5 Tips to Making Your Search Listings Attractive on Google

Do you want more clicks from search engines?

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When you search for anything in Google, you are likely to be served millions of results. Some of them (10) are shown in first page. Most folks click on the first page results. Other pages results get few or no clicks.

So we always try to keep our results on first page. Having your results on first page is one thing, Getting click on it is another thing. What’s the benefit if you don’t get fair click in your result even if it is on the first page? No benefit!

Appearing in search results is important but getting clicks is more important. When people do search for any topic they have many options I mean results to click.  If your results look different from others, then you have the chance to grab the attention of searchers. Grabbing attention of the users mean you have better chance of getting click on your results. So let make it looks like best.

Here is the screen shot of the Google search results for the topic “How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog”


 My result is almost in end wise. When searcher tends to click the other results, author pic can draw his/her attention. Moreover having breadcrumbs make it more appealing. So there are some things to do that can make your results attractive in Google. Here are few things you can do to make your results more attractive.

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Tips to make you Search Listings Attractive

Google Authorship:

Once you set up your authorship, Google results will start showing your picture in search results. Author pic can draw searcher attention. Cause People love faces. Authorship will also show your Google Plus ID. If one of your G+ follower search for a topic and you have an article about that topic, then your results can be seen higher in search results. That means you have a good chance to have more clicks after getting Google authorship.


Breadcrumb is the Category Navigation which has been shown instead of the full URL of post. I don’t know it has any SEO benefit or not, but it can give you higher click rate in Google search. Breadcrumb keeps the result clean. Sometimes Full URL with post title in above doesn’t look good. Moreover it gives searcher a good idea about your category and site.

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Search Engine Friendly Title:

It is the most important part. Searcher will not click your results if they don’t understand your post title. Here are some tips to make your title search engine friendly.

  • Do keyword research properly.
  • Finish your post title within 65 words.
  • Use numbers in title (Ex: 10 Awesome tips to…).
  • Use unique words (Like Top, Tips, Awesome, Ways etc).
  • Use ‘How to’ words if needed.


Showing Star Ratings:

If you are an affiliate marketer and you are writing reviews, then  you should use Google Rich snippet star rating to make your review attractive in Google. Adding product review markups help you to get more click through rate and better visibility in Google search engine.

searchTo add star rating in Google search you can use Author H Review WordPress Plugin, developed by Hesham from FamousBloggers.net.

Google Sitelinks:

Sitelinks are the links that appear below the first results in Google search. It mainly happens when domain name and search topic are around the same. Here is a screenshot  of Google site links.


According to Google, sitelinks are automated, and will only be displayed if Google thinks they are useful to search users.

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Your Turn

Now time to check how your post appear in search results. Go to Rich snippets tool and check any URL of your blog.  If it shows your pic, breadcrumbs, ratings then you are done.

Do let us know if you use any other technique to increase your CTR ? If you find this useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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