How To Install WordPress Locally Using XAMPP

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WordPress is by far the most popular Blogging Platform. Still new bloggers or Blogspot users often find WordPress as an Alien Platform because they are not familiar with it. In order to get acquainted with WordPress you can simply begin by creating a free account on or you can install WordPress on your PC to test it locally. Advantages of installing WordPress locally :

  • Get familiar with WordPress
  • Get familiar with database
  • Make changes locally, then on your live blog
  • Local test platform.

To get started with Your local WordPress installation you will need a software named XAMPP. And the latest release of WordPress.

Install WordPress Locally using XAMPP

1. Install XAMPP

2. Download and Extract Copy all extracted files to C:xampphtdocswordpress

3. Start XAMPP and start all services

Install WordPress Locally

4. Open http://localhost/

5.  Click on phpmyadmin to create a database for your WordPress.

Install WordPress Locally

6. Go to http://localhost/wordpress and click “Create a Configuration File”.

Install WordPress Locally

Install WordPress Locally

7.  Now Enter the details as alluded below.

  • Database name : Database name you have created (wordpress)
  • Username : root
  • Password : Leave it blank
  • Database host : Keep it default (localhost)
  • Table prefix : Keep it default (wp_)

Install WordPress Locally

8. Click on “Submit”. On the next screen click on “Run the install”.

Install WordPress Locally

9. Now add your Site Title, Username, Password, Email. The privacy option won’t matter as you are working on localhost.

Install WordPress Locally

10. On the next screen click on “Login”. Login with the username ‘admin’ and the password you have chosen.

Install WordPress Locally

11. Now you will be taken to your Dashboard.

Install WordPress Locally

Whoa! You have just installed WordPress on your local host. Now upload themes and plugins. Try customizations as much as possible. Do everything you need. Test your plugins or themes locally before using them on your live blog.  If you found this post helpful share it with your friends. Don’t forget to Subscribe to RSS feed for updates.

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