Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 1

Elegant Themes is one of the most reputed WordPress theme providers out there. It has developed several highly popular themes and some useful plugins over the years. Their flagship products like Divi, Extra, Bloom, Divi Builder, etc. are used by a lot of bloggers & website owners.

(Yearly Access)

(Lifetime Access)


Some unique features.

Options Panel

Easy to use feature-rich options panel.


Great support but some delays.


Worth your every penny.

The Good

  • Highly customizable themes.
  • Awesome plugins.
  • One price for everything.

The Bad

  • Some themes are outdated in design.
  • Few plugins.

If you have always wondered about the Elegant Themes products, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, I am going to conduct an in-depth review of Elegant Themes.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of the popular themes and plugins, the features, support, update, and pricing plan of Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes Features

Elegant Themes (ET) has been a long-time player in the WordPress arena. That means it has developed some unique features over time. Let’s get started by exploring these features.

ET is one of the few WordPress developers who started using shortcodes on their themes a long time ago. You can use these shortcodes to create custom layouts for your posts or pages. There are dedicated shortcodes for adding different types of buttons, boxes, slider, columns, quotes, etc. You will also find shortcodes for creating toggled content, password protected content, social media share, tooltips, author info, pricing table, etc.

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 2

All ET themes feature professionally developed page templates. The contact form template allows you to create a contact page without using any third-party plugin. If you want to create a full-width page, the full-width template will come in handy. It is also possible to create a sitemap, search page, image gallery, multimedia portfolio, member login pages by using their respective templates.

As you can guess, all the ET products are fully responsive. Since they are developed by using CSS media queries, all the themes and plugins work correctly on all screen sizes and resolutions.

When it comes to code quality, Elegant Themes maintain a very high standard. All of their themes and plugins follow the coding best practices to increase your website’s security and overall performance. As they perform regular security audits, you can rest assured about their superiority over others.

ET also makes sure that their products work perfectly with all modern web browsers. What’s more, all the themes are fully localized and come with thepo and mo files. That means you can easily translate the themes into other supported languages.

Elegant Themes Options Panel

All ET themes are provided with a feature-rich options panel. The panel will be available once you install and activate the theme on your website.

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 3

The theme options panel is divided into 7 sections:

  • General: This section includes the basic options like uploading your custom logo, favicon, enabling the fixed navigation, choosing the default color palette, displaying the social media links, allowing the back to top button, etc. There is also a dedicated field for providing custom CSS.
  • Navigation: This is the section where you can choose the navigation options for pages, categories, and the general navigation settings.
  • Layout: This section allows you to customize the layouts for the single post, page, and configure the general layout settings. You can enable or disable the author info, date, categories, comments, etc. from these options.
  • Ads: As you can guess, this section allows you to add and show custom banner advertisements on your website.
  • SEO: This section includes various options for configuring the home page SEO, single post SEO, and the index page SEO.
  • Integration: Here, you will find separate sections for adding codes to the header, body of the whole website or the top or bottom of your posts.
  • Updates: If you want to receive automatic updates, you have to provide your ET username and API key in this section.

Elegant Themes Support & Updates

Elegant Themes offers several ways to get help with your problems. First of all, there is a dedicated support forum for the premium users. The ‘General Questions’ section covers various general and specific problems with using the ET products.

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 4

There are separate sections for each theme and plugin. For each of these sections, you can view the number of threads, replies, last reply time, and the username of the person who responded last. The advanced search feature allows you to search in within your desired theme or plugin, define which type of content to search, choose the sorting style, etc.

In case you don’t find the topic you are looking for, it is very easy to create a new support ticket. There are separate fields for providing additional information like the URL of the problematic page, WordPress version, upload a screenshot, etc.

What’s more, all the themes and plugins are provided with extensive documentation about how to use the various features. You will find the documentations on the ‘Members Area’ section.

ET always updates its products to make sure that these work perfectly with the latest WordPress versions. You can subscribe to receive alerts about the updates automatically. When it comes to updating the themes/plugins, you have two options – do it manually or authenticate your website with ET to receive automatic updates.

Popular Themes by Elegant Themes

It is clear that the ET team puts more effort on developing high-quality WordPress themes than plugins. As a result, you will find a lot more WordPress themes (87 to be exact) than plugins. Let’s take a moment to explore the most popular themes developed by ET.

Divi Theme: Divi is definitely the flagship product of Elegant Themes. This multi-purpose WordPress theme is powered by Divi builder, a smart, intuitive WYSIWYG page builder. The drag and drop builder allows you to use the 46 content elements and create custom layouts from scratch. It is also possible to get started with any of the existing layouts and apply your own styles. The available customization options allow you to define custom width, height, color, font family, font size, margin, padding, etc. You can save your customized layouts to the library and use these later.

Divi is widely known for its virtually unlimited list of customization options. You will find all these options at the theme customizer section. That means you can check out the actual preview while making the changes. Along with being translated into 32 languages, Divi also comes with full support for all RTL languages. Last but not the least, the highly popular theme is certified by Sucuri to make sure that it is following the web security best practices.

