MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – Make $1,260 a Month!

It’s been just few months I am affiliated with MyThemeShop. And I’ve already made a good amount of money from MyThemeShop Affiliate Program. MyThemeShop is the most affordable Premium WordPress Theme. With over 95000 customers and 60 unique themes, they become one of the most popular Premium WordPress Themes. This makes easier for affiliate marketers to promote their themes.

Before I move further, I would like to share my recent MyThemeShop Affiliate payment.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Payment Proof

Yeah, I made this money by just one month. You can do the same. In this post I am going to show you how to make money with MyThemeShop Affiliate.

Why MyThemeShop Affiliate?

Here are some reasons you’ll love MyThemeShop Affiliate.

  • Flat 60% Commission – If you make a sale of single theme worth $35 then you will get $21 commission.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program – You’ll earn 10% of all commissions that your referred affiliates earn, for life!
  • No Minimum Payout – You’ll get your payment as soon as you make your first sale (On 5th on every month).
  • High Conversion Rate – As it is one of the most affordable Premium themes, conversion rate is high.
  • 60 Day Return Cookie – If a visitors click on your affiliate link today and purchase the theme within 60 days, then you will be credited for your commission.

How to Get Started MyThemeShop Affiliate

You need not to be an existing customer to become an affiliate. All you need to do is sign up for MyThemeShop Affiliate. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to MyThemeShop affiliate page . And Click on Sign Up Today button.

2. Then a form will be poped up. Just enter your First Name & Email Address and Click on ‘Sign Up’.

3. Confirm your email and login to your account.

That’s it, now you are an affiliate of MyThemeShop.

How To Make $1,260 a Month With MyThemeShop Affiliate

Let’s see how you can make $1260 a month by promoting MyThemeShop. Ok, I didn’t calculate this figure. MyThemeShop did. Here is the calculation.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Income

If you can make two sales everyday then you will get $1,260 for a month. Obviously you cannot expect to earn $1260 from very first month. It will take time to generate sales.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme.  Now I am going to show you how to get two sales everyday.

Here are some tips to generate sales…

1. Write a Review – If you are a MyThemeShop Customer, write a review on MyThemeShop. Give some strong reasons to your readers why you recommend MyThemeShop. Most strong reason is Affordable Premium WordPress Theme.

2. Write List Post – If you aren’t a customer, then you shouldn’t write any review on MyThemShop. But you can write a list post like “11 Popular WordPress Themes By MyThemeShop That Rock“. This type of post generates some good amount of traffic from Search Engines. More traffic means more sales.

3. Use Banner – MyThemeShop has some creative banners for their affiliates. These banners are highly optimized for conversion. Here at RoadToBlogging, we have a MyThemeShop banner on header.

4. Use Social Networking Sales – Spread your affiliate link on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But make sure you are not spamming. You can also promote your affiliate link on forums.

5. Promote Special Offers – MyThemeShop offers huge discount on special days like Black Friday. You can promote these offers by writing post on your blog.

6. Ask for Coupon Codes – After making couple of sales, you can ask them to give a Coupon Code for your readers. You can promote the coupon code on your blog, it will surely increase your sale. We have a special MyThemeShop Coupon Code for our readers.

7. Put Affiliate Links on Blog Posts –  Whenever you write something about Premium WordPress theme on your blog posts, just put the affiliate links there. Here is an example.

mythemeshop affiliate links

So those are some techniques that I’ve been using for a while. And I am getting a good result.

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Over to You

I hope if you follow these tips and give some efforts, you will be able to make a good amount of money from MyThemeShop affiliate. Once again, Affiliate marketing takes time. If you want to make quick money, then affiliate marketing is not for you.

Do let us know if you have any other techniques to generate sales. If you find this useful, please help me sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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