8 Best Google AdSense Ready WordPress Themes For 2019

The easiest way to increase AdSense earnings is to increase CTR. But increasing CTR is not easy.

You need to do a lot of experiments with Ad placement, Ad type, Ad size, etc. It will require a lot of time.

So what if someone have done the all experimentation for you. Yes, it will be great.

This is why AdSense ready WordPress theme came to the scenario. These themes have been optimized for Google Adsense to increase CTR as well as earnings.

If you are a newbie blogger and don’t want to waste your time on experimentation, then AdSense ready WordPress theme is for you. In this post, I will be talking about 7 AdSense ready WordPress themes. However, all of these themes are also optimized for SEO and Speed.

Let’s check the themes.

Ad-Sense by MyThemeShop is designed to help you earn more from your AdSense Ads. It is the most AdSense friendly WordPress theme in the market. It’s responsive and optimized for SEO and Speed.

With Features like better ad management and ad placement, it offers Ad Blocker Detection. It detects Ad Blockers and ask them to disable it. You can also hide single post content from Ad Blockers.

Theme Features:

  • Fully Responsive.
  • Ad Friendly WordPress Theme.
  • Inbuilt Ad Blocker Detector.
  • Responsive AdSense Ads.
  • Show Ads In Header.
  • Show Ads Below Navigation Menu.
  • Dedicated Ad Management Options.

SociallyViral is one in a million. This theme is highly optimized for AdSense. This is the same design that a trending stories sharing site, ViralNova, uses and makes over $400,000 every month from AdSense. Check this Viral Nova WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop here.

I am not telling you that ViralNova makes tons of money just because of the design. It has its own strategies to earn huge money. The point is, ViralNova uses this theme because it converts like crazy.

Some of the amazing features of this theme are.

  • Lightning fast which is important for both user experience and search rankings.
  • Simple to use. You don’t have to have any coding knowledge.
  • Responsive design and works on all devices, browsers and screen sizes.
  • Header widget for 728×90 leaderboard ad and sidebar widget for 300×250 and 336×280 ad.
  • Default options for putting Ads below post title and end of the post.
  • Two completely different layouts.
  • SEO features and more.

TruePixel is a simple but high converting theme from MyThemeShop. This previous ViralNova theme helps you to increase your Adsense earnings by placing Adsense ads on the proper place. It is highly customized for speed and usability.

TruePixel WordPress theme is designed to make your blog posts go VIRAL. And with advertising optimizations, you’ll watch your earnings skyrocket.

Noticeable Features:

  • Responsive and speed optimized.
  • Optimized for latest SEO techniques.
  • Unlimited Color Schemes & New Layout Options.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Adsense Optimizations for higher CPCs, CTRs, and RPMs.

Magazine Pro Theme is a clean design and high-gloss look WordPress theme by StudioPress. If you like simplicity, then this theme is for you. This simple looking theme will definitely increase your readership and earnings. You can use it as 2 column or 3 column WordPress Theme.

Here are some amazing features of this theme.

  • Header widget for 728×90 leaderboard ad.
  • Wide sidebar for 300×250 ad.
  • 4 Color Styles (Blue, Green, Orange & Red).
  • 6 Layout options (Like Content/Siderbar & Sidebar/Content/Siidebar).
  • Custom Header and Custom menus.
  • Mobile Responsive and many more.

Fortune is another awesome creation by MyThemeShop. This multipurpose WordPress theme is highly optimized for Adsense. It is designed to increase your Adsense earnings, as well as readership. It will skyrocket your Adsense income.

Some awesome features of this theme.

  • Optimized for Adsense which will improve your CPC and CTR.
  • Unique kind of layout which will increase readership and earnings.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Built-in SEO optimization.
  • Designed to load in flash.
  • Widget for Adsense Ad under header navigation.
  • Advanced options panel and more.