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 5

Extra Theme: Extra is a beautifully designed magazine WordPress theme. This theme is also powered by the Divi Builder with a significant twist – the builder could be used with categories too. Features like advanced builder modules and the column-based structures allow you to create any type of layout for your posts or pages. The intuitive theme customizer section includes all the styling options you need.

The theme comes with full WooCommerce support, which means you can integrate a fully functional online shop on your website. As it also supports projects, you can use Extra to display your impressive portfolios in front of the whole world. It also supports lots of post formats to help you publish different types of contents. The fully responsive theme allows you to publish beautiful review posts with custom rating points. The theme package also comes with several custom widgets.

Elegant Themes Review 2017: Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes 6

Others: As I said earlier, ET offers a large number of WordPress themes. While Divi and Extra are two of their latest themes, you can check out the other ones too. There are different themes available for creating various types of websites like blog, magazine, business, personal, corporate, portfolio, e-commerce, app, etc. We especially like the Nexus, Nimble, Fable, Origin, eStore, and eList themes.

Popular Plugins by Elegant Themes

Over the years, Elegant Themes have developed several WordPress plugins. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular plugins of ET.

Bloom: Bloom is a feature-rich email opt-in plugin from Elegant Themes. The plugin allows you to create different types of opt-in forms including popups, fly-ins, inline opt-ins, below content opt-ins, widget area opt-ins, content locker, etc. You can choose to trigger the opt-ins by using various choices like timed delay, reaching the bottom of the post, after scrolling to X%, after a specific amount of inactivity time, after commenting, etc.

The plugin works perfectly with all the popular email marketing platforms. There are more than 100 professionally designed opt-in templates for you to choose from. It is also possible to customize the styles of the templates. Features like A/B testing and the detailed statistics will help you track the performance of your opt-in forms.

Monarch: Monarch is a feature-rich social sharing plugin from ET. You can use this plugin to enable sharing for 35+ social media networks. Monarch supports various locations for the social sharing buttons – floating sidebar, before and/or after content, on the images and videos, automatic popup, fly-in, etc.

It is also possible to choose a custom trigger for the sharing buttons. The available options include a timed delay, reaching the bottom of the post, after commenting or purchasing, after inactivity, after reaching a particular position of the page, etc. You can style the sharing buttons by choosing a custom shape, color, hover effect, icon orientation, and other options. You will find detailed statistics about the social shares in the dashboard.

Divi Builder: This is a very powerful drag anddrop page builder plugin. You can use this plugin to use the intuitive page building feature with any WordPress theme. You can create unique layouts by using the available content modules or choose any of the available designs.

Each module and layouts are fully customizable. You can apply custom CSS for using your own styles. It is possible to copy, paste, delete, lock, hide, duplicate items and undo, redo your actions. The Divi Builder library provides unlimited access to the pre-made layouts and allows you to save an unlimited number of custom builder elements and layouts.

Others: Besides Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder, ET has also developed 3 other plugins. Among these, the Handheld Mobile plugin will be useful in creating a mobile-friendly layout for your WordPress site. On the other hand, the Maintenance Mode plugin allows you to set up and display a coming soon page, update the visitors, and collect their email address. Lastly, the Elegant Shortcodes plugin allows you to use the ET shortcodes and use the custom elements on any WordPress website.

Elegant Themes Pricing & Discount

You have to be an Elegant Themes member to use any of its themes or plugins. There are three types of membership plans available –

Yearly Access

Priced at $89 per year, this plan includes all themes and plugins with one year support and update.

Lifetime Access

This plan is priced at a one-time payment of $249. For this price, you will get all the benefits for the lifetime.

All of these plans allow you to use the themes/plugins on as many websites as you want.

Pros and Cons of Elegant Themes

Despite being a very popular WordPress developer company, there are still some drawbacks of Elegant Themes. Let’s take a moment to check out the pros and cons of ET.


  • The Divi theme is one of the most powerful multi-purpose themes available right now.
  • Virtually unlimited customization options for your website.
  • Both Bloom and Monarch do their jobs very well.
  • Offers a great deal of value for the lifetime plan.


  • Some themes are outdated in design.
  • Only a few number of plugins are available.
  • No live chat option for getting support.

Should You Buy Elegant Themes?

As I said earlier, ET offers an incredible value for the money. Even for the yearly plan, you are getting access to 87 themes for $69 a year, which is a very attractive deal. If you are frequently developing new websites, ET themes could be an excellent choice for you. As an additional bonus, you are getting access to some great plugins as well.

However, final choice is always yours.​

So, what do you think about Elegant Themes? Do the themes and plugins look interesting enough to try yourself? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Vanessa Avatar

    I’m surrounded by web developers warning me not to use Divi as it will be too slow once I add plugins etc. Of course they all want to build me a custom theme. Which would be better?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      The problem of Divi builder or other builders is, if you start using the builder, you will have to use it for the lifetime. That’s why your developers are warning you. However, if you know coding, building a custom theme would be better.

  2. Hjemmesider Avatar

    Excellent review. Im gonna try the elegant themes. I reposted your blog on my Facebook page. Hope it is okay :-)

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