coupon Codes 2018 → Huge Discount!

When it comes to buying web hosting package, we always want to get the best service with cheap price. Web hosting is very competitive business, that’s why most of the web hosting companies try to keep their price as low as possible. Besides they also offer coupon codes to affiliate marketers to increase their sale. By using those web hosting coupon codes 2018 you can get a good amount of discount on your purchase.

Save Money on Web Hosting

So if you are going to buy web hosting, I suggest you to use following coupon codes to save some bucks. Here is a list of popular web hosting companies with best discount coupon codes. All of the web hosts don’t have coupon code options, by you can get some discounts by following promo link.

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These coupon codes help you to save some good amount of money on web hosting purchase. Here are some more tips to save money.

  • Get Domain Name from Godaddy: If your web host doesn’t offer free domain name, then buy domain name from Godaddy. You can get domain name from Godaddy with less price then web hosting providers. For example, if you are going to buy domain name from HostGator, it will cost you $15 while you can get one from Godaddy less than $10.
  • Buy Hosting for Longer Period: Most of the web hosting providers don’t allow using coupon code at the time of renewal. As coupon codes work on total purchase, you can save more on 36 Month package rather than 12 Month package.
  • Dropping extra services: Hosting providers include some extra services like Sitelock, Backup, SEO etc. If you think that you wouldn’t need any of the service, then exclude it as all of these services are paid.

Let’s see some more detail about these web hosting companies and their discounts.

HostGator Coupon Code

HostGator is one of the best web hosting companies all over the world. With over 9,000,000 domain names, they are dominating the web hosting industry. They become very popular for their Live support.

By default, Hostgator offers 20% discount to their new customers. But you can get 25% discount by using the coupon code RTBHOSTING25 .

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Bluehost Promo Link

Bluehost is the hosting company that is highly recommended by WordPress.org. They are getting more than 20,000 customers in a month which make them one of the trusted hosting companies.

Bluehost offers professional web hosting for $6.99/month. The good news is, you can get Bluehosting web hosting only for $4.95/month by using our promo link.

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Dreamhost Coupon Code/Promo Link

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting companies which has more than 16 years experience in web hosting. It is also recommended by WordPress.org.

Dreamhost offers web host for $8.95/month. By using our promo link or coupon code RTB50OFF, you will $50 OFF on your total purchase. That means you will get web hosting for $5.78.

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SiteGround Promo Link

SiteGround provides quality web hosting with affordable price. It offers good speed, support and security to their customers. If you are a newbie, you can take the advantage of their free blog set up.

Its regular price is $9.95/month. By using the promo link, you’ll be able to get hosting for $3.95 for month.

Sign Up for SiteGround

Arvixe Coupon Code

If you don’t have any Paypal account or credit card, then this hosting company is for you. It accepts Skrill Payment system. They have more than 10 years experience on web hosting.

You can host your site on Arvixe for $4/month. You can get 20% discount by using the coupon code “RoadToBlogging”.

Sign Up for Arvixe

So those are some best web hosting coupon codes. I could have made these list more longer by adding some other web hosting companies. But all the web hosting companies are not equally good. These hosting companies are on the business for a long time, you can trust them.

Do let us which hosting company’s service you are going to buy and how much can you save by using above coupon codes. If you find these post useful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3 responses to “Web Hosting Coupon Codes 2018 → Huge Discount!”

  1. Tomas Avatar

    Very good post.
    I usually buy domain from GoDaddy and hosting with HostGator. Recently I bought http://www.cheerscoupons.com Domain from GoDaddy just for $0.99!

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      That’s a good idea. We can save some money by buying domain name from Godaddy rather than Hostgator.

  2. subbareddy Avatar

    Good stuff About hosting and their Coupons .I bought my domain http://www.jayshable.com from godaddy for 2 dollors Only.

    Thanks Istiak

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