Admania is the wisely designed WordPress theme for excellent ad management. It has 4 awesome layouts that have ad placement options at the logical points wherever the visitors would like to click. As you can choose the better places to fix your ads from more than 15 tactical ad positions, this ad-friendly theme would be an ideal choice for the Adsense earning focused sites and affiliate banners. Some Adsense ready WordPress templates make the site look spammy, but you never need to worry with Admania. 

Impressive Features Of Admania:

  • Front end ad live editor to set up the Ads easily 
  • Possible to include Ads in 3 different formats (HTML, image link and Google Responsive Ad code)
  • Flexible template with easy-to-use interface
  • SEO friendly design (Speed optimized and Schema integrated)
  • Ads can be removed on unwanted pages
  • Contains Floating Ad & Sticky Ad to grab the readers’ eyeballs and nudge them to hit.

Sahifa is an Adsense ready responsive WordPress theme for Magazine, News, and Blog. This is one of the best selling themes in ThemeForest. With drag & drop Homepage builder and unlimited colors, you can easily customize the theme to get a unique design for your blog.

Noticeable features of this theme.

  • Responsive design which will work smoothly on desktop, iPad, iPhone and any other smart phone.
  • Social Counter Widget.
  • Header and Sidebar Widget for Adsense Ads.
  • Amazing admin panel.
  • Built-in review system.
  • Unlimited sidebar and 33 custom widget.
  • Search Engine Optimized and more.

Freshlife is an Adsense ready magazine WordPress theme by Theme Junkie. If you are running a magazine/newspaper WordPress site, then this theme can be a good solution for you. It has a built-in Ad option that lets you add various size of Adsense Ads.

Here are some noticeable features of this theme.

  • Easy to use theme options panel.
  • Search Engine Optimized.
  • Header Widget for 468×60 Ad and sidebar widget for 300×250 Ad.
  • Custom Social Widget.
  • Cross-browser  Compatibility.
  • Custom Page Templates and more.

So these are some Adsense ready Premium WordPress theme that can help you to increase your earning without sacrificing good user experience. Once again, don’t use so called Adsense ready themes that focus on placing too many Ads only. It will decrease your blog’s credibility. So be careful!

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Note: This post contains affiliate links.

25 responses to “8 Best Google AdSense Ready WordPress Themes For 2019”

  1. Tricks Helper Avatar
    Tricks Helper

    Thanks for your best suggestion, it is relay helpful

  2. Vrushali Avatar

    While I am not here to promote or market for a new theme, if I had to choose one from the list, I would go with the Adsense Theme from MyThemeShop.

    I don’t use Adsense on my most of the site, but I’ve been considering it. If I ever do, maybe, I’ll switch to one of these templates to see if it would support me to increase my earnings. All the themes you shown are really charming and elegant but are also premium. I will be happy if you could propose some free Adsense friendly themes.

    I personally worked more WP themes on my blog before, it was not so good in boosting the AD Revenue, but it was heavy in loading particularly for newbies like me that always looing to make money blogging from Banner Ad Instead of Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest any but newspaper style which is way better in terms of speed as well as mobile responsiveness since they also have quite extraordinary benefits like structured Data etc.

    Thanks for sharing all these themes with us, I know that they will help anybody to increase their Adsense earnings.

  3. Shahrukh Avatar

    I started developing my site on Ad-Sense around 2 months ago And I have to say, I totally agree with your choice of giving it the no.1 spot. It is well SEO optimized and fairly easy to create a nice design of your site.
    I also agree with your choice with your choice about the other themes, nice post. :)

  4. Sakthi Avatar

    Hello Istiak,

    You have listed some good and helpful ad friendly themes for WordPress users and yes, AD-sens from MTS is really good as it comes with ad blocking finding software and suggest the users to remove the ad block plugin.

    BTW, I’m a WordPress theme designer and launched my 4th theme on ThemeForest, Admania. It is also a well-optimized theme for Adsense and Affilate marketers who would like to fix the ads at the commonsensical points.

