FeedBurner is Not Updating: How to Fix it

I’ve already shared a complete guide on setting up FeedBurner for WordPress blog. It’s an awesome tool to send latest blog updates to the readers via RSS feeds or Emails. It has been working great for me. Few days back, One of my readers emailed me that FeedBurner sent him the same blog updates again and again. Then I checked my FeedBurner immediately and I found that Feedburner is not updating. That’s why it sends the same email. Here is a suggestion for you, always subscribe to your Feedburner newsletter so that you can see what’s happening on your Feedburner.

If your Feedburner is not updating properly, your subscribers won’t know that you are updating your blog with new posts. So it’s a big problem. I’ve faced this issue. However, I was able to fix this issue. In this post, I am going to tell you some ways to fix this problem.

How to Fix Feedburner is Not Updating

You can follow these steps to fix Feedburner is not updating.

1. Feed Validator

Feed Validator lets you know whether your feed is valid or not. To check you feed validity, go to Feedvalidator and enter your blog address and click on ‘Validate’.

Feed Validator

If your feed is valid, then this is not the problem for you. If it finds any error in your feed, you will see the issues highlighted in Yellow.

2. Activating PingShot

PingShot ensures that your subscribers are informed when you update your blog. If this service is inactive, then there is chance that Feedburner is not updating properly.

So you have to make sure that PingShot is active.  You can active this from Publicize section of your Feedburner. If it’s inactive, just click on ‘Activate’.

Activating Feedburner Pingshot

Feedburner updates your blog on every 30 minutes. If PingShot doesn’t fix your problem within few hours, then you need to use Ping Feedburner.

3. Using Ping FeedBurner

Ping Feedburner will update your blog immediately, instead of Feedburner’s automatic update which happens every 30 minutes. Just go to Ping Feedburner, enter your site address and click on ‘Ping Feedburner’ button.

Ping Feedburner

If it doesn’t work for you, scroll down.

3. Resync Your Feed

Under Troubleshootize section, you will find a ‘Resync Now’ button at the bottom. This clears the cache that Feedbuners hold. Once you’ve clicked on the button, it will sync your blog updates to Feedburner and will start showing latest posts on Feedburner. You can also use this to remove deleted blog post from your Feedburner.

Feedburner Resync Now

It will also let you know why your Feedburner is not updating. One of the most common reason is ‘your feed filesize is larger than 512k‘.

If it’s your problem, obviously you are not going to reduce your blog posts size. But you can change the number of feeds that shown in your Feedburner. You can do this from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Setting > Reading and change ‘Syndication feeds show the most recent’.

Syndication feeds show the most recent

If you publish long posts in your blog, it’s a good idea to show less feeds on your Feedburner.

4. Not Catching Feeds

Here at RoadToBlogging, I use W3 Total Cache plugin for better site performance. This plugin has an option named ‘cache feeds’. It was enable for me. And this was the reason why my Feedburner wasn’t updating. This could be the reason for you too.

To disable this, go to WordPress Dashboard > Performance > Page Cache > uncheck the box  ‘Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments’. Now Feedburner will display latest blog updates.

cache feeds

If you are using other cache plugins, you can follow the similar method.

So those are some ways you can follow to solve your problem.

Hope it helps. Let us know whether these methods work for you or not. If not, how did you fix this? However, you can subscribe to RoadToBlogging Feed to get regular updates.

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