Top 7 Free Tools to Check Duplicate Content on the Web

tools to check duplicate content

If you have been blogging for a while, chances that you have faced content scrapping at least once.

It becomes a part of the web. Anyone can copy your content and publish it to their blogs without any permission.

While you cannot stop someone from copying your contents, but it’s your responsibility to find out who is copying your content and protect it.

The main problem of content copying is, it creates a lot of duplicate content on the web. It decreases the credibility of your original content and you may get penalize by Google for duplicate content issues. So it’s always a good idea to check who is copying your content.

In this post, I am going to share 7 free tools to check duplicate content. These tools help you to check the originality of a guest post or if someone copied your existing posts.

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1. Google Search

Using Google Search is the easiest way to find who has copied your content.

All you need to do is, copy a unique phrase of your blog post and do a Google search with double quotes (“phrase from the post”). And it will show all contents that contain the phrase.

2. CopyScape

CopyScape is the most popular plagiarism checker tool. It allows you search for copies of your content on the web.

Just enter the URL of your blog post to find out if there are any duplicate contents on the internet. You can check few contents daily for free. If you need to check a lot of content, get CopyScape premium content.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an all-in-one plagiarism checker. It will compare your text to over 8 billion web pages. It will also  check for over 250 types
of grammatical mistakes.

If you are a blogger or freelance writer, I’d suggest you to use this tool to make your writing better. It also has a cool extension.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

4.  DupliChecker

DupliChecker is my personal favorite. This free plagiarism detection software allows you to perform 50 searches per day if you’re a registered member. It’s very easy to use.

Just enter the text of your content (Max. 1500 words) or upload Docx/Text file of your content and then press search. And you’ll get the analysis report within a second.

5. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma allows you to check duplicate content by entering text or URL. It supports 190+ languages.

To check duplicate content, enter text into the text box or URL into form and click on the ‘Check’ button. It will show original content on yellow color and duplicate on gray color. It also offers a desktop software.

6. Article Checker

Article Checker is a free duplicate content checker tool. You can scan your web pages to find out who copied your content. It offers both Text and URL checking. Just enter your text or URL and press ‘Compare’ button.

7. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is not a duplicate content checker tool. But it can help you to find the content scrapper sites. Just go to your site on the Webmaster tools and click on Search Traffic > Links to Your Site. Check ‘Who links the most’ list.

If there is any site that links a lot of your site and it is not a social network or bookmarking site, then it might be a content scraper site. Just go to that site and check if it copied your content.

 Get Email Alerts When Someone Published Your Content

Above tools help you to check the posts that already been published, but what about the post that your are publishing now?

Someone might copy your latest posts. The best way to get notified when someone published your post is, through Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is an e-mail notification service that will send an email to you when it finds the something on the web that matches your keywords or phrases. Just pick a unique phrase from your blog post or the title of the post and create a Google Alerts. You can use double quotes to get the exact match. Google will send you email alerts as soon as it gets the phrase elsewhere in the web.

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Now I would love to hear from you. What other tools or services do you use to check duplicate content? Share with us in comment. If you find this post useful, please help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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