Here’s a Quick Way to Find Who is Hosting a Website

Ever wonder which hosting company a site is using?

Maybe, you want to know the name of the hosting providers that leading sites are using. Or you want to know those web hosting servers that handle huge traffic. You are on the way to find the best host for your website.

If you want to know the web hosting company that a particular site is using, then you are on the right place. In this post, I am going to share an online tool that discovers who is hosting any web site. is the tool that let you know the hosting company behind a website. Just visit the site and enter your domain on the Search box. And click on ‘Search’. It will find the hosting name.

who is hosting this

Though it is the easiest way to find the web host that hosts a particular website, but sometimes it doesn’t show the exact company name being used by the website. For example, if you try to find out the RoadToBlogging’s host provider name, it will show that “ Is Hosted by CloudFlare”. But RoadToBlogging is hosted by HostGator. We are using CloudFlare CDN that’s why these tool can’t trace the actual hosting name. In some cases, it shows Unified Layer in shared hosting.

However, you can easily get the hosting company name by contacting owner of the website. Just find out the contact page and send the owner an Email.

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