How to Enable Site Search in Google Analytics

Istiak Rayhan

If you are not aware about Site Search in Google Analytics, then you are going to thank me for letting you know about this awesome feature. Site Search will show you which keywords people search by using Search box on your site. This will help you to understand your readers’ query and to get ideas for new blog posts.

Here at RoadToBlogging, most of our organic search is showing as (not provided). So I can’t find out which keywords drive traffic from Google. By using Site Search, I get some ideas what people search on my blog.

Site search in Google Analytics
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How to Enable Site Search in Google Analytics

Setting up internal Site Search in Google Analytics is very easy.

At first, access to your Google Anaytics and go to Admin panel for which site you want to enable Site search.

Site Search setting
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Now skim to Site Search Setting and toggle the Site search tracking to ON. Then you need to enter Query parameter. To get this, go to your site and perform a search. On the address bar, you will find the search parameter your site is using.

query parameter
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If you are using Google Custom Search, then parameter will be q. Parameter is the word before equal sign and searched keywords.

query parameter 2
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Now enter query parameter on appropriate field and click on Save.

Site Search setting 2
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That’s it. You are done. Google Analytics will start showing your Site Search within few hours. You can go to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms to see what keywords people are searching on your site.

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