7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools (Free & Premium)

7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools (Free & Premium) 1Writing error-free English is hard. It’s even harder when you are a non-native English writer like me.

Though writing tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc correct spelling mistakes, these tools are not enough to eliminate grammar errors.

That’s why Grammar Checker Tools came to the scenario. These tools can help you to make your writings error-free as well as improve the readability.

In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the 7 best online grammar checker tools available right now. Using these tools will help you to write better, correct English and be confident about the quality.

Without further ado, let’s check out the tools.

Now let’s see some details of these tools.

1. Grammarly

7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools (Free & Premium) 2

Grammarly is one of the top grammar and punctuation checker tools available right now. Being developed by professional linguists and language lovers, this tool offers advanced grammar checking with additional features like context checking, sentence structure, and vocabulary enhancement suggestions. Clicking on any error will offer a detailed explanation along with some examples. It is also possible to check the write-up for various genres like academic, engineering, medical, fiction, and so on.

7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools (Free & Premium) 3

When using Grammarly, you will have access to a powerful plagiarism checker tool that will scan 16 billion web pages and the whole ProQuest database to detect plagiarism. There is also a citation generator feature that works with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

Grammarly offers several ways to use the grammar checker tool so that you can be confident with your writing everywhere. Among these, their online editor allows you to copy and paste your text and check the text instantly.

You can install the Windows app or the MS Office Add-in to have access to the grammar checker on any Windows application.

There are browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to take care of your web write-ups. Last but not the least, Grammarly’s iOS keyboard will help you enjoy all the grammar checking features on your Apple devices.

Grammarly has two pricing plans –

  • Free: The free plan offers access to the critical grammar and spelling checks.
  • Premium: Premium offers unlimited access to all the features described above. You can get this plan for $11.66 per month by paying annually.

2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is another popular choice for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation checking of your write-ups. Its advanced checking algorithm will automatically detect errors and offer suggestions to ensure a professional output. Thanks to the easy explanation, you can understand why that error occurred and avoid it in the future.

7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools (Free & Premium) 4

WhiteSmoke Writer will look -for spelling mistakes on your emails, MS Word, Facebook, Twitter, and any other textarea. The algorithmic approach will ensure that you are using the correct spelling that goes with the context. The tool uses a community-generated spelling database to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and new words.

The style and punctuation features will come in handy to improve the tone and appeal of your text. The computer algorithm will automatically detect the style and ensure that the same approach is continued throughout the whole text. You can use the WhiteSmoke Translator to translate your write-up into 55 other languages.

There are dedicated Android and iOS apps to help you take advantage of all WhiteSmoke features on your smartphone. What’s more, premium customers will get English writing tutorials to improve their writing quality.

You can choose any of the two pricing plans –

  • Essential: For $9.95 per month, this plan allows you to use the grammar checker, plagiarism detection, and translator features on all browsers
  • Premium: For $14.95 per month, Premium offers all the Essential features. In addition, you will get native apps for Windows and Mac.

3. Ginger Software

Ginger is a specialized writing app that helps you to write better and faster without worrying about the grammar and spelling issues. The software uses a proprietary technology to detect grammar, spelling, punctuation errors and helps you correct these with detailed explanations.

There is a personal trainer feature to keep track of your common mistakes and help you to avoid these in the future.

When using Ginger, you will have instant access to a fully featured English dictionary whenever you want. The text reader is another interesting feature that will read your text out loud in a lifelike voice in either US or UK accent.

There is a sentence rephraser feature to help you come out with different variations of your sentences. Thanks to the built-in translator, you can easily translate your text to 50+ languages including the common ones like French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

The cross-platform software is readily available for the Windows operating system. It is also possible to use Ginger by installing the Chrome or Safari browser extensions. Smartphone users can use Ginger Keyboard to enjoy all these features on their mobile or tablet devices.

You can purchase the Premium Plan by paying monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees. Among these, annual is the cheapest option costing only $7.49 per month.

4. After the Deadline

After the Deadline used to be known as Polishmywriting. Now it’s owned by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. The tool specializes in using artificial intelligence to check contextual spelling and make recommendations. At the same time, it also makes sure that you are using the right words according to your context.

The tool has a huge library of style rules to help you maintain the same tone and approach throughout the whole write-up. It will help you detect complex phrase, passive voice, redundant phrases, clichés, biased language and suggest better alternatives.