    Have a look at my theme Admania from ThemeForest. If you like it, please add the theme details in your great list.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. shahrukh Avatar

      Just watched your theme’s live demo, it’s not bad. I liked the way you optimized the ad placement spots. You said this is your 4th theme, can you please tell me the names of the other ones.

  5. Palashtd Avatar

    Hi Istiak,
    I personally like Schema and TruePixel WordPress premium themes for blogging purpose. Both themes are really SEO optimize & supper first themes. That’s why I’m currently using Schema theme on my blog at gosview.com
    However, I also like your all collections.
    Thanks for your list

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Great! Most of the MyThemeShop themes are optimized for AdSense.

  6. Kobir Avatar

    I am using sahifa on my site, But it is a premium theme. Is it safe for my site, if i use this theme for free.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      No, it’s not safe. Free version of a premium theme may contain malicious files.

  7. Nandu Bose Avatar
    Nandu Bose

    I think SHAFIA theme should be second in place and also you have missed themes like NEWSPAPER, HEARLD, EXTRA THEME, lite mag and many more.

  8. rayhan Avatar

    I am using sahifa on my site, But it is a premium theme. Is it safe for my site, if i use this theme for free.

  9. Leo Avatar

    If you checked ViralNova, you’ll find it’s using a totally different design. And here is the new wordpress theme for it http://clonetemplates.com/portfolio/viralnova/.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for the information. Do you have any affiliate program on Clonetemplates.com?

      1. Leo Avatar

        Hi, sorry for late reply. Currently there is no aff program but thanks for your advice.


  10. Peredam Suara Avatar
    Peredam Suara

    i think paid theme also have fast loading and adsense optimization completly ..

  11. Muhammet Taşdemir Avatar

    I think you must write SimpleSense theme. It is so good :)

  12. Kapil Kumar Avatar
    Kapil Kumar

    Hello Istiak,

    I personally using the Freshlife theme for my blog namely kblog.co.uk the issue with this theme only that its not mobile adaptive due to which people can’t access it properly on mobile and today most of the user’s are coming from mobile. If you could advise me anything to make it mobile adaptive will be highly appreciated or I need to contact any developer :-).

  13. gaurav Avatar

    I could only say these are the best adsense theme as you don’t have to do anything extra in these themes

  14. Tirtha Avatar

    Nice collection, now I think I have to change my current wordpress theme with Fortune theme. Thanks, Istiak for providing these great collection.

  15. Kapil Heera Avatar
    Kapil Heera

    Hello Istiak,

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and google adsense ready themes.

    Thanks Again.


  16. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar
    Vishwajeet Kumar

    Nice article istiak. However I have tried some free themes from mythemeshop, But Now I an using Iconic one. It is pretty Good Theme With 90 Score on Gtmetrix a web page seped checker means Its a A grade and site loads really very fast.

    1. Nikhil ganotra Avatar

      Hello Vishwajeet,
      I agree with you that iconic one is an awesome theme. Earlier I was using that template on my blog. But it was not fully compatible with gadgets like mobile and tablet. That’s why now I am using genesis and am fully satisfied with it.

      Iconic one is a great theme but it require some modifications. BTW I just saw your blog. It was awesome.

      1. Vishwajeet Kumar Avatar
        Vishwajeet Kumar

        Hi, Nikhil, First of all I am happy that you have liked my blog. Recently Iconic one has a update which will fix the mobile related bugs. For example if you check my website in woorank you will find that mobile page speed is very fast. By the way Genesis is an excellent themes and there is no doubt in it.

  17. Usman Ghani Avatar
    Usman Ghani

    Bro I am Blogger user so please share Blogger templates also. We will be thankful to you.
    Anyhow Thanks for sharing these WordPress Templates.

    Stay Blessed!

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      I wish I could. But I don’t have much idea on Blogger.

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