Top 3 Meme Generator WordPress Plugins (And a Theme)

Top 3 Meme Generator WordPress Plugins (And a Theme)

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a picture with few words?


And the proof is your Facebook News Feed. Whenever you log into Facebook, you will find some pictures with nice or funny words. These are known as Meme.

Everyone loves meme. And it goes VIRAL easily. So why not add a meme generator tool on your WordPress site?

If you love memes and own a WordPress site, read on. In this post, I will be sharing top 3 WordPress plugins and a theme that will help to add a meme making tool to your WordPress blog.

1. Meme Generator WordPress Plugin

This plugin has all the features to create a meme making tool on your WordPress blog. It lets users to upload their own images or select from uploaded images and to add their custom texts on the image. Users can move their texts easily.

Users can download the meme they have generated. They can also submit it to the site. It will only be shown on site if it gets approved by Admin. The owner of the site has full control over the generated memes.

Meme Generator WordPress Plugin

2. Meme Generator by WP Goods

This plugin is designed to increase your traffic through users’ generated contents. It’s very easy to use. Once you’ve installed the plugin, just add the shortcode [meme_generator] to your post to add Meme Generator.

It offers a live preview, customizable text options, and easy image uploads. Users can download or shared their generated memes on social media. As an Admin, you can make your own meme from WordPress Post Editor. You will have full control over which meme to publish or not. You can automatically watermark your memes with your site’s name.

Meme Generator WP Goods


3. Meme Generator

This free plugin allows you to add functionality to generate memes to your WordPress site. Some noticeable features of this plugin are unlimited sticker or art, text art, meme preview and more.

It’s very easy to use. After activating the plugin, use the shortcode [meme_generator] to display meme generator wherever you want.

Meme Generator


Aruna – Retina Content Sharing, Gag, Meme Theme

If you are planning to create a Content sharing Gag/Meme theme, this theme is for you. Aruna is a content sharing theme that allows users to share content and bookmark them.

Aruna is truly clean, fully responsive and retina ready. Noticeable features of the theme are:

  • Posting with pleasure.
  • Bookmark and repost your favorites.
  • Shine on all devices.
  • Sharing and social login.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Ingenious sidebar.
  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Lazy load and more.

Aruna Themeforest theme

Free Online Meme Maker Tools

If you don’t want to add a meme making tool on your WordPress site but want to create custom meme, here are some awesome sites for you.

  • QuickmemeYou can create a meme quickly with this tool as its name implies. You will find the featured memes on the homepage or you can browse the popular, random section. You can also upload pictures to make meme.
  • Rage GeneratorRage Generator is a very popular meme generator that offers conversational meme. They have a WYSIWYG editor which has many options like different characters, brush, layers etc.
  • is another cool Meme Generator tool. It is similar to Quickmeme. You can create your own account there, browse through popular memes and meme list. It’s very easy to use.

Over to You

Now it’s your turn. If you want to have user-generated content on your WordPress site, you can use any of the above plugins. You can use the Aruna theme to create a meme making WordPress site.

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  1. Spooky Boo Avatar

    Sadly, I bought the one from WP Goods a few years ago and it stopped working right recently and the support link is no longer available. I’m so bummed.

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