After the Deadline is also capable of checking out your text for common grammatical errors. It can help you detect confusing words, repeated words, agreement errors, verbs, and so on.

What’s more, the tool uses statistics to handle exceptions to the standard grammar rules. All the detected errors are provided with explanations to help you understand the mistakes.

After the Deadline is probably the only grammar checker tool that is available as a WordPress plugin. That means you can install the plugin on your site and check the blog posts, pages, and other content on-the-fly. Alternatively, you can install the Chrome or Firefox add-on for online checking.

The best part is the tool is Free for personal use.

5. PaperRater

PaperRater is another online tool to help you find out grammar and spelling mistakes in your write-up. Its simple user interface enables you to upload your file or paste the text in the textarea for an instant check-up. You can choose the paper type and education level of the author to get more appropriate results.

The patented, cloud-based system is backed up by extensive research with machine learning and statistics. All these advanced technologies will help you write error-free English easily.

PaperRater’s fully automated proofreader also checks the text for various style aspects like vocabulary usage, readability, passive voice, sentence length, sentence beginnings, and so on.

Built-in plagiarism checker will help you to ensure that your write-up doesn’t contain any copied or uncited text. The originality score will help you measure the authenticity of your writing. The tool will also provide you with an overall score for the whole write-up.

There are two packages available for you –

  • Free: The free plan offers grammar, spelling check, auto-scoring, and allows up to five pages per submission.
  • Premium: Priced at $7.95 per month, the premium plan includes all the benefits of the free plan. In addition, it also offers a plagiarism checker, ad-free interface, file upload, premium modules, faster processing, and 20 pages per submission.

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is an open source project that is developed and maintained by an active group of language enthusiasts and software developers. The tool has been running for more than 10 years, and now it supports more than 20 languages.

Similar to other grammar checker software, you will find a dedicated textarea where you will provide the text. You can choose the language or go with the auto-detect feature. The tool will color-code the errors depending on the type. Clicking on each error will reveal the suggestion and explanation. It is also possible to check out more examples or consider the error as an exception.

LanguageTool has official extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, LibreOffice along with a dedicated desktop version. The support forum will come in handy to help you with any issues in using the tool.

LanguageTool is an open-source tool, which means it is free to use for anyone.

7. Slick Write

SlickWrite is an interactive online grammar checker tool that comes with some interesting features. The tool will underline the detected errors with various colors depending on the error type. Hovering over the error will display the error type, while clicking on the error will show the explanation.

You can check out the flow report to find details about the structural flow, sentence length flow, and word length flow for each of your sentences. This will help you to continue the same flow throughout the write-up. It is also possible to check out the sentence structure and vocabulary usage to tune up the text for your target audience.

There is a dedicated statistics section to check out the usage stats about the words, average word length, estimated reading time, adverb usage, function words, pronouns, uncommon words, sentence length, paragraphs, phrases, and so on.

As the tool is online-based, you won’t need to download or install any software on your computer. What’s more, it is free to use for anyone.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Grammar Checker?

As you can see, each of these grammar checking tools has their strength and weakness. However, if you are looking for an expert opinion, I will suggest you to go with Grammarly. It offers better grammar and contextual spelling suggestions than the others. You also have dedicated extensions for various web browsers, MS Word, and Windows.

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  1. Uchchash Avatar

    Grammarly is love bro. I have been using it for years and it works fine. I didn’t try any other grammar checking tools, because every time Grammarly does the work for me.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      So true. Grammarly is enough for checking grammatical errors.

  2. Prosenjit sarker Avatar

    At first, Thanks to Istiak Rayhan for this nice post.In this post, I know about online Grammar checker tools.Now I am using Grammarly and really I am feeling good to write any articles in English.I think Grammarly is so helpful for writing anything easily but I have a question; how many days I use Grammarly free?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Grammarly has both free and premium version. You can use the free version as long as Grammarly keeps a free version.

  3. Apon Babu Avatar

    Grammarly is the best tool I have ever seen. It is improving my writing skill day by day.

  4. Paul Avatar

    Hi Istiak, what a wonderful post for writing about grammar checker tools and it can help a lot of bloggers who are getting hard time on writing english grammar, but be aware guys that writing on your own and learning english grammar is the best way to be a professional blogger and this tool will guide you temporarily to become a good english writen. Just a thought i want to leave with you guys!

  5. Yasar Ali Avatar
    Yasar Ali

    Hello Istiak,
    I have been using Grammarly & It’s quite amazing tool.

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