Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress for Your Users and SEO!

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Broken Links are something that is not good for SEO. Search Engine bots hate broken links and it creates a bad impression to the readers.

So one should check for broken links regularly and fix them before getting any Search Engine penalties.

With the increase of the contents it has a chance to having broken links in your blog. It is impossible to check the broken links manually. We can use a WordPress plugin to check and fix broken links easily.

Before we talk about the plugin, lets check out some information about broken links.

What is Broken Links?

Broken Links are those links which are not live and redirect users to 404 page. These can be considered as dead links also.

For example, you have linked to someone’s page or post in your post in the past, but now that link doesn’t exist or has been deleted. When a visitor/bot follow the link he will get 404 page and Search Engine bot will get a 404 code status, which means that link is dead.

So having broken links is not good in the terms of SEO. To fix this we can use a WordPress Plugin called Broken Link Checker (BLC).

How to Find Broken Links via BLC

BLC is the best  broken link checker plugin for WordPress. It helps you to find out all broken links in your website. If you have huge comments in your blog, then you will find many broken links that destroys your blog reputation.

To install and configure the plugin follow the simple steps:

1. Go to Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add new.

2. Type ‘Broken Link Checker’ in search bar and Click on Search Plugins. ( You can download it from here)

3. Very first result will be this Plugin.

4. Click on Install Now and Active your Plugin.

Once you install the plugin go to its setting by clicking on Tools > Broken links.

It might take some times to find out the broken links. After finding all broken links it will show like the below snap.

broken links

Along with broken links you will get the status code, Link Text and your source post.

How to Fix the Broken Links

After finding the all broken links , now time to take the action on it. First time i got only 12 broken links and i fixed them. You will find 4 quick options to fix broken links (Edit URL | Unlink | Not broken | Dismiss).

broken links

Edit URL : If one of your interlinked post redirects 404 page, then click on Edit URL  and fix it with the correct url.

Unlink : If you find any broken link on comments then just Unlink it.

Not Broken : For the status ‘Server Not Found’ you can consider it as Not Broken.

You can also stop Search Engine Bots from following broken links. You will get this options on general settings.

broken links

Hope you will be getting rid of broken links by using this plugin.

Don’t take broken links lightly as it distracts search engine bots and readers. So check broken links regularly and fix it.

Do let us know if you use other plugin to check and fix broken links. And also share your experience with this plugin.

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